Sunday, 2014-03-09

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dhanushmithro: Are you there?05:24
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Niharikaiiie0: Around?07:06
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dhanushNiharika: Its the weekend. Chances are less.07:17
Niharikadhanush: Yeah. But it´s nearly the tenth now.07:17
NiharikaDone with the proposal?07:17
dhanushNiharika: I know. Not a bit. Im dying to talk too. :907:18
Niharikadhanush: Better make a proposal.07:18
NiharikaThat way they can tell us stuff to correct or add.07:18
dhanushNiharika: Yeah. right. will do tonight.07:19
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drotiHey Niharika12:47
NiharikaHi droti. Are you a mentor too?12:48
drotiNope, just a student :)12:48
drotijust wanted to make some life in this channel12:48
drotiand you?12:49
Niharikadroti: I´m a student too.12:52
drotiNiharika: and which project are you interested in? :)12:52
Niharikadroti: Developing a bug-reporting system. What about you?12:53
drotioptimising encoder core for HDMI2USB12:53
drotiat least not a competitor :)12:53
drotiNiharika: have you started digging into it or writing the proposal?12:55
Niharikadroti: Yep. I have been digging around for quite a while now. Made a draft proposal. Was hoping a mentor would give feedback on it.12:55
NiharikaOr report bugs. :P12:55
drotireally nice progress12:56
Niharikadroti: What about you?12:56
drotiI've run through documentations and looked into the code but still waiting for my university to give me a board12:58
drotihaven't started my proposal though but I will asap12:58
NiharikaBetter do. :)12:59
drotiI know, but it was a huge mess you know. It felt like I had no idea what I was doing :)13:00
drotibut now it seems to clear out slowly... :)13:00
drotihaven't done any project like this before13:01
drotiNiharika: so for the first sight it seemed a bit complicated13:02
Niharika:) Almost all projects seem so at first sight.13:03
Niharikadroti: You applying elsewhere too?13:03
NiharikaThis is my only hope.13:04
NiharikaThat rhymes. Lamely.13:04
drotiYea but still... Just stick to computer science! :)13:06
drotiNiharika: have you done GSoC before?13:07
Niharikadroti: Nope.13:08
drotiNiharika: and why now?13:08
Niharikadroti: Because it seems fun! And challenging. And a much much better way to spend the summer than working on silly college projects. Those are laughably easy.13:09
drotiand why not before? :)13:10
Niharikadroti: Didn´t know about it until last year.13:10
NiharikaMind if I ask which country are you from?13:10
drotiwhy? :)13:11
Niharikadroti: I was guessing if you were from India you´d be able to guess better about why Indians take interest in gsoc. :) A lot of interest.13:12
drotinah I just ment why not earlier? :)13:12
NiharikaWhy I didn´t participate in gsoc earlier?13:13
NiharikaBecause I wasn´t aware of such a program.13:13
drotiyes but you said already13:13
NiharikaWhy I didn´t know earlier?13:14
drotiI know what I wanted thanks :D13:14
drotiAnd you were right college projects suck especially if you're BSc no one cares about you13:15
NiharikaMuch the same here in BTech.13:16
drotibut next year I'll probably be forced to so this summer is the chance13:16
Niharikadroti: Oh. That´s sad.13:17
drotiNiharika: thanks :) Well I've got to go now. It was nice too meet you. See you soon! :)13:18
Niharikadroti: Good luck!13:18
NiharikaNice to meet you too.13:19
drotiNiharika: Bye :)13:19
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tijacan someone give tell me the clock speed at which the jpeg encoder is operarting17:45
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tpb<> (at
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