Tuesday, 2014-02-25

mithromentors: ping?00:51
mithroh01ger / iiie / lukejohn_ / parx : ping?00:54
mithroNickB_: ping?00:55
iiiepong mithro00:56
parxI'm back00:56
parxjinx punch, iiie00:56
*** iiie cowers in fear00:57
parxyou owe me sushi00:57
*** parx hasn't had sushi in too long00:58
parxhi sahil_00:59
parxI saw a message from you while I was away.00:59
parxloadstar81: Thanks!  Are you a student?01:03
loadstar81parx: nope :P but I've met some people recently at the local hackerspace who work with timvideos and now I'm interested!01:09
parxloadstar81: might that be PS1?01:09
loadstar81parx: yup01:14
iiie: )01:14
parxiiie and I talked to you there.  Glad you remembered the channel name!01:16
loadstar81awesome, glad to be here01:18
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parxloadstar81: iirc, you did 2 summers of code.  Same org both times?01:23
loadstar81nope, 2012 I was with Mixxx 2013 with gstreamer (on the buzztrax project)01:27
parxsooo... do you know gstreamer inside and out now?  ; )01:34
mithrowhat is Mixxx?01:35
parxmy previous was pointed at loadstar8101:35
loadstar81parx: haha, well it's been a minute but I've brushing up on it!01:41
loadstar81mixxx is http://www.mixxx.org/01:41
parxloadstar81, looks cool!  I'll have to give it a whirl.01:46
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lukejohn_mithro: yes?02:32
NiharikaHello. I am interested in working for developing a bug reporting functionality for timvideos.us as part of GSoC. Potential mentors listed are TimVideos Streaming System Hackers team. Any dedicated channel to contact the team?02:37
mithroNiharika: this is the right channel02:39
Niharikamithro: Can you tell me who are in the Timevideos Streaming System Hackers team?02:40
NiharikaOr any helpful link for the same?02:43
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dhanushmithro: I want to work on this -> "Create a RTMP flumotion component." But it is not clear to me what exactly it needs. Can you help me out please?04:13
dhanushhi parx. :) got your message. I was sleeping then. :( Is there a mailing list then?04:19
parxsure, we have mailing lists listed on the Getting Started page04:20
dhanushparx: Great. I'll shoot my query there then. btw. which timezone are you and mithro in? (I'll try to catch you guys then. :P)04:23
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loxshello  anyone there08:03
loxsmithro: ?08:04
loxshi ttheree08:07
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NiharikaHi loxs. Which project are you interested in?08:42
loxsNiharika: I am interested in streaming system program.I have got to learn more08:48
loxswhats is your interest ?08:48
NiharikaBug tracking system.08:48
loxsit was last years project too.08:49
NiharikaNobody picked it?08:51
Niharikaloxs, did you apply for it last year?08:52
loxsno I  checked the 2013 projects08:57
loxswhat about you ?08:57
NiharikaI am applying for the first time.08:58
loxsok. me too08:59
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NiharikaHi mithro. Thanks for the update on the Bug tracking project. Could you tell me who are the possible mentors for the project?12:44
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drotiI've just ran into your site and projects16:56
drotiAnd I love it!16:57
parxGood morning folks!16:58
parxWelcome, droti.16:58
drotiparx: good morning! :)16:58
drotiit's 18:00 here16:58
parxah, yes, Timvideos members are all around the globe : )16:59
drotinice and the concept is so :)16:59
pk__haha All project channels are flooded with indian students due to gsoc :)16:59
parxHi pk__17:00
drotihey pk_ :)17:00
pk__hi parx17:00
pk__hi all :) i am neither a student nor mentor..just a normal fan of this project :)17:01
parxOh cool, pk__17:01
parxpk__:  Have you ever worked on code or volunteered at a conference with us?17:02
drotiI am a student by the way :D17:02
*** parx admits to not knowing everyone who has, despite being GSoC admin17:02
pk__parx: no17:02
pk__i am basically a developer of VLC media player17:03
parxof which *I* am a fan17:03
pk__trying to build a device which could take hdmi video and stream through wifi instead of usb17:03
NiharikaYeah, somebody appeared sorta scared on another channel by the amount of Indian students here.17:03
pk__parx: although i have participated in GSoC multiple times :)17:04
drotipk__: so you work on hardware design?17:04
pk__so the first statement about indian students was just an experience17:04
pk__droti: yes right now17:05
droticool :)17:05
parxre: concentration of students from a particular area, perhaps they've got a great way of spreading the word.  Last week I visited a CS dept at a university near me... little awareness of GSoC : (17:05
drotiand before?17:05
parxI hope to do something about that though : )17:05
parxpk__: were you a student or mentor?17:06
pk__parx: although people NON-INDIAN tend to stick more to the project after GSoC17:07
pk__parx: student17:07
pk__its been many years17:07
drotipk__: and how did you start?17:07
pk__droti: u trying for student?17:08
pk__select a project and start working on it17:08
pk__parx: how many slots you got last time?17:09
*** rihbyne has joined #timvideos17:09
parx3 slots in our first year!17:09
parxa lot for a first timer17:09
pk__of which how many did you report completed17:09
parx2 of 317:10
rihbynehi parx17:10
drotipk__: what do you mean by working on it? make plans or start coding?17:10
pk__carol smith still admin of gsoc?17:10
parxhowdy rihbyne!17:10
parxyes carols is17:10
parxyou can drop by #gsoc for "tea" ; )17:11
pk__dont get that much time17:11
pk__life is tuff these days17:11
parxShe's always serving up virtual cookies and tea17:11
parxdroti has a good question17:11
drotiparx: which project do you have? :)17:12
pk__droti: i worked on a project for one year without gsoc in my mind17:12
parxdroti, you dont' have to wait for acceptance or summer to start working on our code17:12
pk__and the result was that i dint have to do anything during gsoc17:12
parxYou can take a stab at a bug17:12
pk__you can force mentors to select you :)17:13
drotitbh I don't really know how it works :)17:13
parxlol pk__17:13
pk__droti: which year?17:13
parxdroti are you comfortable with gitub?17:13
drotiparx: none at all17:14
drotipk__: 2nd grade17:14
pk__yu want to work on hardware or software?17:14
pk__sure ;)17:15
pk__got fpga?17:15
drotigot at uni17:15
drotinot at home :(17:15
drotiI was playing with it last summer17:16
pk__you plan to stay at uni during summers?17:16
pk__no interns or holidays or something elsE?17:16
drotiinterns, no holiday maybe why?17:16
parxGSoC is a fulltime job17:17
parxI think internships aren't allowed17:17
pk__at least your FULL-TIME is needed17:17
pk__even if you dont declare it17:18
parxdroti: you should read through the GSoC student manual- I'm sure you can search engine it17:18
pk__parx and mithro are admin?17:18
parxdroti: It will explain expectations of the students.17:19
drotithanks :)17:19
pk__droti: if you dont have fpga then how you would be able to work on your project when you goto internship17:19
drotiI wont go to internship17:20
drotibut may go on holiday for like a week17:20
drotisorry :)17:20
pk__earlier you said that17:20
pk__first rule is dont say lie17:20
drotiit was a language mess17:21
pk__even if you have internship say so17:21
pk__ohh okay u studying electronics?17:21
NiharikaHello. I want to work on the bug tracking system project for Timvideos. Who can I discuss the requirements further with?17:21
drotiI spent last summer on learning VHDL and playing with FPGA17:22
NiharikaThe mentor(s) listed is the TimVideos Streaming system hackers team.17:22
drotiand now I want to continue that17:22
pk__droti: u tried hdmi2usb?17:23
drotiI want to17:23
pk__droti: why do you want to work with this organisation?17:24
drotifirstly because T17:25
parxdroti:   We understand translation can get mixed up.  Even within English... we have American and Australians on the team... hehe17:25
pk__Niharika: prior experience of coding?17:26
Niharikapk__: Did college projects of similar level and did a project for Mediawiki as part of OPW.17:26
drotithey have a project that I find very interesting. I love their main project and goal and because I think it's more useful to build such device than making a full basic processor like others. :)17:27
pk__droti: so theoritical :)17:27
drotiparx: thanks I'll get into it :)17:27
NiharikaI am curious why PHP isn't listed as a requirement for the project. I want to talk to the mentors involved to know what they have in mind exactly.17:27
pk__Niharika: which year?17:27
NiharikaThird year engineering undergraduate.17:28
drotipk__: that's all I know so far don't expect too much yet :D17:28
pk__droti:  i would suggest first try to run hdmi2usb on a real fpga17:29
pk__and tell did it work for you17:29
Niharikapk__: Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Delhi. Might not have heard of it.17:29
pk__Niharika: i am from india thats why asking that deeply..yes i have heard about your college17:30
drotipk__: okay17:30
Niharikapk__: You're from Delhi?17:30
pk__no but have friends who finished their degree from igit17:31
NiharikaNice. :)17:31
pk__Niharika: key to selection is prove to the community that you can code17:31
pk__although i am neither mentor nor admin..but i can tell this17:32
rihbynepk__: will you be mentoring for tim video projects ?17:32
pk__i can given a good student :)17:33
rihbynepk__:  pardon please I didnt get you.17:34
pk__rihbyne: not applied yet17:35
parxHello Niharika, I'm the admin.  In general, mithro can provide the best vision of a project.  But iiie and CarlFK (great mentors from last year) might be able to shed some light on the bug reporting project.17:36
Niharikapk__: Yes. I want to start building the bug-tracker as soon as possible.17:36
NiharikaThat'll be a good way to prove I can code and I'm serious about it, right?17:36
NiharikaI have a bunch of links for what I did in mediawiki and my college projects too. But I want to know the mentor(s) first.17:36
pk__parx: ideas page is so impressive and so many important and exciting projects17:36
iiieHey Niharika the reason PHP isn't in the requirements for the bug tracking system is that we tend to aim for Python as a community.17:37
parxThanks for the kind feedback, pk__17:38
Niharikaiiie: Okay. Thanks.17:38
parxI'll have to remember that, iiie17:39
pk__which bug tracking project?17:39
iiieThe mentors are split across the projects, who mentors on several of the projects isn't written in stone yet.17:39
pk__i cant find it on ideas page..is that something you suggested on your own?17:39
iiieGenerally we as a community have four or so focuses.17:40
iiieI think there is a bug tracking one, or there was last year..., one sec17:40
Niharikapk__: https://github.com/timvideos/streaming-system/issues/417:40
iiieAdd bug / feedback reporting from end users system17:40
rihbyneiiie: can a mentor help more than one student project during gsoc ?17:41
iiieAbout 3/4 of the way down the Ideas page17:41
Niharikaiiie: This is only for tracking bugs reported by users and not developers themselves?17:41
pk__rihbyne: no17:41
pk__not officially i guess17:41
parxpk__: It's phrased "Add a bug reporting functionality" on the Ideas page17:41
iiieNiharika: yes it's for getting feedback from users, not developers, developers use bug trackers that exist already.17:42
iiierihbyne: not as the lead/main/head mentor no17:42
iiieLast year and this year the plan is to go the other way and have more than one mentor per student project17:43
parxTimVideos uses co-mentors, or rather primary and secondary mentors.  One mentor can be a primary for one student and a secondary for another, for example.17:43
iiieWe want to make sure that we're not hampering project success by not having a mentor available.17:43
iiieThe best way that we've found is to have backup mentors.17:44
Niharikaiiie: So basically it will involve Bug reporting, setting a status for the bug(which is changeable) and viewing the list, broadly. Anything I am missing?17:44
pk__parx: did carol indicated number of slots you may get this time? ;)17:45
iiieNiharika: The idea is feedback from real website visitors (presumably viewing a video).  They may not know what's wrong.17:45
iiieThey may not know what their browser or OS is (so the system will sniff that).17:46
parxpk__: Orgs don't know until April17:46
pk__do you really believe that?17:46
iiieThey may be having bandwidth problems locally (and not know how to check).17:46
Niharikaiiie: Okay, so we do all that locally?17:47
iiieYes it's bug reporting in that the result may be a bug report, but part of the idea is troubleshooting with the user who doesn't have a lot of technical background.17:47
parxI'm less concerned about how many slots we get, than great student proposals.  No point in having 5 slots if there are only 2 great proposals.17:47
Niharikaiiie: Okay, I see. And the database connectivity is done in Python?17:48
pk__parx: i was more concerned about mentors17:48
iiieNiharika: For connectivity and bandwidth, yeah, there's got to be a local component, though HTML5 / js is probably up to it.17:48
pk__say if you get 10 slots and only 5 really serious mentors17:48
rihbyneyes mentors17:48
Niharikaiiie: I meant, storing the bug data, and the information. Which database are we using? SQL?17:49
iiieNiharika: For the most part yes our server side language of choice is Python.  The other projects (within Timvideos) are almost all Python or C17:49
Niharikaiiie: Okay. I'd start drafting a proposal for the Requirements for the project and the proposed way to do it. And bug you for reviews, if that's okay? :)17:51
iiieNiharika: Believe it or not the last website put together as a project for Timvideos was on Django and an over reliance on MySQL actually caused a delay.  By and large I think we'd prefer PostgreSQL17:51
pk__any hardware developer here? i wanted to talk to jahanzeb but mithro told that he does not come on irc..is there anyone else i can talk to17:51
Niharikaiiie: Okay. I have a high level of comfort with MySQL though. I17:51
NiharikaI'm willing to learn PostgreSQL.17:52
iiieNiharika: Sure, or anyone who raises their hand as a mentor.  Glad to have interest!17:52
rihbyneparx: can we apply to 2 projects from idea list considering prioirity for preferred one.17:53
pk__you can apply to even multiple orgs17:53
pk__but i would suggest you to focus on one17:53
iiieNiharika: the only hiccup we ran into with MySQL was the setup scripts were doing bash commands to configure the test database, which limited the portability for the app.  For the most part we have nothing against MySQL :)17:53
parxrihbyne: There is a limit of how many projects you can apply to (in student manual) but you can have more than one to an org.17:54
Niharikaiiie: Okay. I'm open to both and willing to learn. :)17:54
rihbyneok parx17:55
iiieNiharika: That's the spirit!17:56
pk__Niharika: why this project ?17:57
pk__i mean why this organisation specifically?17:57
Niharikapk__: Because I find it useful. And I have an interest in doing front-end development.17:57
Niharikapk__: Not many other organizations are offering front-end projects.17:58
Niharikapk__: What are your views on the project?17:58
Niharikathis* project.17:59
pk__good project :)17:59
Niharika:) I have confidence I can build something good and useful.17:59
pk__high probability of finishing too18:00
Niharikapk__: Yep. And I can vision a lot of cool add-on functionality I can work on, if I get the time. Or even after gsoc ends.18:00
pk__right :)18:01
pk__cs branch?18:01
Niharikapk__: Would you like to mentor the project?18:02
pk__ohho no no18:02
pk__i am not very old here in this community18:02
Niharikapk__: That doesn't matter, experience does. :)18:03
NiharikaAnyhow, I'd be off for the night. Goodnight! Catch you tomorrow.18:03
rihbyneiie parx what pre-requisites do you expect from students new to your org.should we jump right into drafting a proposal.Or if you can point us to your issue tracker and get a patch fix or document the code ?may I know code review tool used in this community ?18:03
pk__i feel good when i meet lady programmers18:03
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pk__Niharika: dont worry about mentors..u will be given a mentor that is for sure :)18:10
*** dhanush has quit IRC18:11
*** nole has joined #timvideos18:11
drotiI'm also going off now, thank you for all your help guys! See you later.18:15
parxsee you soon, droti18:15
*** droti has quit IRC18:15
parxNiharika: Students and anyone (you too  pk__), in fact, can work on our code.  Repos are public, patches are welcome!18:19
parxAside from the bigger projects on the Ideas page/ Ideas tracker, an issue in one of our bug trackers might be a smaller first bite.18:19
pk__parx: do you know why you are getting exactly 17 fps ?18:20
*** Niharika has quit IRC18:20
parxSome of the projects include or refer to smaller bugs.18:20
parxI'm not the best person to answer that.18:20
pk__hmm okay u have tried it on fpga?18:21
*** shenki has joined #timvideos18:23
rihbyneok great. thanks parx18:24
parxhi shenki18:27
parxshenki: you work on hardware, maybe you can help...18:27
parxgot a question here from  pk__, a possible collaborator and fan of TimVideos:  do you know why you are getting exactly 17 fps ?18:27
pk__i am on leave for 4 days so i will try to optimize the mjpeg core.will tell you the results if i get success then i will try to send a patch18:31
*** nole has quit IRC18:32
*** dhanush has joined #timvideos18:32
parxpk__: sounds good, enjoy your days off!18:36
dhanushhi parx!18:38
parxhiya dhanush18:38
dhanushparx: I am trying to figure out what is meant by "Create a RTMP flumotion component". I mean what exactly is needed? A generic RTMP system? What should it do?18:39
dhanushand also the url https://github.com/timvideos/timvideos/issues/13 is a 404.18:40
parxyes, iiie figured out the problem with that link... the bug has a new number18:40
dhanushparx: which is?18:41
iiie38 I think18:41
iiieoh wait, 1318:41
iiieI was looking at 1418:41
dhanushiiie: 13 is giving 404. do you mean 14?18:41
parxThe autopopulating Ideas page is very new.  Kinks to be worked out.18:42
parxre: RTMP, The goal is to have broad compatibility for streaming.  Generic RTMP is listed, as well, as Youtube, JustinTV, etc.18:42
iiiehm, I think that's missed an update or two18:43
iiieI think that's timvideos vs streaming system or maybe gettingstarted18:43
dhanushparx, iiie : Im not getting any of this. :(18:44
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parxdhanush: sorry, give us a little while.  I think we're both otherwise occupied at the moment19:19
dhanushparx: yeah. cool. no probs.19:19
iiiedhanush: We're having a bit of trouble tracking down where that issue should have linked to.  We have several repo (getting-started is the ideas tracker).  And at some point in the last year the repos were rearranged a little.19:57
iiieI believe the idea is to beable to take in RTMP from the well known (or similar) websites.19:58
dhanushiiie: hmmm. take in RTMP?19:59
iiiedhanush: the only other thing I can think of is put put RTMP link youtube, and justintv do20:00
dhanushiiie: So you mean live streaming right?20:01
iiieLive streaming is the basics of Timvideos yes.20:01
iiie*like not link for youtube and justintv20:02
dhanushiiie: Okay. So whats the best way to start on this?20:02
iiiehttps://github.com/timvideos/streaming-system/issues/13  I think that's probably what the new link will be (I'll be updating it and pinging the powers that be)20:04
dhanushgreat. No more a 404! :)20:04
iiieIt's a bit light on overview though20:04
dhanushiiie: Cool. Let me read up on some stuff related to this. I'll get back to it. :)20:06
parxdhanush: Excellent, read up on rtmp (start with the wikipedia page if you have to).20:08
parxLook into the status of Flumotion's rtmp component.  http://www.flumotion.net/releases/flumotion-flashmedia/0.10.0.html What's it compatible with now? Our project has a list of desired compatibility.20:08
parxYou can visit #flumotion to talk to flumotion experts.20:08
parxThey also have a mailing list, which should be linked on the TimVideos Getting Started page20:09
dhanushparx: Great. Yeah I'll get on to those. Thanks.20:10
parxVery welcome, dhanush  : )  Use all the sources you can find, even outside of TimVideos, and especially your google-foo.20:11
parxor is it google-fu?20:11
dhanushparx: I think it should be google-fu. But programmers have the freedom to use google-foo. :P20:12
parxoops, I think I have the wrong channel for flumotion20:21
parxwas it  #fluendo?20:21
dhanushparx: yup.20:21
*** parx has quit IRC20:59
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