Monday, 2014-02-24

mithrobeen really quiet in here lately...01:46
CarlFKmithro: howdy01:58
CarlFKdo you know where i can find some media files (currently audio) to use as a reference for testing ?01:59
CarlFKkinda like a test pattern for video01:59
mithroCarlFK: what do you want to use it for?02:20
CarlFKmithro: currently to test some code I wrote to visualize audio02:22
mithroYou could use the gstreamer audiotestsrc02:22
CarlFKI am trying out docker - right now to test out veyepar installs03:38
mithroCarlFK: cool03:53
CarlFKoh great.. it is eating all my free disk03:57
CarlFKhmm.. why is / using 18G ?  /home is on it's own partition04:09
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*** dhanush is away: Im not at my desk. Leave a message and I will get back to it. :)17:59
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parxhi everyone! : )18:42
parxIn 15 minutes, we'll find out if TimVideos has been selected for GSoC 2014!18:43
*** parx takes that back18:44
parxApparently, their email jumped the gun18:44
parxmithro, iiie, CarlFK, etc:18:45
parxCongratulations! Your Organization Application for to Google Summer of Code 2014 has been accepted. 18:45
parxPlease be aware the your organization's  information is now available to students, so you should expect to get  contact from potential applicants very soon.18:47
*** iiie cheers18:50
parxCheck out the list of accepted orgs.  They accepted more than ever (despite having fewer applications than last year.)
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dhanushHi all. I was looking at this topic -> "Create a RTMP flumotion component." ; I dont really get what is exactly expected from this?19:47
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dhanushmithro: ^19:55
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parxHi dhanush : )21:14
parxWe're all in different time zones around the world.  The best people to go into detail on this may be sleeping or at work.  (Hopefully not both!)21:16
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sahil_I want to contibute to Tim Vedios, can someone pls guide me?22:29
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sahil_I went through the GSoC page, however, that is all about the application process. Can I get the source code?22:39
sahil_sorry, got the answer to my question.22:39
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loadstar81congrats on getting accepted for gsoc2014 all23:08
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