Wednesday, 2014-03-05

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mithroCarlFK: the collector needs a port open so you can connect to flumotion using the flumotion-admin tool (which is 7531 I think)00:06
mithroCarlFK: the encoder needs the following ports00:07
mithro * 15000 for connection from the incoming feed from collector00:07
mithro * the flumotion-admin tool port (which is 7531 I think)00:07
mithro * 8080 for the outgoing HTTP streams to clients00:08
mithro * 8081 for the private, high quality stream for doing thumbnailing from00:09
mithroReally that port 8080 should be port 8000:09
mithroInternally both flumotion system uses a couple more ports -- maybe mentioned in ?00:11
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK / iiie: search for "port" in the config file
tpbTitle: streaming-system/tools/flumotion-config/pusher/encoder.xml at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: I also posted a way to make make-ssl-cert not ask for a hostname00:15
mithroHi Joelw, did you get my last email?00:17
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Joelwmithro: I did! I shall reply this morning.00:50
mithroJoelw: no hurry - plus I got my order kilobits/megabits mixed up in that email00:50
aps-sidsmithro: what do you suggest should be my next step in porting flumotion project now? When can you rebase the flumotion repo?01:00
mithroaps-sids: I'm not going to do the rebase anytime soon, I'd welcome someone to do the rebase and then tell me what is up01:00
aps-sidsOkay, I'll take that as my next step then :)01:01
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dhanushGood morning folks!02:09
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tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKqiuck drive by - didn't have much time to look into it.  running out the door now, will dig more in a few hours02:16
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dhanushThis -> says flumotion-flashmedia is a consumer; But I see it as a producer. Am I missing something here?02:17
tpbTitle: [flumotion] Create a RTMP flumotion component · Issue #3 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
dhanushmithro: ping?02:32
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dhanushparx: there?03:00
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mithrodhanush: It's pretty easy to get confused04:36
mithro *
mithro   * This is for consuming a stream from an external source into flumotion (and hence is a Producer component inside flumotion).04:37
mithro   * We want to produce a stream from flumotion to send to an external destination (and hence is a Consumer component inside flumotion).04:37
tpb<> (at
mithrodhanush: I updated the description04:40
dhanushmithro: Okay. Now I get some of it. :P04:51
dhanushmithro: Can you suggest me how to get started with writing components? Ive been going through the code. Its pretty intimidating. But once too deep into the chain of inheritance, I tend to loose track.04:52
mithrodhanush: you don't need to know too much about the top level details04:52
mithrodhanush: you best bet is to copy an existing one and modify it04:52
dhanushmithro: top level or low level?04:52
mithrodhanush: you shouldn't need to go too far down the chain of inheritance04:53
dhanushmithro: I think I have some understanding of the ParseLaunchComponent.04:54
mithroThere are a bunch of options for components to start with at
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
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mithroI'm heading out now06:22
mithrognight people06:22
Palashgnite mithro :)06:22
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] CarlFK opened pull request #57: vagrant  to demonstrate install (master...master)
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rihbynehello people15:06
dhanushCarlFK: How can I set up an RTMP server? Is something available on that?15:11
rihbyneCarlFK: auto-bug tracking/reporting/debuging system is dependent on whatever changes are made to the frontend.15:13
CarlFKdhanush: good question.. and I dont know15:18
rihbynefor example CarlFK iiie in auto-debugging case I have figured out that listeners(hooks) can be setup for watching the video player. this is dependent on the frontend layout.15:19
dhanushCarlFK: mmm. I'm trying to figure out a way to start writing the RTMP component. First thing came to my mind is that I have to talk to an RTMP server.15:19
rihbyneCarlFK: how do I load sample webm file on jwplayer ? why if jwplayer preferred over html5 video tag ?15:21
dhanushCarlFK: probably rtmplite is the answer. Looking into it.15:21
rihbyneCarlFK:  the auto-debugging issue is
tpb<> (at
CarlFKrihbyne: I would make up what you consider an ideal player page.15:22
rihbynedidnt get you15:23
CarlFKrihbyne: setup the front end however you like15:25
rihbyneCarlFK: ok.I will put my ideas into it. but do you agree with what I said with troubleshooting client side.15:32
rihbynebtw CarlFK the production version of has debug=TRUE :)15:33
rihbynedhanush: have you loaded a sample .webm on jwplayer ?15:40
dhanushrihbyne: nope. why?15:41
rihbynecan anyone help me with locating out the resource urls of timvideos.us15:42
CarlFKrihbyne: what do you mean resource urls?15:46
rihbyneCarlFK: I mean what all use cases are defined under user and admin control when I visit timvideos.us15:49
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rihbyneCarlFK: mithro another thing I noticed is .we need to adapt to twitter API 1.115:52
tpbTitle: Will the SeaofClouds Jquery plugins not work with 1.1? | Twitter Developers (at
rihbynethe website still uses old jquery plugin.15:52
rihbynebtw under chrome developer tools its like a magic to me. I am nowhere seeing jquery.twitter.js file loaded from the cdn.15:54
CarlFKrihbyne: wouldn't give you the list of urls you are looking for?15:56
rihbyneCarlFK: I had a looked at that. however that will be changed as mentioned in the issue
tpbTitle: Port website to new style "Class Based Views" · Issue #33 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
rihbyneCarlFK: I will be right back. excuse me :)15:58
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