Friday, 2014-03-14

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rihbynehello everyone!03:24
NiharikaHello rihbyne.03:26
CarlFKhi folks03:26
NiharikaHi CarlFK, would you take a look at my proposal? I showed it to mithro and iiie.
tpb<> (at
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CarlFKNiharika: 583 MB worth of JS and PHP files!.   /me faints.03:47
NiharikaCarlFK: Where....? In my blog, right?03:48
CarlFKyes.  neat stuff in there03:48
NiharikaCarlFK: Any comments on the proposal?03:48
CarlFKlooks reasonable.03:48
NiharikaOkay. I´ll submit it on melange.03:50
CarlFKanyone up on jquery or whatever nifty image zoom and pan?   I need something better than what I have here:03:53
tpb<> (at
CarlFKyou should see an obvious - + zoom buttons.  zoom in, pan.. nice but I am hoping for something better03:54
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NiharikaCarlFK: Why is it enclosed in such a small box?03:57
NiharikaWe need to drag it around to see the document.03:58
CarlFKNiharika: each page has room for 3 talks04:10
CarlFKeach printed page04:10
CarlFKthe html page is for one talk, so you need to zoom in on the section that is for that talk04:10
CarlFKand I don't want to take up too much space on the screen04:11
NiharikaOkay, that´s why the small box.04:11
CarlFKtypically you just need to see what is written in the Start:____ and End:____04:11
CarlFK  that is what I am currently using04:13
tpbTitle: Zoetrope · Formstone (at
NiharikaCarlFK: So how would you like to improve the zoom and pan?04:14
CarlFKI would like to start with it zoomed in and panned down to the first talk section (close is fine)04:14
CarlFKthat would probably be all that is needed04:15
NiharikaSticking with zoetrope, right?04:16
CarlFKas it is, I have to hold down the + every-single-time04:16
CarlFKdon't care - that was just the first one I tried04:16
NiharikaOkay. And the printed page is in which format? PDF?04:16
CarlFKwhoops, wrong thing.. this:
tpbTitle: docs confuse me · Issue #9 · benplum/Zoomer · GitHub (at
CarlFK"There currently is no way to init zoomed in or panned to a specific area. "04:18
NiharikaOkay. We need to switch from Zoomer then. I´ll look up something better.04:19
CarlFKI am not sure if that means you can't zoom in later.  I couldn't figure it out - here is my trys
rihbyneCarlFK: the link in the issue is down04:20
tpbTitle: Add better client side error report · Issue #16 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
NiharikaCarlFK: Another thing, what exactly is pan and why do we need it here? Isn04:21
NiharikaÍsn´t zoom the only thing needed?04:21
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CarlFKNiharika: it was me floundering with the docs:
tpbTitle: Zoomer · Formstone (at
NiharikaOh wait. Pan means to drag to specific area?04:22
CarlFKNiharika: right.  but I think it needs to be zoomed in before you can pan.  the "Percentage to pan to (50 = half)" made me hope it would zoom too04:23
NiharikaLet´s see if we can get our hands on something better than zoomer then.04:24
CarlFKrihbyne: yep, it connects, then times out04:25
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rihbynemithro:  you there? what additional thing needs to be done in this issue This issue resembles with issue
tpbTitle: Draw graphs of the various stats we collect · Issue #18 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFK  this looks good.  but it is 1am, so going to bed looks even better.06:00
tpbTitle: Panzoom for jQuery (at
rihbynegn CarlFK06:02
NiharikaIt doesn´t offer default zoom as far as I read.06:03
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aps-sidsmithro: I updated my proposal. Please add some more comments when you have time.11:25
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CarlFKNiharika: 3rd item says "should allow different starting values for zoom than 1 ... $elem.css( 'transform', 'scale(2)' );"12:44
CarlFKI am hoping that is it12:44
* CarlFK makes breakfast 12:45
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CarlFKactually, maybe the answer is to expose a .zoom to the existing one13:18
NiharikaCarlFK: Ah. I´ll test this. On a different note, why don´t we redesign that page and make use of the large empty space on the right?13:28
NiharikaIn fact I´d love to revamp that UI.13:29
CarlFKNiharika: yeah, that is the result of me adding things when something comes up .. it is pretty icky13:30
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NiharikaCarlFK: Let me redo the UI and then lets look into whether we need a zoom or not. I could make use of the right side of the page to make it larger and we might not need the zoom at all.13:31
NiharikaWhere would I find the relevant files?13:31
CarlFKsomeone just tried that:
tpb<> (at
CarlFKdon't try to re-work the UI till you have used it13:32
NiharikaUm, okay. This idea is neat too. Loading image on click.13:32
NiharikaBetter than the zoom. Or not?13:32
CarlFKI think I will like the zoom better13:33
NiharikaOkay. To use it I need to create an account first?13:35
CarlFKnormally (like 80% of the time) you look at what is written after Start:_____  like "10_34_15"  and you skim down the list of file start times find "10_34_15"  un check [x]Apply on any clips before it (normally only 1), look at End:_10_55_02___  [x]Apply on the one or two files before that, remove the [x]Apply from 10_55_02 to the end (also only one or two)13:37
CarlFKNiharika: start here - you won't need a login:
tpb<> (at
CarlFKmost of the people helping didnt13:39
CarlFK er13:39
CarlFKmost of the people helping didn't receive any training.  So they did the best they could to figure it out as they went along13:39
CarlFKIt isn't a good example of "Normal"13:40
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tariq786CarlFk, in my humble opinion, the project is not well documented13:48
tariq786do you want examples?13:48
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CarlFKtariq786: which project ?13:52
tariq786let me give you an example13:53
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Getting Started! (at
tariq786do you see the diagram explaining the project13:54
tariq786there is no detailed explanation of the diagram13:54
tariq786this is necessary for beginners or who might be intrigued13:54
tariq786each block in the diagram has a purpose. That purpose needs to be explained13:54
tariq786and justified as well13:55
Niharikatariq786: It is not a project.13:55
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Ideas! (at
tariq786the title says13:55
tariq786The Projects13:55
CarlFKit's a meta project ;)13:55
tariq786whatever you may say13:55
Niharikatariq786: The diagram shows the working of the TimVideos streaming system.13:56
tariq786i humbly request you to add explanation to the diagram as alone it is not sufficient13:56
tariq786Niharika, please add more words. I know this much myself13:56
Niharikatariq786: A bit more politeness will be appreciated.13:57
tariq786humbly tell me how to be more polite13:57
Niharikatariq786: If you want to look into Ideas for gsoc refer to the link I gave you above.13:57
tariq786i am putting words like humble opinion but please don't take it personal13:58
tariq786it is to improve the project page13:58
tariq786for the benefit of larger audience13:58
tariq786not for me!13:58
CarlFKI think this would be part of "Make the developer website awesome!"13:59
CarlFKif that image is a problem, maybe just remove it.13:59
tariq786yes. This is vital13:59
tariq786I mean is there a spec for this project? like hardware specification14:00
CarlFKtariq786: there are lots of projects14:00
tariq786CarlFk, could you explain that?14:02
tariq786right now i am assuming there is one project that has various parts14:02
CarlFKif you just want to record a talk, you just use dvsiwtch, or gst-switch (still in beta)14:02
CarlFKdvswitch is maintained by another group.   hard to call it part of the same project14:03
CarlFKflumotion is also another group14:03
CarlFKconference websites ... there are lots of them14:04
tariq786ok. Here is what i can do. I am going to write what i have understood from the diagram as an explanation of the diagram. If you can correct it and put below the diagram, that would be great14:04
tariq786how about that?14:04
tariq786wait for my email14:05
tariq786how to send you the document?14:06
CarlFKput it somewhere public, post a link to it here14:06
tariq786talk to you later then14:07
tariq786niharika! no hard feelings dude14:07
Niharikatariq786: Why not just fork the repo and submit a pull request?14:07
NiharikaI´m not a dude, last time I checked.14:08
tariq786ok that can be done as well14:08
NiharikaNo hard feelings.14:08
tariq786niharika! no hard feelings my friend14:08
tariq786does that sound better?14:08
NiharikaWay better.14:08
tariq786talk to you later then14:08
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drotiCarlFK: do you know which linux distro do the guys use for the HDMI2USB dev? Fedora?14:42
CarlFKdroti: don't know.  I have been able to upload to the board from ubuntu14:42
drotiI was trying to install the desing suite on ubuntu, which is later came out not officially supported...14:45
drotiAnyways, thanks that should work at least :)14:46
CarlFKsorry, no idea.  I just try to use the results.14:48
drotiok no prob thanks :)14:48
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