Saturday, 2014-03-01

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CarlFKheh.. ~/.dvswitchrc killed the bot00:00
CarlFKall the dvswitch things should read that file, and so it makes it handy when you run them from a prompt00:02
aps-sidshmm, dvswitch runs but now test files are not found, they are right there. i'm lookink into it00:05
CarlFKi like the noise and ball tests better00:06
aps-sidsCarlFK, even noise and ball tests fail    "dvsource-v4l2-other: not found00:17
aps-sidsDIED! with 127"   Do I need to *install* dvsource-v4l2-other somehow? I have the repo cloned, if I run cmd manually in that, I get
tpbTitle: [Bash] [email protected]:~/gsoc/dvsource-v4l2-other$ ./dvsource-v4l2-other -s ntsc --fake snow - (at
CarlFKaps-sids: not sure really.  I haven't done much with any of the dvswitch/gstreamer things00:22
CarlFKaps-sids: I did get it working without too much effort00:39
CarlFKbut it was a few months ago00:40
aps-sidsyeah I understand.00:41
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aps-sidsCarlFK, according to me "dvswitchsink" is causing the problem. gstreamer0.10-dvswitch Package is installed but this cmd is still not available.00:54
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aps-sidsmithro, around?02:29
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PalashGood morning :)03:24
PalashMentors and org devs please guide me for gsoc. I'm a Django developer. I really want to contribute to the team03:25
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parxPalash since you were here last, we've added a Django tag to projects in our Ideas Tracker.03:45
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PalashThanks parx. Can anyone here tell me who's going to be potential mentor here?03:48
PalashI want someone to guide me. I can work accordingly :)03:48
Niharikaparx: Is the Ideas tracker down? Because the ideas have vanished from
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Ideas! (at
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aps-sidshey parx , any idea when mithro will be around?03:50
CarlFKNiharika: try again03:52
parxPalash, Mentors for each project will not be set until after we accept projects.  At this stage, students are meant to interact with the community in general.03:53
parxaps-sids: see topic above03:53
NiharikaWorks now.03:53
CarlFKthat page gets regenerated every 5 min or something. you may have just been lucky03:53
Palashparx I get what you mean but since there's time, I can contribute to the community before the project even begins03:53
parxThat's great!  Many orgs actually require a patch as part of a student applying.03:57
parxWhich project are you interested in?03:58
Palashparx : I'm interested in the website backend part and the frontend using Django03:58
Palashparx : actually I want to show my work to org before I apply. So that the organisation knows what I'm capable of.03:59
parxPalash, A good plan.04:00
parxIs this the project?
tpbTitle: [streaming-system] website (viewing interface) improvements · Issue #19 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
PalashYeah I've seen it parx04:01
Niharikaparx: A dilemma I am facing here is that there are no small or easy little bugs we can solve in the given time period before the application period begins. Atleast I found none on the git repos. I wish to work on the bug-tracker project, so that might fix this issue for new contributers in future. But till then, what would you recommend the contribution to be?04:04
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rihbynehello folks :)04:11
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Palashparx : I read the full extract. Is there any bug tracker?04:18
NiharikaHello rihbyne!04:20
PalashNiharika: are you indian?04:21
parxPalash: Yes, the streaming system project has a bug tracker at
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
parxPalash: The project you are interested in < > references a particular bug, which is mentioned at the top.04:23
tpbTitle: [streaming-system] website (viewing interface) improvements · Issue #19 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
parxPalash: That particular bug can be found at
tpbTitle: Move room configuration from config.json to database · Issue #42 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
rihbynehi Niharika :)04:24
rihbyneparx:   the frontend UI needs to be 1)responsive(mobile optimized) 2)improve existing desktop view 3)integrate chat module04:25
dhanushHey guys!04:26
parxNiharika: ^see what I shared with Palash04:28
parxrihbyne: I think I saw you covered that with CarlFK earlier04:29
rihbyneyes I wanted to be assure that this is really the scope of the web site.04:31
Palashparx: I saw it. Can I get some source code to get going ?04:31
rihbynePalash: you must have clone the streaming system git repo?04:32
CarlFKI think we need some way to mock up what the pages look like when they are streaming a live event04:33
aps-sidsparx, do you have any idea why flumotion port was unsuccessful last year?04:33
CarlFKaps-sids: flumotion uses gstreamer.  gstreamer isn't easy to debug.04:34
aps-sidsI see.04:34
rihbyneCarlFK: yeah. that will be neat :)04:35
PalashDynamic page handling can be done with Django04:37
aps-sidsHere's how the page looks like when they are streaming a live event --
tpbTitle: Streaming for Octagon - Keynote Venue (at
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NiharikaPalash: Yep, Indian.04:42
aps-sidsCarlFK, last year, I thought of working on my rejected proposal anyway but I had to take up a part time job in summer to cover up my educational expenses :/ I thought I'll update that proposal and apply again but now I want to try some more challenging idea.04:43
Niharikaparx: Could you shed some more light on ? No description given.04:44
tpbTitle: Mobile redirect to Justin.TV mobile stream... · Issue #28 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKNiharika: I can guess..04:45
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PalashNiharika: cool ! I'm indian too :)04:45
NiharikaCarlFK: Guess?04:45
CarlFKif a person hits with a phone, they should be redirected to the stream being served by Justin.TV/some_thing04:46
tpbTitle: Streaming for Octagon - Keynote Venue (at
NiharikaCarlFK: some_thing would not be octagon in this case?04:47
CarlFKNiharika: I am not sure how names their streams04:47
NiharikaCarlFK: Okay. So it´s not as easy as it seems.04:47
CarlFKan really I am just guessing at what that issue is about.04:47
NiharikaAnd I think this might no longer be needed once the website is made responsive.04:48
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aps-sidsActually that time, jwplayer was of older version and couldn't play on mobile so a redirect was required. I'm not sure if jwplayer is updated now or not.04:49
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aps-sidsBest way for you guys would be to clone the repo, run a test stream and see in browser responsive view. You'll also know how exactly the streaming system frontend and backend works.04:51
Palashaps-sids : how's the server deployed ?04:53
CarlFKI am not sure what options are available and make sense for mobile - but has smart people working on that problem, so there is easy to let them figure it out04:53
CarlFKPalash: lots of bash scripts04:53
aps-sidsPalash, when you try running the code, there is something called fake_register . You can use that option to get a test/empty stream.04:54
aps-sidsrefer this link  --
tpb<> (at
PalashThanks :) I'll check that. What's the role of Django here? Dynamic website scripting and backend ??05:00
aps-sidsWebsite is based on django, so I guess that's it.05:01
CarlFK  maybe looking at those will help05:01
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/frontend/templates at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
PalashYeah thanks. I can contribute a lot on this project. Lots of ideas in my mind.05:02
aps-sidsCarlFK, can you help me in choosing a project. I'm confused between "updating gstreamer dvswitch plugin" and "porting flumotion to gstreamer1.0". While the former seems easy(though I'm still not able to run it without errors), I'm more comfortable with Python(used in latter).05:10
aps-sidsas you said that gstreamer isn't easy to debug, will the second project be, umm, doable?05:12
CarlFKdvswitch is a lower priority .. the hope is to stop using it soon, so any work done on it will be short lived05:12
aps-sidsyeah, that's what I was thinking. since gst-switch is better in many ways.05:13
CarlFKare you familiar with porting python2  code to python 3?05:13
aps-sidsI'm going through the docs and I feel I'm getting along and I can do it05:14
CarlFKporting code that uses gstreamer .1 to 1.0 (or maybe 1.3 now) is a similar problem05:14
CarlFKboth python 2 and 3 do the same things, but some are a slightly different05:15
aps-sidsThere's this really nice guide on ubuntu wiki. You gave me link few days back, it explains stuff very well.05:16
CarlFK"really nice" may be an exaggeration ;)05:17
aps-sidsAnyway, can you give a heads up regarding what kind of work was already done last year?05:17
tpbTitle: timvideos/flumotion at gst1.0-attempt-1 · GitHub (at
Palashmithro or iiie are the potential mentors for Django work. When shall they come around?05:25
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parxPalash: We cannot say for sure for anyone's availability.  We are in different timezones on different continents.  You've highlighted their nicks, so they should see your comment eventually.  As always in irc, it takes patience to wait for a reply.05:38
parxAlso, it's the weekend : )05:40
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PalashRight, parx !05:57
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dhanushCarlFK: I ran flumotion tests; It gives me  (skips=850, successes=28); Is this usual?06:35
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PalashParx there's so much which can be done to the frontend. Should I begin creating Django apps or just present my ideas in the proposal because I've got like 10 days until application begins.07:29
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iiiehey Palash, I'd make a plan first.  Yes a lot of the apps are straight forward, .07:57
PalashSure :) I'm willing to be a part of timvideos this summer as a developer.07:59
PalashSo can you guide me too iiie ?07:59
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iiieIf you see Palash..., I can help.  If he hasn't seen the whole timvideos/streaming-system, he should look into it.08:07
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iiiePalash: I can help.  If you seen the whole timvideos/streaming-system, should look into it.08:09
PalashYeah iiie. I've created a clone and I'm reading the structure.08:10
PalashRegarding frontend deploying ; we can make real time irc iframe integrated on stream08:10
PalashMany iframe developments.08:10
PalashDjango modifications on deploying can also be done.08:11
iiieFreenode probably has an option to make a frame easy (I don't think we've considered an non-freenode service).08:15
iiiePalash: what have you done with django so far?08:15
PalashYeah sure that can be done.08:15
Palashiiie: I've been practicing Django since past 18 months and have been deploying projects on my university and indian governmental level.08:16
PalashI've used many Django packages and recently I created a Django based API wrapper for YouTube.08:17
iiieAnything we can take a look at?08:17
PalashSure hold on I'll send u links08:19
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rihbynehi iiie08:21
iiieHey rihbyne08:23
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rihbyneiiie: I am interested in improving and enhancing frontend UI of currently it uses table tag and iframes. are you  looking for  html5 looks. I am comfortable with javascript module level coding,jquery and have experienced single page web applications.08:30
rihbynewhat are your thoughts iiie ? :)08:31
rihbynehow do you wish the design implementation paradigm should be?08:33
iiieProbably on html5, iframes are probably still going to be needed in some places08:33
iiieI'm pretty sure we want to do away with the table layout08:34
iiieI don't think we'll need the site to become single page08:34
iiieSadly it's that time again folks.  I'm in CST which means it's ~2:30am, I'm packing it in.08:36
NiharikaGoodnight, iiie. :)08:36
rihbyneiiie: how iframe will be adjusted in mobile then ?08:36
rihbynethey dont change once the its dimensions are defined.08:37
iiieconsidering it's IRC, I think it can probably be dropped there08:37
rihbyneok iiie08:38
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lorX_hello fellow developers.15:19
lorX_is anyone around15:19
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lorX_dhanush:you are from india :)15:22
dhanushlorX_: Yeah. you?15:23
lorX_saw the IP.starts from 11515:23
dhanushlorX_: He he. Nice catch! :P15:23
lorX_are you the mentor ?15:24
dhanushlorX_: No no. Im also looking to apply here. mithro, CarlFK and iiie are possible mentors.15:25
lorX_I have cloned the repo. could you help me in getting running the streaming system15:25
lorX_after runing make serve.I get traceback15:26
CarlFKhey folks15:26
CarlFKrunning the streaming system... (10:54:43 PM) aps-sids: Palash, when you try running the code, there is something called fake_register . You can use that option to get a test/empty stream.15:27
CarlFKI have heard of that too :p15:27
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CarlFKI am very familiar with creating the content, and not so much about the details of how it gets streamed life15:28
lorX_CarlFK: I am getting a traceback15:28
lorX_server listens on port 800015:29
lorX_db synced15:29
lorX_Palash: ?15:30
lorX_dhanush: ?15:30
PalashlorX : yeah my local instance is running.15:30
dhanushlorX_: Hi.15:30
lorX_great.I am stuck at make serve15:31
PalashlorX_ : hi :) and hi dhanush :)15:31
PalashHave you created superuser?15:32
dhanushPalash, lorX_ : Are you trying to setup the streaming system?15:32
CarlFKlorX_: can you put the command you did on  maybe with some #comments .. I'll put it on the wiki as the start of a setup script15:32
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
lorX_Palash: yes15:33
Palashdhanush : firstly I'm understanding the structure of timvideos and understanding what all can be deployed on front end with Django15:33
PalashlorX_ : run server to port 80 and before that import all pip required files15:34
lorX_lorX_: yes15:34
dhanushPalash: Is this the command to rin the server -> python --ip
lorX_he dhanush  it doesnt work15:35
Palashdhanush it's a Django deployment15:35
PalashlorX_ it works for me15:35
dhanushPalash: You are talking about website right?15:35
lorX_Palash:  port can be anything. I am running on 8000. i have port 80 tcp used by httpd15:36
Palashdhanush yeah15:36
lorX_Palash: can you tell me the steps you did15:36
dhanushPalash: Better paste it as CarlFK suggests.15:36
PalashlorX_ yeah port doesn't matter actually my institution prohibits many ports15:36
PalashlorX_ clone the repo15:37
Palashsyncdb and check shell for errors15:37
PalashCheck whether all functions are giving outputs with test values.15:38
PalashThen run server15:38
PalashThat's how I did15:38
lorX_ok will try that15:38
lorX_Palash: I get cannot import data from data.15:40
PalashServer deployed successfully?15:41
PalashPython test15:41
PalashlorX_ : presently I'm using irc on my phone. When I get back to college tomorrow night, I shall be able to answer your queries better15:43
lorX_Palash: got 16 errors15:44
PalashlorX_ : can you please hold on for 24 hours. I'm not using my laptop right now.15:44
PalashlorX and dhanush you both applying for the frontend /Django?15:45
dhanushPalash: No. Im going to apply for ; I was trying to figure out what were you upto.15:46
tpbTitle: [flumotion] Create a RTMP flumotion component · Issue #3 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
dhanushPalash: So you got ahead with the streaming system to some extent?15:47
Palashdhanush I'm still trying to figure out some parts of the streaming part. However I won't be modifying them right now.15:48
PalashWhat about you lorX_ v15:48
lorX_I am focusing on getting the system up and rnning15:49
lorX_Palash:  the website setup is not straight forward15:49
PalashYeah I know. I'm just handling the Django parts.15:49
PalashBecause I'm comfortable handling Django15:50
dhanushlorX_: I would suggest keep documenting your steps; It will make for a nice setup introduction for others.15:50
lorX_Palash: after entering admin details.what needs to be done15:50
PalashChecking of functions15:50
lorX_you got errors for that ?15:51
PalashYeah one or two15:51
PalashI modified them for local instance15:51
dhanushCarlFK: I ran the flumotion tests earlier today. (skips=850, successes=28); Is this usual?15:52
lorX_when did you run fake_register15:52
PalashYou should run the test for details15:52
lorX_Palash: on
PalashlorX_ actually iiie can help you out with all this. I've to go right now. Can we discuss this tomorrow night?15:53
CarlFKdhanush: sorry, I have no clue ... I have never tried15:53
lorX_iiie: you there ?15:54
lorX_Palash: thanks15:54
PalashNo problems brother :)15:54
PalashGood night !15:54
dhanushCarlFK: Hmm. #fluendo isnt much help too. Not much activity there. Btw, all the skips have messages to them. They look sane. Im assuming they were intended. Should do for now?15:56
CarlFKdhanush: apt-get install pastebinit15:57
CarlFKhmm, add to that apt-get install pastebinit xclip15:57
*** Palash has quit IRC15:57
CarlFKso you can select a bunch of text and run $ xclip -o | pastebinit15:58
*** Palash has joined #timvideos15:58
CarlFKit makes showing stuff much easier15:58
CarlFKxclip -o sends what is selected to stdout, pastebinit sends it to and prints the url15:59
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
*** Palash has quit IRC16:01
dhanushCarlFK: Useful tool. Didnt know that.
tpbTitle: dhanush - (at
CarlFKlol - the messages are hilarious16:04
*** lorX_ has quit IRC16:04
dhanushCarlFK: Yeah. :P ; Honestly it shouldnt be like that though.16:04
*** Palash has joined #timvideos16:05
CarlFKthe good news is the current code does work - we have used it for pycon 2012, 2013, lca 2014 and a bunch of evening user group meetings16:06
dhanushCarlFK: Hmm. So as far as Im not breaking any tests that pass now, things should be set.16:11
CarlFKdhanush: that sounds reasonable16:11
dhanushCarlFK: Cool. So I'll start with the first one in TODO ->  rename all plugs to drop -plug16:13
dhanushCarlFK: But I see plugs named as AdminActionLoggerFilePlug ; Does it need to be renamed as AdminActionLoggerFile ?16:25
CarlFKI have no idea.16:26
CarlFKI 1/2 suggest trying to figure out what the .. um.. function/point/purpose is of AdminActionLoggerFilePlug in 0.1, and what it has been replaced with in 1.016:27
CarlFKI am assuming it is something that has changed in the code, and not just a naming convention16:28
tpbTitle: veyepar/dj/scripts/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat used 0.1 and a week ago I ported it to 1.3.  and then back to 1.0 (there was a small change that didn't work with debian wheezy)16:32
*** Palash has quit IRC16:33
dhanushCarlFK: You mean gstreamer 1.0 right?16:35
dhanushCarlFK: But isnt it a plug in flumotion? How does it depend on gstreamer?16:37
CarlFKI have no idea16:40
dhanushCarlFK: Okay. let me see.16:41
*** lorx_ has joined #timvideos16:43
* parx shows up17:14
parxAre there any students hanging out that we haven't met yet?  ?kshkr17:16
*** sahil_ has quit IRC17:39
lorx_parx: you there17:52
lorx_I am trying to setup streaming system17:53
lorx_I have reached a stage where I was asked for admin user and passwords17:53
lorx_now the server is listening on localhost17:54
lorx_now after that what should I run17:54
lorx_parx: :)17:54
CarlFKlorX_: can you put the command you did on  maybe with some #comments .. I'll put it on the wiki as the start of a setup script17:55
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
lorx_CarlFK: ok17:56
parxaww, baby orangutan program starting on PBS now!18:02
parxThat should distract me from waking up to more snow. : (18:03
lorx_parx:  CarlFK  link
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
lorx_am I on right track18:03
lorx_but when I visit localhost I am getting traceback saying that file doesn't hv data18:04
lorx_how do I run the test ?18:04
CarlFKlorx_: "git clone streaming system"  um..  that's not what you did18:08
CarlFKlike that command isn't valid18:08
lorx_CarlFK: what you mean. I have streaming-system repo on my hard drive18:09
CarlFKlorx_: git clone streaming system is missing the whole url18:10
CarlFK[email protected]:~/temp/tvstream$ git clone streaming system18:10
CarlFKfatal: repository 'streaming' does not exist18:10
lorx_yeah CarlFK I used the url to clone the repo. its just for understanding18:11
CarlFKit should be in your history.. which you can get to quicker than me clickng around github18:11
lorx_I have reached a stage where I was asked admin user and pwd18:11
lorx_now are my steps right ?18:11
lorx_after cloning the repo and running make serve. how should I proceed CarlFK ?18:12
CarlFKlorX_: can you put the *command you did*  on  maybe with some #comments .. I'll put it on the wiki as the start of a setup script18:13
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKcommand you did = things I can run, not a description18:13
lorx_CarlFK: can i document it  after I am successful in establishing the setup18:13
iiielorx_: The point is to walk through the same steps as you to see what if anything is amiss.18:14
iiieIf we don't know what steps you've taken, being sure that it's working is difficult.18:15
lorx_iiie:  I really cloned this
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
*** dhanush has quit IRC18:16
lorx_after that I ran iiie  CarlFK18:18
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
*** livingstore has quit IRC18:18
lorx_it install needed dependencies18:18
CarlFKlorx_: did you do: git clone  ?18:19
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
lorx_yes CarlFK  as I asid above18:19
iiieRight, I'm running it all in a virtualenv18:19
CarlFKlorx_: then include that line18:19
lorx_CarlFK:  telll me what needs to be done after installing dependencies18:20
lorx_iiie: I ran
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
aps-sidslorx_, are you following this?
tpb<> (at
lorx_aps-sids: yeah exactly that only18:22
aps-sidsokay, did you register a (fake) flumotion encoder server onto tracker as specified in the link?18:24
lorx_aps-sids: no it doesn't work18:24
aps-sidsgive a paste link of error please18:24
parxlorx_  Please don't make our mentors guess at what exactly you've done, or what you are following. You request their help, and they have limited time.18:25
iiieDid you copy the config.private.json.example to config.private.json ?18:25
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lorx_parx: CarlFK  iiie
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
aps-sidslorx_, when you face a problem, don't say that it doesn't work. Give the exact cmd you ran and the error you are getting. Only then people can help you :)18:28
lorx_aps-sids: are you the mentor ? I am new here.18:28
iiietry with --ip
aps-sidslorx_, I'm a fellow student, but I worked with this repo last year.18:29
lorx_iiie: still connection error18:29
lorx_aps-sids:  how are you running local instance ?18:30
aps-sidsaps-sids, I'm not currently running. This seems to be a problem with your network layer.18:32
iiielorx_: do you see an error on the other side too (the website running side)?18:32
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