Monday, 2014-03-10

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dhanushCarlFK: Hi. I have a draft of my proposal. Would you check it out please? ->
tpb<> (at
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rihbynehello there everyone04:57
mithro~seen parx05:07
tpbmithro: parx was last seen in #timvideos 5 days, 9 hours, 6 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <parx> sharky93 If you wish to tackle a bug, you might find one upstream at the flumotion source.  Partner Projects (listed at are of value to us.05:07
mithroHello people, I'll be around for the next hour so can answer questions05:07
dhanushmithro: Hi.  I have a draft of my proposal. Would you check it out please? ->
tpb<> (at
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mithrodhanush: you want to make it so anyone can comment on that document05:14
mithrodhanush: when you do that, please poke me and I'll add some comments05:16
dhanushmithro: done. :)05:17
mithrodhanush: btw its Tim Videos or not Timvideos05:17
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rihbynemithro: hi :)05:23
mithrodhanush: general comments05:23
dhanushmithro: working on them. :)05:24
mithrodhanush: your timeline looks good, but the application but needs a lot of work05:24
rihbynemithro:  I want to solve this issue
tpbTitle: Refactor the Javascript to use classes · Issue #31 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
mithrodhanush: you need a lot more about how you are going to do your project05:25
mithrodhanush: how you are going to test your project05:25
rihbynebtw I am interested in UI improvements. what are your thoughts on this project idea ?05:25
mithrorihbyne: that refactor is probably not a GSoC project in itself05:25
mithrodhanush: I don't think a rtmp flumotion component is going to take you 3 full time months either, so you need to evaluate if there are more things that can be added / expanded on05:26
rihbyneyeah I know but as you already said it a contribution too.05:26
mithrorihbyne: your welcome to build a proposal out of multiple issues05:26
dhanushmithro: Okay. I had initially thought of including the WebRTC component too. But I lack research on that now. I'll have to dig in. I'll fit the timeline to include that.05:26
mithrodhanush: it's okay to have unknowns - what you finally deliver is likely to be quite different from your proposal05:27
mithrodhanush: no plan ever survives contact with the real work :)05:27
rihbynemithro: I mentioned my interested in enhancing UI for . the project is listed in your ideas tracker.05:27
mithrorihbyne: that is a good project05:27
dhanushmithro: Regarding tests, will it be possible to get a VM once the RTMP component is significantly done? So that real time testing can be done?05:28
rihbynemithro: I have decided to use github pages for proposal.It supports wiki. and markdown syntax. do you recommend any other ?05:29
mithrorihbyne: you need to make sure you have the design skills to do that project too (UI projects need design skills)05:29
mithrorihbyne: nope, github pages / gists are perfectly fine05:29
dhanushmithro: For cloudfront, we might need an aws instance.05:29
mithrorihbyne: 100% happy with you using them05:30
mithrorihbyne: Google Docs is another option, but it is not better nor preferred over github pages / gist05:30
mithrorihbyne: IE don't think you have to use Google Docs05:30
mithrobut using Google docs as dhanush is doing is 100% fine too05:31
rihbynemithro: I got it.05:31
mithrorihbyne: if you are enhancing the UI for you'll want to look at the mobile stuff too05:31
mithrorihbyne: your proposal should have diagrams / pictures for proposed UIs05:32
* dhanush was thinking of moving to github gist. Now feels relaxed. :P05:32
mithroGoogle Docs has a little nicer commenting system and collaboration, but gists / github pages have better history / revision support05:33
mithrorihbyne: it is also a very good idea to have multiple alternatives to play with05:33
mithrorihbyne: you also want to take theming into account05:34
mithrorihbyne: and think about how to display things like sponsorship of streams05:34
dhanushmithro: So flumotion is on gsteamer 0.10 and older twisted ; Is it a good idea to maybe keep the porting of the component as and where required once the overall port of flumotion to gstreamer 1.0 is complete? Also what could be the difficulties on the way with regards to gstreamer 0.10 and twisted 11 (I think thats the version that they use right now.)?05:39
mithrodhanush: you won't have time to port flumotion and do your project (and shouldn't plan too), so you just need to understand the difficulties and how it may impact your work05:40
mithrodhanush: for example, you may need to work on an older Ubuntu version05:40
dhanushmithro: okay. I'll figure out its limitations then. Maybe use vagrant for that? And regarding the properties variable in the configure_pipeline() method, I traced it back to being set in the self.config dict in the BaseComponent class; I still dont get who sets the properties of a pipeline. I saw its defined in the xml of the component. Is that the source?05:45
mithrodhanush: that sounds probable, but without more detail I'm not 100% sure. It's been a long time since I've looked at flumotion05:46
mithrodhanush: you should also understand flumotion-admin UI stuff05:47
dhanushmithro: Okay. How is flumotion-admin UI related?05:47
mithrodhanush: flumotion-admin is the GTK tool used for configuring and managing flumotion05:48
mithrodhanush: you should have used it05:48
dhanushmithro: Oh. Yeah. I get it. The one I used to configure a live test stream.05:48
mithrodhanush: probably05:48
dhanushmithro: So what could be the properties for an RTMP component pipeline?05:49
mithrodhanush: you have to figure that bit out yourself05:50
dhanushmithro: umm. okay. :) One last thing. Could you share your thoughts about the WebRTC component?05:50
mithrodhanush: working WebRTC component would be like super, super awesome05:51
mithrodhanush: but there are lots of unknowns05:51
dhanushmithro: Something to start with? Anything?05:52
mithrodhanush: Google "webrtc gstreamer"05:53
dhanushmithro: cool! many thanks!05:53
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tpbTitle: peepoltv/streaming-server · GitHub (at
* rihbyne brb06:32
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mithroI'm around for a couple more hours, feel free to ask more questions10:38
pgudlaniwhat do you suggest for application format?10:41
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aps-sidshey mithro, how do you suggest I should proceed regarding "porting flumotion to gstreamer1.0" project? Since the tests are failing on my local machine as well as on travis, I'm out of ideas. How would we test it while the porting would be going on?10:49
mithropgudlani: have you read our Summer of Code page at ->
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Summer Of Code (at
mithroaps-sids: why are the tests failing?10:50
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aps-sidsmithro: I've not been able to fix that. Here's the test results of original flumotion(not the timvideos one)   Somehow the testing process is being killed10:52
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community (at
mithroIs there a "make test"10:54
mithroaps-sids: and what do these errors mean?10:54
mithro(gst-plugin-scanner:25841): GConf-WARNING **: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon:10:54
mithroUnable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1110:54
mithroDtsGetHWFeatures: Create File Failed10:55
aps-sidsmithro: yes, but I'm not running it. I'm running "make integration"   I think its looking for some kind of stream, but since this is a test, it shouldn't be.10:56
mithroaps-sids: so why are you running make integration?10:58
aps-sidsthis was mentioned in the flumotion developer docs. I think I should run make test as well :11:00
mithroaps-sids: quite possibly11:05
mithroaps-sids: I don't have any hard and fast answers11:05
mithroaps-sids: it would be also be good to explain what systems you have tried on11:06
aps-sidsmithro: I ran the tests on Ubuntu 13.10 and travis (which uses Ubuntu 12.04 environment I think).11:08
mithroaps-sids: so you are going to want to be using the same environment as your CI tool to make debugging easier11:08
mithroaps-sids: so you are probably going to either want a Ubuntu 12.04 vm or physical machine11:11
aps-sidsmithro: here's the result of "make test"
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community (at
mithroaps-sids: lots of [OK]'s there11:26
mithroaps-sids: what happens if you run locally?11:26
aps-sidssame result locally11:27
aps-sidsWhy are there some errors at the end?
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community (at
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mithroaps-sids: This doesn't look right
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community (at
mithroaps-sids: you get the errors locally too?11:49
aps-sidsmithro: yes11:50
mithroaps-sids: well, try and figure out why :P11:50
aps-sidsyes, I'm doing that11:50
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Niharikamithro: Hey. Could you have a look at my project proposal?11:59
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mithroNiharika: I might have time, share it in the channel and other mentors might get a chance to look at it too11:59
tpbTitle: Dropbox - Bug tracker project.pdf (at
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NiharikaOkay. Thank you.11:59
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mithroNiharika: I can't comment on a PDF file in drop box12:07
Niharikamithro: Will switch to Google Docs. Sorry.12:07
mithroNiharika: please use something like GitHub Pages / Wiki / Gist or Google Docs12:08
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Niharikamithro: Please have a look.12:14
tpb<> (at
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mithroNiharika: bunch of comments added12:20
Niharikamithro: Thanks!12:20
mithroNiharika: good work on starting your proposal sooner rather then later!12:23
NiharikaI will work on the comments you added and get back to you as soon as possible.12:23
mithroNiharika: you also want to show that you have gotten the existing website / system running and played with it12:24
Niharikamithro: Okay. I was planning on making this as a separate module. What do you think?12:25
NiharikaI should plan on integrating it with the existing website?12:25
mithroNiharika: In either (separate module, or extending existing website) case you are going to need to talk about how it integrates with the current website12:26
Niharikamithro: Okay.12:27
mithroNiharika: despite all my comments, you have a good first attempt on a proposal though!12:30
NiharikaPhew. That´s a confidence booster. :)12:31
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CarlFKmorning folks13:54
NiharikaHi CarlFK.13:55
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drotihello :)15:21
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NiharikaI re-did some of my proposal for the Bug Reporting System based on comments from mithro. Could you have a look at it?
tpb<> (at
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NiharikaCarlFK: Around? Looking for feedback on draft proposal.17:29
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* Niharika packs up for tonight. Bye!17:35
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