Thursday, 2014-02-06

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CarlFKmithro:  which I can't find now.  do you remember how you implemented it?00:05
mithroYou could have tmux/screen as part of the command line00:07
CarlFKonce I get that worked out, isn't it just a simple bash loop?  for i in [1,22]: (or whatever the syntax is00:09 import fixunicode00:11
CarlFKI wonder why that is just there and not in my abstract class so it gets used everywhere ?00:12
mithroCarlFK: I think you want
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mithroI think a CarlFK: you mean you lost the fixunicode file?00:26
CarlFKmithro: found it, just not sure why it was only used by one of my 16 or so scripts00:26
mithroCarlFK: dunno either :P00:27
CarlFKwhich all subclass from, which is where I expected to find it hooked in00:27
mithroit's a horrible hack00:27
mithrocan you link me to that file? I want to remember what it does :)00:27
CarlFKShhhh.. if you say that too much I may try to fix it00:27
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thaytanCarlFK, GStreamer, create a pipeline with 22 encoders, set it to PLAYING, done00:50
tpbTitle: Making fixunicode more robust and also fix stderr. by mithro · Pull Request #37 · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
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* NickB_ waves at lukejohn 01:52
mithrohey NickB_01:53
mithrohey lukejohn01:53
NickB_mithro: Luke and I (and Elena!) crossed paths last night, I've got the Atlys-inna-box01:54
mithroNickB_: managed to screw the board into the base?01:54
NickB_As far as we know it's the only Atlys floating around here, though.01:54
NickB_mithro: Nah, but it just loooks like four M3? PC screws, maybe a little longer than usual.01:55
NickB_Failing VCarve, try LibreCAD, you may prefer it anyway.01:56
mithroNickB_: if you find out the thread and screw size, please send me an email with the details01:56
NickB_mithro: OK. Even if these are something different, "standard" PC standoffs and spacers are a good choice, and I think those are M3, 3mm metric.01:57
mithroNickB_: the standoffs come with the board01:58
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CarlFKmithro: thanks for the patch03:25
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CarlFKmithro: help...20:48
CarlFK    import fixunicode20:48
CarlFK  File "/home/veyepar/trunk/veyepar/dj/scripts/", line 43, in <module>20:48
CarlFK    raise SystemError("Unable to write unicode on stdout (encoding %s).\n%s" % (sys.stdout.encoding, e))20:48
CarlFKSystemError: Unable to write unicode on stdout (encoding UTF-8).20:48
CarlFKiiie:   do you have some time to brain storm and help me figure out what to do about "that" ?21:57
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CarlFKdue to xface saved sessions or something, 2 instances of dvsink-file got run, so one would create              2014-02-02/08_58_22.dv and the other  would create              2014-02-02/08_58_22-1.dv21:58
CarlFKtrash = models.BooleanField(help_text="This clip is trash")22:15
CarlFKI can set that for the ones I want to .. um.. ignore.22:16
iiiefilename is in a model somewhere right?22:16
iiieq = Model.objects.filter(filename__endswith='-1.dv').update(trash=True)22:17
tpbTitle: veyepar/dj/main/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKI am sure there are other -1's that I need to keep.22:19
* iiie sighs22:19
CarlFKraw_files=Raw_File.objects.raw('select distinct r1.* from main_raw_file r1,...22:19
CarlFKI need to only operate on that .. but I thnk I can just for loop over it22:19
CarlFKthis is very one off ish, so I am ok with super kludge22:20
iiieafter LN98422:20
CarlFKespecially given I am just munging data, not actually rm files22:20
CarlFKI was wondering if I could do that22:20
iiiedepends on if raw returns a queryset...22:21
iiieI think it does22:21
CarlFKit has to!  I want it to!!!22:21
CarlFKdoes .update() call .save?22:28
CarlFKI wouldn't mind looking at the results before they get commited22:28
CarlFKpfft - never mind.. I have this code already22:30
CarlFKfor r in rlist:22:30
CarlFK 991         r['start_min']=r['start'].hour*60+r['start'].minute22:30
CarlFK 992         r['end_min']=r['end'].hour*60+r['end'].minute22:30
iiieno update doesn't call save23:32
iiieupdate does a database update and doesn't run signals either23:33

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