Thursday, 2014-02-13

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mithromorning people00:36
mithrohyades: what are your thoughts on GSoC?00:36
mithrohey techman8300:39
mithrotechman83: do you need to know anything more about GSoC?00:39
techman83I think at this point in time, I may not quite have the free time to be involved as a mentor00:41
CarlFKbb in 20 min00:42
techman83I'd still like to see how it all happens though and be available to help out where I can00:42
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techman83We're moving our head office and I'm travelling during GSoC, so I'd hate to be an unreliable mentor00:45
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iiie0mithro CarlFK eta all: any idea what the potential mentor count is?02:32
* iiie0 figures at least the three of us from last year, plus one02:33
iiie0how many in here right now are potential mentors?02:35
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CarlFKtheres one now!02:35
CarlFKand me02:36
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skayI would like to help this time around02:36
* iiie0 thinks he's back02:38
iiie0let's try that again02:38
iiie0anyone up for a little responsibility (and power)?  by which I mean mentors!02:39
skayiiie0: I would like to help this time around02:39
skayif I can02:39
skaylet me know02:40
CarlFKme too02:40
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iiie1right, anyone who hasn't been disconnected repeatedly get a count.  (sorry)02:44
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CarlFKI am number 202:45
parxI'm helping as admin again02:46
skayI am willing to help02:46
iiie1cool, that gets 4 mentors minimum (counting mithro and me too)02:48
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iiie1I figure we'll have a couple more potential mentors in the wood work too02:49
parxiiie1 I see you're adding comments to the ToDo list doc02:49
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* parx needs to catch up02:50
* iiie1 is amused to be netsplit from his computer in the other room02:53
parxThe application is due Dec 1402:55
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parxer Feb 1402:57
parxGSoC says the most important part is the Ideas page and it needs fixing up.
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
parxEarlier today, the GSoC boss said this was a great Ideas page
tpbTitle: GSoCProjectIdeas – Xapian (at
parxI don't quite know how to rank difficulty level or pre reqs for individual TimVideos projects though.03:04
iiie1mithro, when you have a moment, where can we edit ?03:16
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
iiie1The git hub repo seems to say not to edit in the repo, but the wiki seems to be the same thing again.03:17
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mithroiiie1: edit the wiki04:09
mithroiiie1: then the wiki is pushed to the main repository04:09
mithroNot sure if that is still working in an automated fasion04:10
* iiie1 will findout shortly04:11
parxyeah, I was unclear about that too04:13
iiie1I'll change the README on the wiki to make it clearer, provided the auto push works it should then update in the main repo too.04:13
mithroiiie1: great!04:13
parxyay!  less scary!04:14
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iiie1Doesn't seem to have pushed.04:17
iiie1mithro, was it a webhook?04:20
mithroiiie1: no it was a cron job04:20
iiie1I don't think I have access to that04:21
mithroiiie1: nope, only I do04:24
parxTake a look at #3 What is an Ideas list?
tpb<> (at
parx"At a minimum, all the ideas on  your Ideas List should include the expected outcome of the project, a  potential mentor, the skills and/or languages required to complete the  project, and a general "difficulty" level. "04:25
skayhmm, I don't think I am good mentor for this then, since I don't have up to date experience with all of the languages04:29
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] mithro pushed 5 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 81869f2 iiie: Updated README (markdown)05:34
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master f50f0fd iiie: Updated README (markdown)05:34
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 3b906ae Parx: Updated Ideas (markdown)05:34
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 39372a9 Parx: Updated Ideas (markdown)05:35
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 9415961 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Merge branch 'master' of
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mithroparx: before you get to much further along, that information should be in the bug description05:35
mithroparx: do you have the ability to edit the issues?05:35
parxsorry mithro, what bug description?  Yes, I think I can edit issues.05:40
parxI was just fixing broken internal links on the wiki05:41
mithroparx: IE
tpbTitle: [streaming-system] Create a mobile theme for the website · Issue #11 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
mithrothat should have "expected outcome of the project, a  potential mentor, the skills and/or languages required to complete the  project, and a general "difficulty" level."05:41
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parxbut... "A link to a bug tracker for your open source organization is NOT an ideas list."  Would that stuff need to be on the Ideas page, not just in bug tracker?05:43
mithroparx: the issue tracker at is *NOT* a bug tracker, it's an "ideas tracker"05:45
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
mithroIE there shouldn't be any bugs there05:45
mithroit's basically a dynamic, filterable version of an ideas page05:45
parxI'd hate for gsoc admin to make the same misunderstanding.  Maybe that should be stated somewhere upfront.05:47
iiie1If the spec for an ideas page says don't link to a bug tracker...  Are you quite sure that having a tracker that isn't used for bugs is far enough away?05:48
parxThe goal is to have a single self contained Ideas Page with info that is clear and easy for students to digest.05:49
parxI think?05:49
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parxThese Ideas Pages for other orgs got good reviews today:05:53
tpbTitle: GSoCProjectIdeas – Xapian (at
tpb<> (at
mithrowork on making sure each idea has the proper information, I'll work on the gsoc admin stuff05:54
mithroand we did the same thing last year too :)05:55
parxmithro Following up: I made the new 2014 profile on my same melange account06:10
mithroparx: great!06:11
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 85d8ef8 iiie: Updated Summer Of Code (markdown)06:38
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mithroyay, looks like auto-pushing stuff is working again06:38
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master ed47a46 Parx: added link to Ideas Tracker06:49
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master f7b4c89 Parx: Updated Home (markdown)07:19
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hyadesmithro: no thoughts..07:22
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master e6dfbc2 Parx: Updated Home (markdown)07:44
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mithroparx: ping?17:28
parxwhat's up?17:29
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 306ba78 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Dynamically build an ideas from issue tracker using javascript.17:29
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mithroparx: see commit I just pushed17:30
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mithroparx: should be live shortly17:30
mithroparx: needs us to work on the ideas stuff quite a bit more17:30
mithroparx: take a look at
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
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mithroparx: it dynamically generates the content from the ideas page17:31
mithroparx: it dynamically generates the content from the issue tracker17:31
rbynemithro: hello,is your organization interested in gsoc this year ?17:32
mithrorbyne: yes17:33
mithroparx: it pulls the labels information and the bug that is referenced in the title17:33
tpbTitle: [HDMI2USB #13] Add USB 3.0 support · Issue #5 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
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mithrowhen it imports that, it also imports HDMI2USB bug #1317:34
mithroparx: but I really need to be in bed now17:34
mithroparx: could you work on the bug descriptions?17:35
mithroparx: can you change the descriptions on bugs?17:35
parxYeah I'll give it a try17:36
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parxDoes that just mean adding a comment?17:38
parxmithro For your example of HDMI2USB #13] Add USB 3.0 support, I don't see a way to add a description field.17:40
mithroyou should see an edit button up in the corner17:40
mithroparx: and the ability to change labels on the side17:40
parxI don't see edit button.  Do I have to be a member of the org?17:41
mithroparx: I just added you17:44
mithroyour username is parx right?17:44
parxI'll refresh and hopefully see Edit17:44
mithrotry again now17:45
mithroI only added read access17:45
mithroshould have write access now17:46
parxAdding me to the org didn't do it, but that last effort worked!17:46
parxiiie/carlfk/etc need to be added too?17:47
iiieI'm pretty sure that CarlFK and I are in as owners already17:47
CarlFKi see an edit button17:47
parxnot listed as org members though17:48
parxdon't know if that makes any diff17:48
iiieWhere do you see org members?17:48
tpbTitle: Sign in · GitHub (at
parxiiie you are there17:48
parxjust added I think17:48
rihbynemithro: hi, do you have gsoc project page ?17:49
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
iiieWelcome rihbyne17:49
mithroparx: I added you as a "owner" so you can manipulate the permissions
tpbTitle: Sign in · GitHub (at
* iiie goes back to putting out fires17:50
mithroparx: iiie should be able to figure out my horrible javascript if you have questions about the ideas page stuff17:50
mithrobut I think we should just concentrate on populating the ideas tracker with all the info it needs17:50
parxhaha, I'll bug him while you sleep17:50
mithroand I have to be up in 5 hours!17:51
mithroparx: each issue should have all the details you described earlier17:51
mithrowe should use labels for difficulty level17:52
parxI'll try, although I'm not the best person for explaining such tasks17:52
mithro"expected outcome of the project, a  potential mentor, the skills and/or languages required to complete the  project, and a general "difficulty" level."17:52
mithropoke people :)17:52
mithroanyway truley going to bed17:52
parxif all else fails, I'll decorate the site with cat gifs17:52
parxrihbyne: are you a student interested in GSoC?17:55
rihbyneso guys I am here
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
rihbyneand your organization has 5 projects.17:55
parx5 that are listed there now17:55
parxwe're doing some work on the site, incl that page17:56
rihbynenow which ones are of [high|medium|low] priority for gsoc ?please can you just analyse them17:56
rihbyneand need to meet your nearest milestone ?17:57
rihbynemithro: parx: hello there! I am a student :) nice to meet you.17:58
parxhappy to meet you too!17:58
parxmithro just went to bed, but a few TimVideos mentors from last year are still here17:59
rihbyneok so parx can you answer my listed questions please ?17:59
parxI'm not sure, but I think the projects tagged "Hot" in red are high on mithro's list17:59
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parxrihbyne: iiie or Carlfk might have a better view of the nearest milestone.18:06
parxLast year we had 3 spots for students.  A few time during GSoC, we wished we could have had an extra spot for the student who wanted to do the bug reporting project.18:06
rihbyneyeah ok :) parx for now there is only one project with "hot" indication.18:10
rihbynebut I assume that the first 4 projects are top and hardware based.18:11
CarlFKrihbyne: what sorts of stuff have you done?18:11
parxrihbyne it's being updated.  Also take a look at
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
rihbyneI am familiar with python and javascript and html5.18:12
rihbyneso parx CarlFK its completely depended on no. of slots and priority projects.18:15
rihbyneI think you should integrade bug reporting functionality inside the streaming website itself. why do you need a separate site for that ?18:16
CarlFKrihbyne: I think the plan is for a little integration, but normal users don't need to be troubled by it18:20
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CarlFKideally, no errors etc, so don't clutter up the code base with it18:20
skaymithro: I might not should help. It depends on how much coding experience you want. I was an embedded c/ARM/HC11 programmer at motorola but that was a long time ago18:21
skaymaybe enough to help students, maybe not18:21
parxA GSoC project can be expanded as the student progresses through the summer.18:21
parxrihbyne: by that I mean the scope of your project is limited only by your skills and work ethic : )18:22
rihbyneah! CarlFK so it would be great to have a middleware to check whether the request is for 'bug reporter' and then accordingly respond with asking for admin authentication and then rendering the html report.18:23
rihbyneok parx agree with you.18:26
parxrihbyne: responding to the idea that selection mostly depends on priority projects and # of spots18:30
parxIMHO it's better to have a student whose skills are solidly matched to a medium priority project rather than a student completely out of her/his depth on a top priority project.18:30
parxbut a bit of a challenge is always good for a learner : )18:31
rihbyneyeah parx what do you suggest me? I know python/javascript well. got to brush up django. since I am am using flask.18:32
CarlFKrihbyne: python - how familiar are you with debugging weird code, like stuff that overrids the normal object.attribute stuff?18:34
CarlFKfluemotion/gstreamer bindings are pretty tricky and prolly not a good time to start learning how that stuff works at the same time you are trying to debug it18:35
CarlFKbut if you are on top of it, then it would be fun18:36
CarlFKa long time ago I got in over my head trying to use lambdas and yields at the same time I was learning about them.  not fun, project failed.18:36
rihbyneI am familiar with object-oriented practices and inheritance in python. maybe I will be able to handle that and stick to your coding standards like PEP8 and using code review tool.18:42
rihbyneCarlFK: ^18:42
CarlFKrihbyne: that's not it.. I suspect you should stay away from the fluemotion port18:43
CarlFKI forget exactly where they do this, but something like overriding the __magic stuff and so trying to figure out what x.y is will drive you batty18:44
rihbyneI am interested,but I want to confirm if software side projects will be included in gsoc.because looking at last years statistics only 3 projects were selected even after mentioning other ones.18:45
CarlFKyou would expect to find class X(): def y():  but really X.__get? or something maps "y" to "lala"18:45
CarlFKI think all the projects are up for grabs, but we can only have a few students, so we pick what looks like the best matches18:47
rihbyneI will stick and watch the more the flumotion and streaming website and bug reporter project if you include that too.18:48
parxyes rihbyne, software side projects are fair game18:48
rihbyneparx: what you really mean by 'fair game' ? I didnt understand :)18:49
parxwe are open to students interested in any of the TimVideos projects18:49
rihbyneok parx got it.18:52
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rihbyneparx: CarlFK I will see you guys tommorow :)19:19
CarlFKbye bye19:19
parxsee you soon rihbyne!19:19
rihbynebye there! :) are you 'to-be' mentors. ?19:20
*** rihbyne has quit IRC19:26
parxrihbyne:  I'm admin; mithro, iiie, CarlFK, and others are mentors19:26
iiietoo late19:26
parxs/he'll be back tmrw with more ?s19:26
parxwe need a skills evaluator19:27
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parxhey folks, I'm trying to label the difficulty of projects as easy, medium, and challenging
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
parxif anyone wants to jump in and get it more accurate than my uneducated guesses23:27
parxfeel free to change them!23:27
parxpurple tags indicate difficulty level23:28
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