Wednesday, 2014-02-26

mithrohey Joelw!04:57
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Joelwmithro: Hiya!06:25
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apsHello everyone!12:57
apsHi parx , I was going through the list of ideas regarding SOC and I'm interested in "Updation of gstreamer dvswitch plugin". Can you tell me something about the same?12:58
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Niharikaiiie: Around?13:49
CarlFKhi folks14:01
CarlFKaps: I can tell you a bit about it14:02
apsHi CarlFK , please go on.14:07
CarlFKabout 1/2 way down that page is:14:13
CarlFKReplace: src = gst.element_factory_make('filesrc')14:14
CarlFKWith: src = Gst.ElementFactory.make('filesrc', None)14:14
apsyes I see that.14:15
CarlFKsetup the current code, run tests, figure out why tests are not running or passing.14:16
CarlFKthat should be easy, but sometimes it isn't.14:17
CarlFKalso get the tests working in travis ci (automated continuous integration tests)14:18
CarlFKlast year there was a problem: tests ran/passed on the dev box, but wouldn't even run in travis14:19
CarlFKturned out the dev box was 64 bit, travis tests were being done in a 32 bit vm, and there was a bug in the build process of one of the gstreamer modules14:20
CarlFKthat took days (like 5 to 10 I think) to track down14:21
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NiharikaHello. I think somebody asked this yesterday, but the logs arent working, so I´m posting it again. What sort of a microtask/contribution should I make before getting to work on the proposal for a project? I want to work on the bug-tracking project floated for GSoC.16:38
CarlFKNiharika: if there was a simple answer, it would be in the README ;/16:46
NiharikaCarlFK: I know. Any bugs list maintained here that I might look into?16:47
apsNiharika, look at github issues list. There are some with "getting started" tag.16:48
Niharikaaps: Do you mean these: ?16:49
apsNiharika, yes. BTW I'm a fellow student and not an org admin.16:50
NiharikaOkay. But those are not bugs. They are prospective gsoc projects.16:51
iiieNiharika & aps there are several github repos for timvideos, getting-started's issue tracker is the ideas tracker.  Any other issue tracker you find under a repo / project at is fair game.16:53
iiieThe downside being that the individual bug trackers aren't tagged for level16:54
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parxMorning all!16:54
iiieA lot of the ideas link to issues in the other repos issue trackers.16:54
iiieGoodmorning parx!16:55
NiharikaOkay, iiie. Thanks.16:55
parxNiharika: example
parxThose are bug trackers for those projects16:55
NiharikaHi parx! :)16:55
apsMorning parx !16:55
apsparx, can you tell me something about "Updation of gstreamer dvswitch plugin" idea? Where to start or something.16:57
parxAps, your name is familiar to me.  Did we talk to you last year?16:57
parx: )16:57
parxNice to see you again!16:57
apsSame here.16:57
CarlFKaps: gstreamer dvswitch plugin - what version of gstreamer does it use?16:58
rbynehi parx CarlFK iiie :)17:01
apsCarlFK, I guess it currently uses 0.1017:02
rihbynehi I am rihbyne.rbyne is my second fallback name17:03
iiieWelcome rihbyne17:04
CarlFKaps: my guess is port it to 1.017:04
rihbyneparx: why mobile version app considered a different project if the streaming website can be redesigned to start with 'mobile first' approach.17:06
rihbynehi iiie :)17:06
CarlFKrihbyne: apps can give a different feel17:08
CarlFKapps can also be poor, so..17:08
rihbyneCarlFK: I mean mobile web app by integrating grid framework like bootstrap to automatically adjust and adopt to these portable screen sizes.17:11
parxHi Joelw, I see you popped in earlier.  Are you a GSoC student?17:11
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CarlFKrihbyne: many ways of doing it.  all depends on what you are good at.17:12
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rihbyneok CarlFK :)17:13
*** skay is codersquid on github17:14
rihbynecurrently I am looking at the issue tracker for contributor bugs.I want to start from here.17:14
rihbynehi skay :)17:14
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dhanushparx, iiie : Hi!17:28
parxdroti, dhanush, nice to see you both again17:29
drotithanks :)17:29
dhanushparx: I went over and read the rtmp specification by adobe. Also I feel is going to be handy.17:30
parxGood to know.  I hadn't seen that source.17:31
dhanushparx: Hmm. So what is the status of the current streaming-system repo?17:32
parxWe have to flesh out our projects.  Adding pertinent reference material can be helpful.17:33
CarlFKdhanush: all the parts are there, and if you dig enough it is possible for someone to build the whole thing17:34
dhanushCarlFK: ok. So this RTMP component for flumotion. flumotion-flashmedia is the answer right?17:36
CarlFKdhanush: I wrote, which calls, and so on a fresh ubuntu lts, it 'should' get all the apps installed, and then you need to edit a few config files to hook the various servers to each other17:36
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dhanushCarlFK: You are talking about?17:37
CarlFKdhanush:  the status of the streaming-system repo17:38
dhanushCarlFK: okay. my bad. I was looking at a different branch and not master. Couldnt find; Why do you say fresh ubuntu lts? It has some conflicts with some other packages?17:39
CarlFKdhanush: I would not expect it to run on windows :p17:40
dhanushCarlFK: Ha! Me too! Im on Mint 13 btw.17:40
CarlFKdhanush: I seem to remember having a problem with rarring.  something simple, like software-properties-common needed to be python-software-properties, and the next problem I hit I decided to just use lts17:42
CarlFKso it works on that.  I am sure it can be made to work on anything if you put enough effort into it.17:42
dhanushCarlFK: yeah. I'm looking into it now. Let me get back to it then.17:44
dhanushparx: So do you want me to add reference material to the project?17:46
parxIf it's pertinent, sure, you could add it as a comment.17:47
dhanushparx: okay. :)17:48
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dhanushIf we can set up a live streaming server using flumotion itself, why do we need to write an rtmp component? isnt the flumotion live streaming serving the purpose?18:48
dhanushparx, CarlFK : ^18:50
CarlFKdhanush: the 'big services' can handle more bandwidth for free18:51
dhanushCarlFK: big services?18:51
dhanushCarlFK: okay. so flumotion server wont be enough you mean?18:52
CarlFKdhanush: depends on what you want18:52
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CarlFKsome people host images on flicker, some don't.18:52
dhanushCarlFK: so that could be?18:52
CarlFKthat is how that conference distributes their videos18:55
CarlFKApache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at Port 8018:55
CarlFKthey wanted to do that instead of uploading to youtube18:55
CarlFKdhanush: follow?18:56
dhanushCarlFK: Not at the moment. Let me watch the video. Im not on a very fast internet.18:58
CarlFKdhanush: I didn't mean for you to watch the video19:03
CarlFKit is just an example of how an event chose to distribute it19:03
dhanushCarlFK: oh shoot! so when the conference goes live its streamed from that url right?19:04
iiiedhanush: one sec19:04
dhanushCarlFK: yeah. I got that after watching the first 30 secs or so. :P19:05
iiiethe idea is that there are different ways of serving out the video19:05
CarlFKthose are the videos from that room, that day.19:05
iiiewe can forward on a stream to youtube, or justintv and use some of their hardware to get a larger total viewership without our servers dieing19:06
iiieat some point we'll have the hardware to spinup to get arbitrary sized audiences (scaling up)19:06
iiieat that point serving video like they (youtube, justintv...) will be an option or serving through them19:07
dhanushiiie: Okay. So the rtmp component would forward the video stream to one of these 'bigger services'?19:08
iiieRTMP is nice because it's almost free for client side (already implemented, just setup)19:08
iiiedhanush: yes, and I think it's also a little lighter weight per stream (for the streaming servers' bandwidth)19:09
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iiiein other words, we'll be able to use it for two different things19:09
iiieat present we have three different encodings that get produced by the streaming servers19:10
dhanushiiie: they are?19:11
iiieogg, flash, mp419:11
iiiepretty sure there's a high and low for one of those too19:11
iiieer, high and low definition19:12
iiiethere's also an audio only19:12
dhanushiiie: so then the client chooses an encoding and it will be streamed out then?19:12
iiiethey do today19:13
iiieI don't think we have any encoders (things that register with the website for display since they have the stream source) up just now19:14
iiieone of the domains used for streaming is where ROOM is the slug for a room.19:14
iiieI don't think we've had more than one event run at the same time19:14
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iiieI'm reminded that the format is webm not flash, flash plays one of the streams19:15
iiieprobably webm, maybe mp4 (which is really for mobile iirc)19:16
dhanushiiie: okay. yeah flash would be playing the stream.19:17
dhanushiiie: so how do you think I should start now that I have read up about RTMP ?19:17
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iiieI'd start trying to look at some of the other flumotion components.19:19
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dhanushiiie: good idea. I'll hit it then.19:20
iiieProbably get flumotion running locally.19:20
dhanushyeah. got it running locally already! :P19:20
iiieWith test streams or static media streaming out?19:21
dhanushiiie: yup. I set up a live stream. that provoked the question originally.19:22
iiieYou're quite a ways along then, I'm not positive what to recommend.19:23
iiieWill you be available when mithro will be around?  (11am to 11pm UTC+10:00)19:24
iiieI should just do the conversion to UTC19:25
dhanushiiie: Am I? I've got to look at building components.  Im in UTC +05:30.19:26
dhanushAnd its 1 in the morning here.19:26
dhanushSo I think I will be back in time.19:26
iiieAwesome!  (he'll know)19:27
CarlFKdhanush: have you touched vagrant or docker ?19:29
dhanushCarlFK: nope. what are they supposed to do?19:29
iiieSome of us are UTC -05:00 (1:30 in the afternoon), others are UTC +10:00, I don't have a list of everyone come to think of it.19:29
CarlFKvagrant is a vm manager.  docker is.. um.. I am still not sure how to describe it.  both are good for ...19:30
iiiedocker is for container management ;)19:30
rihbyneCarlFK: I am interested in dockerizing the flumotion project19:30
CarlFKrihbyne: good - maybe you can explain that lol19:31
iiiea container is a portable application/ service thing so that one can "just add" a service or instance to a server or vm19:31 is the domain (the logo is a city on a whale)19:31
CarlFKboth of them are things that I recommend developers should be familiar with19:32
rihbynelol CarlFK .docker tool used for making a distribution of an app by packaging the dependencies it needs.So on a vvm or a vps it will be deployed and intalled by just a click or a command.19:34
*** dhanush listens carefully.19:34
CarlFKit also isolates the app from the other stuff on the system it is installed on19:35
dhanushlike a portable installation?19:35
CarlFKor maybe the container does that, not docker.  docker just manages it.19:36
dhanushlike what virtualenv does to python development?19:36
CarlFKI think it does something with network ports and other stuff too.19:37
CarlFKbut yeah, like virtualenv.19:37
CarlFKvirtualenv + pip freeze19:38
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dhanushSorry got disconnected. Did I miss anything?19:54
CarlFKdhanush: what is the last thing you saw?19:57
dhanushCarlFK: I had asked this: "hmm. So at what stage does docker comes in?" Nothing after that.19:57
CarlFKer, I never saw that.  what is the last you saw from someone else?20:00
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CarlFKbut really, "now"20:00
CarlFKgo look at it.20:00
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CarlFKto use it you will probably want to grab many meg of files, but the docs and such are pretty good.20:02
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dhanushCarlFK: I saw the url to docker you gave. I've checked it out. Looks sleek! :)20:03
dhanushCarlFK: I'm not clear on its use case for the rtmp component. :(20:06
CarlFKit may be a good way to deliver your results20:07
dhanushCarlFK: ahh. I see the point now.20:11
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anishshah101____I am interested in doing GSOC 2014 with Timvideos20:36
anishshah101____the ideas which got me interested are- viewing interface improvements, creating a mobile theme for the website20:36
anishshah101____i have decent experience with HTML CSS and Javascript20:37
anishshah101____needed some pionters to get started20:37
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parxWelcome, anishshah101____!20:57
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 48bc08f Carl Karsten: inkscape url's needed wiki dot.20:57
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anishshah101____can you help me to get started21:06
parxanishshah101____: First of all, read the student manual.  Are you comfortable using github?  I21:08
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parx*GSoC student manual21:09
anishshah101____yes yes ofcourse21:09
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aps~seen mithro22:24
Joelwparx: Hi! I'm not a student, but mithro asked me to hang around and offer assistance. I've done a lot of work with Xilinx FPGAs and the Atlys and the 88E1111 Ethernet PHY in particular22:56
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parxHey Joelw : )22:57
parxCool!  We had a student around yesterday or today asking about hardware projects.  Might resurface.22:58
apsparx, I'm kind of lost regarding gstreamer dvswitch plugin. This link basically
apsI compiled and tried running the code, but I guess I'm not carrying out all the steps properly, something is missing.23:00
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apsHow do I give a stream? Do I need some kind of hardware for this?23:01
parxFirst of all, thanks for giving the link to what you're asking about.  (NOTE to other students!!!)23:02
parxUnfortunately, I'm not one of the people suited to help on that.23:02
apsOh, I saw that you opened the issue.23:03
parxI was adding a slew of things imagined by a group of people.23:03
apsthanks anyway, I'll wait for mithro :)23:04
parxAny gstreamer/dvswitch folks about?  loadstar81, CarlFK?23:05
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parxHi there Shumail_!23:09
parxShumail_ Are you a student interested in GSoC?23:10
Shumail_I am here for GSoC23:10
parx: )23:10
Shumail_I'm currently in 4th Semester doing BS Computer Sciences from National University of Science & Technology, PK23:10
Shumail_I went through the ideas page on the website23:10
Shumail_prax: Are you from hacking team23:11
Shumail_Actually, i am interested in the idea: "Add bug / feedback reporting from end users system"23:12
parxNo, I'm an admin.23:12
Shumail_i see. can i discuss GSoC with you ?23:12
parxBy "4th Semester," do you mean 4th year of college?23:12
Shumail_Second year in my university - doing BS computer sciences. 4 years undergraduate program consisting of 8 semesters23:13
parxAt this stage, students are advised to ask questions to the community in general.  Whomever can answer will chime in according to their availability. So, yes, ask questions here!23:14
parxAh, thank you for the clarification.23:14
Shumail_I have prior programming experience with c/c++, JAVA and web languages like HTML,CSS, javascript frameworks like Bootstrap etc - so i am interested mainly in idea related to web23:15
Shumail_From the list of ideas on the website, i found this one interesting: "Add bug / feedback reporting from end users system". I have few queries related to this idea - Can i ask please ?23:16
parxGo ahead.23:17
apsShumail_, in IRC, never ask to ask. Just ask :)23:17
Shumail_Thankyou. From the description of idea, as far as i understand, does it requires to build a client side system for bug tracking ? like based on forms - some questions and then options for answers ?23:18
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apsand be patient :|23:23
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Shumail_i got disconnected23:26
Shumail_Apologies ! so can you please tell if i understand the idea correctly ?23:26
Shumail_that is building a client side system for bug tracking ? like based on forms - some questions and then options for answers ?23:27
apsShumail_, I'm a fellow student. I applied for same project last year (was rejected though). Basically what I understand is that, collect data that could be collected automatically like user's browser version etc.23:27
apsIn addition to that you can create a web form for getting data from user. Does that help?23:28
Shumail_So getting automatic information will be limited to os, browser, version etc. Still it will require few forms for user to answer some questions ?23:29
apsI guess so.23:29
Shumail_aps, oh i see. So are you mentoring or applying again this year ?23:29
apsI'm applying :)23:29
Shumail_Great :)23:30
Shumail_parx: can you please add something here ?23:31
Shumail_aps, what do you think will it require building some backend as well ? or responses to be emailed to some email instead ?23:32
apsShumail_, I think a database should be better as it would be easy to sort/analyse problems.23:33
Shumail_Yeah i also think so. Are you also interested in this one idea or some different one ?23:33
apsI'm not sure yet. I'm trying a different one, lets see if I can understand it fully.23:34
Shumail_I think the admin (parx) has left the channel23:34
apshe might be busy23:35
apsDid you just get up or did you not sleep?23:35
apsI'm from India BTW :)23:36
apsShumail_, I guess you have seen this link, if not, have a look
Shumail_i didn't sleep actually23:37
Shumail_Yeah i have seen this. So what's next ? i mean how to discuss this with hackers ? is there any mailing list ?23:39
apssee the topic23:39
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