Sunday, 2014-03-02

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parxI did not make that.  Honestly.00:48
parxReddit gave it to me.00:48
parxBut it's so appropriate.00:48
CarlFKit is00:51
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dhanushCarlFK, parx, iiie : there?04:12
dhanushCarlFK:  For TODO: put the type, moduleName, methodName, config set in a dict - or possibly a real object - instead of passing all these around in all functions; Here is my idea -> ;04:14
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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dhanush_I am on a really buggy internet. Can you kick "dhanush" please?04:18
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dhanush_* Phew!04:18
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dhanushSorry about that.04:19
dhanushCarlFK: If you take a look at the class Invoke in ; line 83 ; methodName is set from args[0] ; How do we change that?04:26
tpbTitle: flumotion/flumotion/admin/command/ at master · timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at
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CarlFK  <- easier than "line 83"  :)04:27
tpbTitle: flumotion/flumotion/admin/command/ at master · timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at
CarlFKdhanush: why do you want to change it?04:29
dhanushCarlFK: Its in the TODO list. I thought I might work on it. Should I leave it alone then?04:30
CarlFKurl of todo list?04:31
tpbTitle: flumotion/TODO at master · timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at
CarlFKI guess change it to  arg['moduleName']04:34
dhanushCarlFK: Did you see my paste?04:34
CarlFKnot sure why a class is better than a dict04:36
CarlFKi guess the syntax is a little nicer arg.moduleName04:37
dhanushCarlFK: hmm. You are right. It isnt needed here. :)04:37
CarlFKnamed tuples would be good too04:38
CarlFKthe current code works, so the change is just to make it easier to read  (I hope)04:38
iiieKeep in mind that there is an upstream of flumotion04:46
dhanushiiie: You mean ?04:48
tpbTitle: / – Flumotion (at
iiieSounds right04:48
dhanushiiie: Hmm. Ive forked the flumotion repo in timvideos ; What should I be careful about?04:49
CarlFKthe work needs to be accepted by them04:50
dhanushOh. :O04:50
iiieyou got it04:51
aps-sids1iiie, CarlFK, I cloned timvideos flumotion repo and tried running following the README, guess what. I get an error called "BananaError"04:52
aps-sids1bananadine was nick of previous year GSoc student :|04:52
dhanushHa ha!04:52
parxoh I forgot about that!04:53
parxA student from last year was feeling creative...04:53
* iiie groans at the BananaError04:53
CarlFKdjango/jquery problem:  is there a pattern for how to manage js vars that are in a django template loop like this:
tpbTitle: veyepar/dj/main/templates/episode.html at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
aps-sids1The repo is really messed up. I wanted to continue the work that was not finished last time but this turns me down :/04:53
parxI thought that was all cleaned up04:53
iiieCarlFK: if you're fine with the names matching, I think there's a json filter that will take a dict04:55
PalashGood morning iiie :)04:56
iiieHey Palash, good evening04:57
CarlFKiiie: json what?04:58
aps-sids1Who was the mentor for "porting flumotion to gstreamer1.0" project last year?04:59
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parxaps-sids1: mithro was the primary05:00
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iiieCarlFK: like that05:01
tpbTitle: Django snippets: jsonify template filter (at
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Palashiiie do we want to present dynamic theming on website ?05:02
CarlFKiiie: I am missing how that helps05:03
iiieCarlFK: It'll turn django template variables into json.05:06
iiiePalash: I don't know, I think so in that the theme will be partially controlled by the database.05:07
CarlFKiiie: um.. I am not sure you understand the problem I am trying to solve05:07
Palashiiie: we can control theme by various methods05:08
iiieCarlFK: fair enough, what are you trying to do?05:08
CarlFKiiie: I have this in a loop, so like I end up with 3 of them <script> var startbox = $( "#{{clrfform.start.auto_id}}" );05:08
CarlFKlast one wins05:08
CarlFKI could append something to all the startbox, like  var startbox{{clrfform.start.auto_id}} =05:09
CarlFKand my js code will make my eyes cross05:09
iiiebut you want 3 of them?05:09
CarlFKit is in a loop that loops 3 times05:10
iiiecould jam them in a dict or array05:12
iiievar startbox = [];05:12
iiiestartbox[startbox.length] =  $( "#{{clrfform.start.auto_id}}" );05:13
Palashiiie: if you're not busy, yesterday you were telling me about making a plan of execution. Can we discuss that ?05:13
iiiethe first one would be outside the loop05:13
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CarlFKwon't that look about the same as      var startbox{{forloop.counter0}} = $( "#{{clrfform.start.auto_id}}" );05:16
CarlFKthat will render startbox0 startbox1 startbox2  vs startbox[0] startbox[1] startbox[2]05:17
CarlFKI think I was hoping this could be stuffed in my formset class generator so that each set of js somehow gets magically scoped05:19
iiieCarlFK: yeah that's about the same, except that you con iterate through an array and not so much for the vars with suffixes05:19
iiieyou could scope your js05:19
CarlFKI can?05:19
iiiebut the scope would be very small I think...05:19
iiieput it in $({ statements... });05:20
iiiebut I don't think you want to limit your scope that much05:21
iiieI suppose suffixes would work fine, you're only going through it 3 times05:21
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CarlFKI was hoping to keep the js in the template looking like js and not .. um.. a mix of js{{django}}05:23
iiiePalash: I can help some, all I meant about plan was that you should plan out what you want for your project.05:23
iiieCarlFK: you can make a template tag for that..., but how would you translate from the django template vars to js vars?05:24
CarlFK205   {% with forloop.counter0 as x %}05:27
CarlFK206     <script>      var elementLeft{{x}} = $('#audio_image_{{}}').offset().left;05:27
CarlFKI think that is a little better05:27
Palashiiie: actually many things can be done.05:28
PalashI can propose many things there but only a few might actually be needed for the website.05:29
Palashso if I'm given the task, I shall start working soon05:30
CarlFKwoo, vagrant file that creates a dvswitch source stream (almost)05:30
CarlFKall the video stuff is there, but no X05:30
CarlFKso I run the X stuff on the host: vagrant ssh -- -X05:31
dhanushCarlFK, iiie : How can I contribute to timvideos? I mean can you tell me something that I can work on before applying?05:36
parxPalash, GSoC projects generally do not come with step by step instructions.  Why?  If we had such, the projects would likely be completed in the process of figuring out the steps.05:37
tpbTitle: dvsmon/Vagrantfile at master · CarlFK/dvsmon · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat isn't perfect because X isn't installed.05:40
Palashparx : I'm not talking about that. I'm having quite a lot of ideas but since all can't be implied. I want someone to guide me which all can be deployed.05:40
parxPalash: Please do feel empowered to propose what YOU think should be done.05:40
PalashI'll deploy them and do everything myself.05:40
dhanushparx: ?05:42
parxyes dhanush?05:42
dhanushparx: I was hoping if you could tell me about something that I could do now for timvideos?05:43
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dhanushI was looking at the flumotion repo, but then iiie and CarlFK cleared it to me that the patch has to be approved by the guys at fluendo. So Im looking for something to work on here.05:44
iiienice CarlFK05:44
iiiedhanush: to get back into the upstream yes it would need to go into the upstream.  The TODO is from the upstream too05:45
CarlFKapt-get --assume-yes install ...   if you leave off the --assume-yes it silently fails05:45
CarlFK^^ in the vagrant whatever init scripty05:46
iiieyeah, or at least without telling you where or what05:46
dhanushiiie: Yup. I understood that. :)05:46
dhanushThats why Im looking to directly contribute to timvideos now.05:46
CarlFKanyone who wants something to do...05:47
CarlFKvagrant up05:47
CarlFKlet me know how it goes05:47
iiieIf you make contributions to the stuff we use, and include information about that in your proposal when talking about your experience, that is contributing to our stuff too.05:48
Palashiiie: when people apply for the issue#19 in gsoc what criteria would be used to judge them? Actually we've got a lot of ideas but purely speaking and not working on the repo beforehand doesn't prove anything.05:50
parxHey lets just get things out in the open05:50
parxBatman anyone?05:50
dhanushiiie: Awesome!05:50
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKdhanush: what gave you that error?05:52
dhanushCarlFK: vagrant up05:53
CarlFK[email protected]:~/temp$ vagrant -v;  Vagrant 1.3.505:54
CarlFKwhat ver do you have?05:54
iiiePalash: Yes taking action on an idea shows interest / commitment.05:54
dhanushCarlFK: Vagrant version 1.0.105:55
CarlFKhmm.. I am going to guess thats the problem05:55
dhanushCarlFK: Yeah. Probably.05:56
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Palashiiie : exactly! So what should be my plan of action right now? How can I show contribution to issue#19?05:56
iiieCarlFK: thanks to picking precise64 instead of 32, I have another minute for downloading05:57
CarlFKdhanush: [email protected]:~/temp$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vagrant.list05:57
CarlFKdeb stable main05:57
CarlFKiiie: prolly works with 32 too05:57
CarlFKiiie: just wait till I find an image with a full desktop05:57
CarlFKI have no idea how to deal with the lack of X05:58
parxPalash  We have a section on Partner Projects because they are of value to us05:58
iiiesure, but especially at the beginning I didn't want to change the vagrant file05:58
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Getting Started! (at
parxFlumotion, GStreamer, EventStreamr05:59
iiie"stdin is not a tty!05:59
iiieVagrant should come with a tutorial on setting up a caching proxy for apt. (or yum...)06:00
CarlFKapt-get --assume-yes install squid-deb-proxy06:03
CarlFKit ah06:03
iiiethat looks like a good plan06:03
CarlFKit has some annoying defaults, like not only does it not cache, but it will block repos not listed in /etc/squid-deb-proxy/mirror-dstdomain.acl06:05
parxdhanush: oops, my last 2 statements should have been directed at you06:05
CarlFKso add these: vagrant-apt.s3.amazonaws.com06:06
dhanushparx: Ha ha! I got it now. Thanks!06:06
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parxlukejohn__, techman_83: does EventStreamR have a mailing list? an irc channel?06:46
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PalashSorry guys got disconnected07:03
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parxfrom #gsoc:
CarlFKthat is .. it's too early for that.15:09
dhanushHey parx, CarlFK!15:10
dhanushHow important is this summer as a project?15:12
tpbTitle: [flumotion] Create a RTMP flumotion component · Issue #3 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
CarlFKpretty low on my list15:13
dhanushCarlFK: Okay. That means if there are proposals on more important issues, they have a better chance of getting selected inevitably?15:14
parxOnly Mithro would be able to say for sure15:14
dhanushparx: He hasnt been around for a while. Know whats up with him?15:15
dhanushwhat about then?15:15
tpbTitle: Create a web-rtc flumotion component · Issue #41 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
parxdhanush, I would definitely not make that conclusion about selection of proposals.  iiie reminds me that mithro has designated priority projects as HOT in the Ideas Tracker15:16
parxdhanush: mithro is always working on lots of neato projects, plus putting lots of hours in at work, so don't worry when he's not babysitting this channel in the pre-GSoC period15:18
parxhe's good about following up15:19
parxreminder: it's the weekend15:20
parxand CarlFK, have you had any breakfast yet?15:21
parxI have not15:21
CarlFKI washed some cereal bowls15:21
parxthat would be a better start to the day than waking up to all this darn snow15:21
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parxand church bells15:22
dhanushparx: hmm. Yeah right. :)15:22
PalashHello dhanush,parx, iiie and others :)15:23
dhanushparx: How would you rate in terms of time required?15:23
tpbTitle: Create a web-rtc flumotion component · Issue #41 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
dhanushHi Palash!15:23
PalashWhat up? Have you started anything?15:24
dhanushPalash: No not yet. Im still going through the flumotion code and reading some other stuff.15:29
Palashdhanush : same here. I've read the Django portion (which I understand)15:30
parxdhanush: The intention for GSoC is that all students will work full-time on whatever they're doing, treating it as a job.  The content of their proposed plans greatly depends on their skills.  At this point, we do not know your abilities.15:30
dhanushparx: Yeah. Thats why I was hoping if I could start working on something ASAP.15:31
Palashparx : I agree. But is there some platform where we can show improvements in current code / or make some changes? Rather than coding for partner sites.15:32
parxPalash, I feel we've discussed that15:32
Palashbecause coding for partner sites isn't meaningless but it's different from our final destination15:32
PalashSure parx I'm not saying that.15:33
PalashI'll begin my work for partner site tonight after proper reading and understanding.15:33
PalashCould you share that link once again please?15:34
dhanushPalash: I think you are looking for
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Getting Started! (at
PalashNo dhanush I'm looking for the partner page.15:36
dhanushPalash: Yeah partner projects are listed in that page.15:36
PalashSince I'm on phone right now, I don't have the feature to change urls :/15:36
PalashOh thanks dhanush. I'll take a peek.15:36
Palashdhanush since you know , tell me if any of them is on python15:39
dhanushPalash: flumotion.15:40
PalashThanks I'll follow up :)15:40
Palashdhanush : actually I haven't actually used flumotion before. Since I was practicing Django from 18 months. It'll be a little pain :D15:41
dhanushPalash: If you want, it will help if you are familiar with Twisted.15:42
Palashsure i'll google up15:43
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master e65041e Parx: adding FAQ (questions coming soon)17:30
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aps-sidsparx, CarlFK: I'm getting an error while running flumotion worker. Apparently this is a bug. What should I do now?
tpbTitle: #1561 (Flumotion 0.10.1 fails to start a worker and manager on Ubuntu 13.04) – Flumotion (at
CarlFK Note: 0.10.1 work fine on Ubuntu "Release 12.10 (quantal) 64-bit"17:57
CarlFKI would try that17:58
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aps-sidsCarlFK: I see that this occurred when twisted was updated to ver. 11 , current version is 13. Should I try using twisted 10?18:15
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CarlFKtime vagrant up ..  872 seconds, and dvswitch is running.  finally.22:13
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