Friday, 2014-02-14

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iiieparx: I've poked at the descriptions some, can't seem to make the MarkDown happy on Summer Of Code link though.00:32
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mithronew ideas we need to add01:30
CarlFKdid you have time to sleep?01:30
mithroMJPEG core optimisation, get it up to [email protected] --> [email protected] be ideal01:30
mithroCarlFK: not really :/01:30
mithroI have to finish up some work they pay me for01:31
mithrothen I'll link back to finishing the GSoC application01:31
mithrothen I'll work on our ideas page01:31
CarlFKtry not to make yourself sick.01:31
mithroand then probably sleep the weekend away01:32
mithroCarlFK: do you have any veyepar projects you'd like to suggest?01:32
mithrolukejohn_ / techman_83: do you have any ideas you'd like to suggest?01:33
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CarlFKmithro: brain storming here...01:34
mithroCarlFK: Sheila is skay right?01:34
CarlFKone of my paint points is getting events to export data in A) at all  and B) complete01:35
CarlFKmithro: yes01:35
CarlFKcurrent workflow: bug conference organizers to provide the URL to some json/xml/whataver, import it, look at it, find problems and then bug them again until all the problems are worked out01:36
CarlFKit would be nice to point them to a public facing web page with "enter url here, submit"01:36
techman_83the only thing that's on my mind is what comes next, DV is a dead end.01:37
mithroCarlFK: yeah, that would be useful for the website too01:37
CarlFKand they get either "error in line 123" or a simple rendering of their schedule01:37
techman_83which is covered by HDMI2USB + GSTswitch01:37
mithrotechman_83: sure01:38
mithrolukejohn_: did you have time to be a mentor and if so, what would you be suitable for mentoring for?01:38
CarlFKschedule visualzation is kinda nasty.  here is my current thing that is good enough for me:
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: template_error Fosdem_2014 (at
mithrohyades: Can you give us feedback on how we could make GSoC better for you? I know it was a long time ago but anything you can think of regarding your initial impression would be good. Feedback on the general process would be awesome too....01:39
mithroCarlFK / parx: Can you poke Sheila and tell her I'm happy to talk to her about being a mentor and what is required01:41
mithroeveryone: The big area we are lacking at the moment is the ideas list, everyone should be trying to help there!01:42
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parxmithro As iiie pointed out, we don't actually have to assign specific mentors to each project at the stage.01:44
parx*this stage01:44
mithroparx: we should have "suggested possible mentors / points of contact" for each idea01:45
mithroIE hyades would be a create "point of contact" for gst-switch related projects :)01:45
CarlFKmithro: i currently do my installs like so: pxe install ubunut with a preseed file to answer the installer questions and run a script to create things like ~/.dvswitchrc and turn off the screen saver, don't suspend on lid close and a handful of other things that are handy for recoding01:45
parxGSoC lists KDE as the gold standard for application. They frequently list teams rather than individuals.01:45
mithroiiie and myself both work for the streaming system I think01:46
mithroparx: do you know if the github teams are public visible?01:46
parxno, I'll check01:46
parxKDE did not link to team lists01:46
mithroappears not -- otherwise they would have been good things to link too01:46
CarlFKbut then there I have to tweak each box to set it of for what room it will be in, what the networking details are and a few other things01:47
mithroparx: it's about giving the person who is looking at the idea someone to talk to further, specially if they are too shy to do it publically01:47
techman_83CarlFK: we utilised imaging + a small post install config script for LCA2014, all the configuration of DVswitch was handled in the web frontend01:48
techman_83though a scripted install is probably better long term01:49
techman_83However the post install config script could be useful01:50
CarlFKI know this can all be done better with feeding the mac addresses into veyepar and having it drive the pxe/dhcp/hostname and maybe fai (fully automated installer) that debian confrence uses01:50
iiie0I'd still lean on local networking an auto discovery :D01:50
parxmithro Teams are not viewable when logged out of github.  Some members are publicly visible, some are set to private and are not visible (the ones you added today).01:51
CarlFKmithro: I suspect there is a fair amount of work to do, like figure out how to do dhcp on 1 vm so that 2 or 3 other VMs can all talk to it and not take down the local physical lan01:53
mithroCarlFK: I think this is a reasonably solved problem, but you are right it just needs someone to do the work01:53
CarlFKnot that this needs to be done in VMs for production, but it seems like the sensible way to do a project.01:53
CarlFKyeah - it is mostly grunt work01:54
CarlFKmithro: the same 'install framework' could be used to setup streaming too01:57
iiie0How about: A speaker tracking camera!02:02
CarlFKthat would attract minds02:03
iiie0three servos, pan, zoom, tilt02:03
CarlFKsounds like more fun that re-running an install script over and over02:03
iiie0intelligent auto audio gain control02:03
techman_83iiie0: oh now there is an idea02:04
mithroI'll be back in 2 hours02:04
CarlFKoh geez02:04
CarlFKmithro: call in sleepy or something02:04
mithroCarlFK: i'm at work02:04
CarlFKeither way, sleep .. oh02:04
iiie0we know02:04
CarlFKget to work :D02:04
mithroI got 5-6 hours sleep02:04
CarlFKthank god.  I thought you stayed up all night02:05
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tpb<> (at
mithroparx: we need to come up with an ideas tracker template02:41
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CarlFKparx: sounds like an idea! :D03:04
parxI've just been including a Mentors section and Project Description (which is meant to include expected outcome type info)03:09
parxwhat else would a template have?03:09
parxCarlFK I added a "Projects - Veyepar" tag03:09
mithroparx: ideas won't appear on the ideas page unless they have a valid [<project> #<issue number>] in the title03:24
mithrothat should link to a bug in the actually project03:24
mithroI can fix that shortly03:25
parxah thanks03:30
iiie0What about ideas that aren't part of a project?03:31
iiie0Or more to the point what about ideas that aren't issues in one of the other repos?03:32
iiie0mithro, what about ideas that don't quite fall into a project and certainly aren't in the project's issue tracker?03:35
parxlike the new issues we are adding03:36
iiie0From the google doc, or from the channel03:37
iiie0they aren't all going to fit in the existing projects03:37
parxor even old ideas like
tpb<> (at
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mithro---> <mithro> I can fix that shortly03:44
lukejohn_mithro: I would be only be suitable for the javascript/html5 projects. and unfortunately I will be away from keyboard from 26 June to 7 July.03:45
iiie0lukejohn_, I'm pretty sure we'll take what we can get.  :)03:46
parxlukejohn absence of that length is not a problem03:46
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parxwe have at least 2 co-mentors per student03:46
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parxmithro, CarlFK should we/I add a Veyepar section to the Ideas page?  if yes, would that be the Partner Projects section?03:49
parxoh... we lost CarlFK03:51
parxmithro you wanted to be reminded to talk to skay04:06
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mithrookay, I'm back now04:30
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mithroparx: what is your gsoc link name?04:37
parxre: that guy I mentioned in email to you... any interest/need for more mentors?04:39
mithroparx: ?04:42
mithroworking on the application / questionnaire atm04:42
parxI was too : )04:44
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parxmithro: see email04:54
parxalso, reminder to talk to skay04:55
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parx( 21:49:08) parx: mithro, CarlFK should we add a Veyepar section to the Ideas page?  if yes, would that be in the Partner Projects section?05:06
mithroparx: they should go in the ideas tracker05:06
parxmithro: yes, there are already veyepar ideas in the tracker05:07
parxjust none on the Ideas page05:07
mithrosee my above comment about ideas not appearing05:07
parxokie dokie, didn't know if that was something I could chip away at : )05:08
mithroparx: if you are happy with a section, please mark it05:19
parxof the questionnaire?05:20
mithroparx: can you take a look at the "What is your plan for dealing with disappearing mentors?" section and see if your happy with that05:20
parxok, disappearing mentors looks fine05:22
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mithroparx: need some help with the wording in the "What steps will you take to encourage students to interact with your project's community before and during the program?*" section05:29
mithroparx: just add your name to the green section05:30
parxoh sorry05:31
parxmithro reminder to talk to skay05:34
mithroparx: thanks!05:34
mithroI think she's not around at the moment05:34
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parxmithro: if you think you'll forget, you might shoot off a quick email05:59
mithroparx: happy with the "How many potential mentors do you have for this year's program? What criteria did you use to select them?*" section?06:04
mithroparx: the "What steps will you take to encourage students to interact with your project's community before and during the program?*" section is getting a bit too long06:05
parxyes to mentors section06:07
parxedit away on the other one, as you like06:07
mithroparx: three sections left06:14
parx: )06:16
mithroparx: I assume your heading to bed soonish?06:55
parxprobably, why?06:57
mithroparx: I'm fading pretty fast myself07:00
parxany last priorities?07:02
mithroparx: we get this application in07:08
mithroparx: then I'll look at the issue with ideas not showing up on the ideas page07:08
mithroparx: how's it looking?07:38
mithroparx: think we are done?07:40
parxSome of those last edits were great!07:42
parxI think it's good.  A spell check couldn't hurt.07:43
mithrooh the tags?07:44
parxbefore I forget... there's another angle on what we gain by participating07:46
mithro"No spelling suggestions"07:47
parxother GSoC mentoring orgs are VERY interested in using TimVideos projects, and also contributing07:47
parxfound that out at the Mentor Summit07:48
mithroparx: ahh cool07:49
parxre: spelling... good job us!07:50
mithroparx: how's that look?07:51
mithroparx: I'm not sure I trust it :P07:51
parxyeah, I know what you mean07:53
* parx blinks07:53
mithroparx: think we are good now?08:00
mithroI think we are now too08:02
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mithroparx: you should probably go to bed I think :P08:10
parxI really should.  Didn't want to abandon you though.08:11
mithroparx: thanks for all your help!08:11
parxGo Team Venture!08:12
parxyou're welcome08:12
parxhope Ideas tracker/page cooperates08:12
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mithrowell, that is me done for the day10:06
mithrowill be back tomorrow for more ideas updating10:06
mithroiiie / parx: you can use markdown formatting in the issues!10:06
mithroiiie / parx: I also added a template for the issues we should start using10:06
mithroCarlFK / h01ger : magwell devices turned up today! Will play with them over the weekend.10:29
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h01germithro: nice!! have fun! :)11:24
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parxmithro, around?17:18
parxthis idea tracker item looks out of place on Ideas Page
tpbTitle: [streaming-system] Streaming Web Site? · Issue #12 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
parxThat discussion fits better under
tpbTitle: [streaming-system] video viewing interface · Issue #19 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
parxalright, I'll just close it for now17:23
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hyadesmithro: regarding the initial period, I think I had a bit of trouble with information at different places. But I think thats been sorted out and the ideas page looks good :) Overall, I remember travis was a very useful thing to have and I started using it a bit late. Starting with it earlier will be better i guess.20:04
parxhi hyades!21:07
parxthanks for the feedback21:07
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