Wednesday, 2014-02-12

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mithroCarlFK: it's a django application right?01:18
mithroCarlFK: - really quick way to add revisions to a model01:19
tpbTitle: etianen/django-reversion ยท GitHub (at
mithrohey parx / iiie01:21
mithroparx / iiie: you avaliable to help with GSoC this year?01:21
mithropk__: Jahanzeb doesn't frequent IRC often01:21
iiiemithro: is there an improved selection process?  (we have a skill check?)01:35
mithroiiie: you mean on the students?01:36
iiieyeah, something to make sure they've seen the language before, maybe beginning touble shooting exposure.01:37
mithroI'd love to come up with one01:40
parxhi mithro!01:45
mithrojust going to lunch01:45
mithrowill be back later :)01:45
parxsure, I'll help01:46
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mithroparx: ping?03:34
mithro~seen leon03:38
tpbmithro: I have not seen leon.03:38
techman83techman83 = leon03:39
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parxyes mithro?03:46
mithrotechman83: ahh cool!03:47
mithroparx: do you have time to help with the GSoC application?03:47
iiiemithro: yeah I'll help with GSoC this year03:48
mithroiiie: cool!03:48
mithroiiie: btw, how is life?03:48
iiieI'll see what I can come up with for vetting prospect students's python / c / trouble shooting03:48
iiieA bit cold03:49
iiieI'm doing well in general though03:49
iiieChicago's been a bit cold.  Portland too.03:49
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hyadesmithro: a late pong!14:46
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parxGSoC Meetup in Chicago USA on Feb 2721:26
tpb<> (at
parxmithro what do you want help with?22:14

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