Monday, 2014-02-17

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mithromorning people01:06
mithroanyone alive?01:07
mithroparx: we need to make sure all ideas have at least a 3-4 lines -- better if it is a full couple of paragraphs01:09
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CarlFKmithro: want me to write up a project/idea description for overhauling / improving the setups used for deploying dvswitch/veyepar/streaming machines ?01:32
mithroCarlFK: yes please01:32
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mithroCarlFK / h01ger` : I started too05:04
tpbTitle: Alternatives · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
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CarlFKmithro: how did you plan on scaling more ec2's to handle 100's of connections to 1 stream?05:20
CarlFKI have this description:05:20
CarlFK           Each stream will have the following machines: an encoder, a collector, a video mixer, 1 or more sources.05:20
mithroCarlFK: each ec2 server registers with the website05:20
mithroCarlFK: the website just chooses the ec2 server with the lowest bandwidth05:21
CarlFKcollector connects to 1 ec2 encoder.  where does a 2nd ec2 server connect to?05:24
mithroCarlFK: the first ec2 encoder05:24
mithroBTW We want all the issues to fix the following template
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Ideas! (at
mithroCarlFK: they should look like
tpbTitle: [HDMI2USB #32] MJPEG core optimisation · Issue #14 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: um.. I guess I got a little carried away?
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK: nah, that looks good!05:40
mithro <-- map it to this template05:41
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Ideas! (at
CarlFKyou mind boiling it down to fit the "ideas" page?05:41
CarlFK11:40p, need to get us home and will likely fall asleep before I do any more05:41
CarlFKor if you think it can wait 24 hours, I can get back to it later05:42
mithroCarlFK: all the stuff you put there can just go into the "detailed explaination" section05:47
CarlFKcan it wait 24 hours?05:48
CarlFKmore to the point, it will be about 20 hours before I can do much more.  Sheila is putting coat on and poking me05:49
CarlFKsee ya05:50
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mithroCarlFK: okay05:50
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mithroNickB: ping?10:48
NickBmithro: Evening!11:14
mithroNickB: have you guys had any luck with the HDMI2USB stuff?11:15
NickBHad the PLUG AGM last week, didn't do a recorded talk11:21
NickBHaving a committee meeting and sysadmin chat tonight11:22
NickBShould line up a talk for 2014031111:23
mithroNickB: probably worth trying to get it working in your living room first11:27
mithroNickB: any luck with trying to get the screws for the base?11:27
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 3 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master a5563e8 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Fixing the list in Ideas.md14:11
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master ecb9511 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Shift down the headers from the received HTML.14:11
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 93007fa Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Update the templates and make referenced bugs nicer.14:11
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mithroeveryone: can you go through the issues at and make sure the formatting matches (even if most sections are blank)14:19
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
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mithroAnyone alive?22:52
mithroCarlFK: I put your Google doc in a bug.22:52

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