Monday, 2014-01-27

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h01germithro: so flumotion didnt get back to us / canceled their fosdem streaming offer, so CarlFK suggested you could maybe help us14:05
h01geror we could use the streaming infrastrcture14:05
h01gerwe "only" want to stream 3 rooms14:05
h01gereven if we do video in 22 - we DO NOT want to stream all of these rooms14:05
h01germithro: could you, or rather not?14:06
h01gerits fine if not but we should know soon, this conference starts saturday morning UTC14:06
CarlFKh01ger: from will need to be run on the 3 local machines that will do the first encoding and connect to the EC2 machines that re-encode and serve viewing clients14:10
tpb<> (at
h01gerCarlFK: i first want to see if mithro agrees before i even bother to think about tech details :)14:11
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mithroh01ger, poke?23:06
mithroh01ger, yeah we could probably do that23:06
mithrobe back in 60minutes23:06
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h01germithro: pong! need to move #timvideos furter up in channel list :)23:47
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mithroh01ger, ping?23:57
mithro~time h01ger23:57
tpbmithro: h01ger23:57

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