Wednesday, 2014-01-29

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puckordered my Atlys board01:04
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mithroheyo people01:32
mithroI see lots of new people here01:32
mithroandi-m, ilan, loans, puck -- I'm the Tim from, I'd love to know why you are here and how we can help you!01:33
mithroNickB, I just sent you an email with the full details01:33
loanscarl told me to come here once and i idle like a pro01:34
loansso really, it's carl's fault01:35
mproctormithro: I do A/V for, ilan pointed be at your video. you pointed me here from gst-switch.01:41
mithroloans, good to know :) - what do you "do"01:42
mithroloans, makes the channel feel bigger :)01:42
loansI'm in entertainment lighting01:42
mithroloans, do you know much about DMX lighting stuff?01:46
mithroloans, do you know somewhere that gives a quick low down of how it all works from a technical point of view (IE things like features, protocol descriptions, implementation details, devices, etc)01:47
loansdmx512 is dead simple01:47
loansthere's a wiki page for it01:47
loansit's basically a packet that's a series of values01:47
loansstructure is 100uS break, a ~12uS mark, and then up to 512 bytes for values01:49
loanson the control side and the device side, things get more complicated01:54
loansif you've got specific equipment in mind, I can give you a better answer01:54
NickBmithro: Thanks, gottit. Waiting for a reply from James so I can pick up the Atlys board.02:35
NickB(or, maybe, if he's got a full set of gear, we could try using it at his place)02:36
puckmithro:  I'm Andrew Ruthven - I emailled you last night and just ordered an Atlys board.02:43
mithropuck, cool02:43
puckI'm in the process of volunteering colleagues to help me get things up and running here.02:43
mithropuck, are you in contact with the PLUG guys?02:45
puckmithro:  yeah, I had a good chat with them in Perth, and I've been in email correspondence since.02:45
mithropuck, oh - your not in Perth02:46
mithropuck, where are you located again?02:46
mithropuck, okay03:07
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andi-mmithro: I recently watched your talk from and found it interessting that you have a already working? implementations for the ideas on our list... ;-)14:42
andi-mwe are a group of people in germany who are organising recording for ccc or "ccc near" events14:44
andi-mmost times based on dv switch14:45
CarlFKandi-m: which talk, or really what are you wondering about what is working?14:46
CarlFKandi-m: mithro is hopefully sound asleep in .au14:47
tpb<> (at
andi-mI'm aware of the different time zones, but irc is also a async media for me ;-)14:50
CarlFKthe live streaming works - I used it for PyCon 2012 and 1314:50
andi-mI'm more interested in the frontend or better web page.14:51
CarlFKandi-m: that works too15:50
CarlFK  scroll down to 2nd image "Website" is what you are interested in15:54
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system ยท GitHub (at
andi-mokay, then i will wait till this "live show" comes up16:02
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ilanmithro: would be awesome to chat at some point about what mproctor and crew are doing at SCALE, and if theres any room to work together.21:31
CarlFKilan: any chance you can come to fosdem on Friday?21:32
ilanCarlFK: heh.  a bit of a trek on 1-2 days notice. we're all in california :)21:33
ilanCarlFK: some day id love to make it though21:33
CarlFKoh neat - where?  I grew up in San Jose21:33
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