Tuesday, 2014-01-28

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CarlFKmithro: h01ger has too many chat windows, so lower ones fall off his screen00:05
mithroCarlFK / h01ger: I have the same problem00:06
mithroh01ger, what is your timezone at the moment?00:06
CarlFKutc and a 100:07
CarlFK+1 I think00:07
CarlFKh01ger: is about .0001 lattude further south of me00:08
h01germithro: CEST is what my clock display. and arguently i'm here now00:08
h01ger.oO( or so they spelll... )00:09
mithroCarlFK, your at FOSDEM?00:09
mithroh01ger, I'm happy to provide the EC2 resources for doing streaming00:09
h01geryay! & support too? ;)00:10
mithroh01ger, but my stuff also needs machines locally at venue00:10
CarlFKmithro: I am!00:10
h01germithro: i'm sitting here in the same room as CarlFK :)00:10
mithroh01ger, James Bromberger provided me with what ended up being like $2000 AUD of EC2 credits00:11
h01germithro: we have 3 servers and 44 laptops, which we orchestre nicely00:11
mithroso, when is FOSDEM?00:11
* h01ger has 1000 such USD on his desktop at home00:11
mithroh01ger, how are you "orchestre"ing them?00:11
h01gerin BRU00:11
mithrothis coming one?00:12
CarlFKin about 5 days00:12
h01germithro: wanna fly in?00:12
mithroh01ger, ha00:12
mithroh01ger, want to fly me business class? :P00:12
CarlFKmithro: I want you to charter a plane.00:13
CarlFKa really fast one.00:13
mithroCarlFK / h01ger: if my guy in the UK could make it, would you be willing to show him the ropes?00:13
h01gerso we have 22 rooms, 44 laptops, 3 servers. but we just want to stream 3 rooms. and we run debian and can run+install basically anything. what is needed for this streaming setup00:13
mithrohe probably can't, but it would be really good for him to get some experience with what it is like00:13
h01gerCarlFK showed me some install which failed due to trival dependency probs... if thats all... easy00:13
mithroh01ger, I've only run on ubuntu precise / lucid00:14
h01germithro: wheezy, but that really shouldnt be an issue00:14
h01ger[01:13] <      mithro> | CarlFK / h01ger: if my guy in the UK could make it, would you be willing to show him the ropes?00:14
h01gerwhats showing the ropes?00:14
mithroh01ger, give me the experience of what running an event is like00:15
h01gerwe are happy^wvery happy about more helping hands and the actual fai config will be in git00:15
CarlFKmithro: what was his 'job' ?00:15
h01gerfai as in apt-cache show fai-client00:15
h01gerwe dont use fai-server00:15
h01gerwe install with d-i00:15
h01gerand the configure the systems with fai00:15
mithroCarlFK, he wrote the firmware for the current HDMI2USB stuff00:15
h01gerfosdem attendence is free and requires no registration. its awesome00:16
mithroh01ger, the problem is that later versions of ubuntu (and probably debian) have later versions of gstreamer and other tools00:16
mithroh01ger, and flumotion is getting really old now, so doesn't like all the new fangled things00:16
h01germithro: which timezone are you on?00:17
h01germithro: and can you join #fosdem-video on freenode? atm i'm too tired and also wouter aint here and he should be involved...00:17
h01gercarl tells me you are in melbourne00:17
mithrocarl is lieing00:18
mithroI'm in Sydney00:18
* h01ger waves with belgium beer ;)00:18
mithrobut Melbourne and Sydney are mostly on the same timezone00:18
mithroh01ger, I don't know if I'll have time to actually support FOSDEM, but being a weekend the chances are a lot better00:18
h01gerCarlFK suggested that.. but maybe using debconf.org infrastructure (which i know..) is better. wouter relied on flumotion who canceled00:19
h01geri'd like streaming of 3 rooms00:19
mithroh01ger, its mostly self sustaining00:20
mithroh01ger, I can teach the people how to hit it with a stick in like 1 hour maximum00:20
CarlFKmithro: there is no money here, I have to pay for my food, but if he shows up, we can put him in a room running DVswitch  which I think is what you want right?00:22
mithroCarlFK, yeah00:22
mithroCarlFK, I can probably get him flights on points00:22
CarlFKh01ger:  is very excited to have more people00:23
h01germithro: the other setup streaming we have is the one used at debconf1300:24
mithroh01ger, if you have time to figure out the issues on your side then it could work00:25
mithrowhat does debconf13 use?00:25
h01gericecast and something else for webm00:26
mithroh01ger, Holger Levsen <- is that your name?00:27
mithroh01ger, which is your closest ec2 datacenter?00:27
CarlFKmithro: yes00:27
h01gericecast and whatever sesse wrote00:28
h01germithro: i have no clue about ec200:28
h01gerit sounds easy and cool, but i dont believe the hype :)00:28
h01germithro: lets discuss this streaming tomorrow00:29
h01geri just today took over this job00:29
h01gerthis particular job00:29
h01gerfosdem 2014, RECORD ALL THE THINGS was on my agenda for some time, actually since a mail with the subject "lets be crazy" :)00:30
mithroh01ger -- N. Virginia, Oregon, N. California, Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, São Paulo00:30
h01gerand since flumotion canceled, i took over the idea of having 3 rooms with streaming. (and 22=all recorded this year, and next year recorded+streamed)00:30
h01germithro: ?00:31
mithroh01ger, that are the EC2 locations I think00:31
h01germithro: so, talk to you tomorrow in UTC daytime maybe?00:31
h01gerireland is closest00:31
h01gerbelgium is between the netherlands and france00:31
mithroh01ger, I thought they had something closer00:31
h01gernot from that list00:32
h01gerthat should be 3 or 4 hops00:32
CarlFKmithro: http://veyepar.nextdayvideo.com:8080/main/C/fosdem/S/fosdem_2014.json00:34
tpb<http://ln-s.net/AdrF> (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com:8080)00:34
mithroh01ger, yeah00:35
CarlFKor if you want the source: https://fosdem.org/2014/schedule/xml00:35
tpbTitle: FOSDEM 2014Welcome to FOSDEM 2014How we found a million style and grammar errors in the English Wikipedia (at fosdem.org)00:35
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NickBh01ger, mithro ...or http://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2013/12/18/announcing-the-aws-china-beijing-region/02:39
tpb<http://ln-s.net/Adx5> (at aws.amazon.com)02:39
mithroNickB, ping?04:04
NickBmithro: yo!04:21
mithroNickB, two things04:22
mithroa) any chance you'd be able to get to the hackerspace in Perth sometime and laser cut me some stuff? (Basically a second box like the one James has)04:22
mithrob) the box James has needs a couple of small finishing items, would you be able to do them?04:23
NickBCan do. We're working from a .DXF? or a VCarve file?04:23
NickBDoes Elena have the latest version? or you?04:24
mithroNickB, Elena has the latest version04:24
mithroNickB, but she's been really busy and won't really have any time to help, so I can send you a copy of it04:24
NickBSure. It's probably saved on the Artifactory fileserver anyway. (and the laser controller machines are now happily networked)04:25
* NickB ponders. "However, there may in fact be some benefits from keeping our Photonic Death Machines air-gapped from the outside world"04:27
mithroNickB, possible04:28
mithroNickB, so for b) the box needs screws to actually attach the board to the box04:28
NickB(I'll be AFK for lunch for a bit, but go ahead and tell me what you need)04:29
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NickBmithro: How much acrylic sheet does it require? 3mm thickness? Purple a good colour, or clear, or something else, by preference?08:22
NickB(someone's buying a batch of purple, but they're all available by request)08:22
mithroNickB, it needs a base which is *NOT* black, green or clear08:23
mithroNickB, sides / top clear would probably be best08:24
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NickBmithro: As in: a tinted-but-transparent base of arbitary colour, sides/top untinted-and-transparent. Do you happen to know how much material is needed, in terms of making sure a couple of sheets of the right dimensions are available?08:27
mithroNickB, not sure08:28
mithrowhat size are your sheets?08:28
NickBmithro: We can order pretty much anything, but 800x600x3mm ones are easily transportable, cost maybe $15?, cuttable on the LC1290. There's smaller sheets for $10, LG500 sized.08:31
mithroWe where using the LG500 sized ones08:31
NickB800x600x12mm clear, untinted, was $48.08:32
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mithroI'm unsure what size Elena was using, I guess we can read if off the diagrams08:35
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andi-mis there a working demo of the frontend?15:32
CarlFKandi-m: not really, but maybe in a few days there will be a live show15:45
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