Saturday, 2014-03-08

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rihbynehi everyone04:55
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aps-sidshey mithro, I tried building Flumotion's flumotion git repo on travis. Even that is failing in tests. I'm out of ideas here :/
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community (at
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hyadesaps-sids: i guess you need a make before doing this
tpbTitle: flumotion-orig/.travis.yml at master · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
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CarlFKmorning folks14:55
SuperRoachMorning CarlFK15:00
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dhanushCarlFK: Hi. Who could help me out with pipeline configuration for flumotion? I've read about it in gstreamer docs.17:58
CarlFKdhanush: no clue.  I just install it and it works18:01
CarlFKdid you see these:18:02
dhanushCarlFK: :( It works for me too. But then I need to understand how it works in the code.18:02
CarlFK  - looks useful.  Not sure where I should add it18:02
tpbTitle: PyGST Tutorial - Pitivi wiki (at
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI found those when I was looking for gstreamer help18:03
dhanushCarlFK: I have trouble in understanding the configure_pipeline() method. Who sets the pipeline and properties variables initially? For eg: Line #542 ->
tpbTitle: flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/disker/ at master · timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at
CarlFKdhanush: if you click on 542 you get a link to that line18:10
CarlFKsaves me from searching for it18:10
dhanushCarlFK: Right. My bad.
tpbTitle: flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/disker/ at master · timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at
CarlFKthere we go :)18:11
dhanushCarlFK: And I think the pygst tutorial is already starting to come in a little handy. :P18:12
CarlFK def configure_pipeline(self, pipeline, properties):  pipeline got passed, so i would find what calls configure_pipeline()18:13
dhanushCarlFK: Yeah trying to do that.18:15
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