Friday, 2014-01-24

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CarlFKmithro: ^^ I don't know enough to comment on this.00:12
mithrohackman, big problem is space of the FPGA00:52
mithroCarlFK, a FPGA can emulate a CPU - so you can run a full OS on it00:52
mithroCarlFK, but it tends to be a bad idea as it's *much* slower then a dedicated CPU chip00:53
CarlFKok, so no linux network stack ;)00:54
mithroCarlFK, we have a tiny little 8051 processor emulator for doing the control stuff00:54
mithroCarlFK, yes - I hope eventually we can do a version which is network enabled00:54
mithroCarlFK, but don't want to deal with feature creep at the moment00:54
CarlFKI figured you were on top, just making sure.00:55
mithroI'd be happy for someone to work on it00:55
CarlFKdid I ask you about twinpact dip switch settings?  like what your kit uses ?00:55
CarlFKI am trying to avoid spending time figuring it out.  for all I know I have been doing something wrong.00:56
mithroCarlFK, I just have them set to PAL00:57
mithroCarlFK, did I tell you that I figured out how to emulate a twinpac remote?00:57
mithrobe back in 30-40 minutes00:59
CarlFKmithro: in 48 hours I am flying to fosdem01:05
CarlFKI have 6 or 7 twin;act with no remote.01:05
CarlFKcould use an "overscan" button replacmennt01:06
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mithrothaytan, ping?01:23
mithrohackman, ping?01:23
mithrothaytan, I was pondering, would you have time to finish the gst-plugins-dvswitch stuff (adding reconnect, bit of general clean up, adding support for gst1.x) if it was a paid contract? I was ponder if it made sense to put in a Linux Australia grant request01:26
CarlFKmithro: whats this about twinpact remote?01:39
mithroCarlFK, at LCA this year, I decoded the twinpact remote protocol so we can emulate it with any irToy01:40
CarlFKirToy ?01:40
CarlFK ?01:41
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK, yeah - technically the irToy201:41
CarlFK ?01:42
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK, yes01:44
mithroCarlFK, but since we now know how the remote works, we really only need a device which transmits01:44
CarlFKfosdem needs about 8 in 7 days.01:45
CarlFK"     Let us notify you when this product is back in stock!     "01:47
mithroCarlFK, connecting a IR diode to a serial port is probably  okay solution :P01:52
CarlFKdo you have the data I need for the twinpact?01:53
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thaytanmithro, maybe, but I'd kinda feel bad about that :)02:06
mithroCarlFK, ?02:07
CarlFKmithro: assuming I create the device that transmits, how do I tell it what to transmit?02:07
mithroCarlFK, I have a little python script which has on/off style recordings for each button02:08
mithroCarlFK, I haven't committed it yet02:08
thaytanyou can have it only if you promise to drink all the delirium tremens02:09
CarlFKafter that, I don't think i will care about .. much anything02:10
thaytanare you using the same LCA setup for FOSDEM?02:11
CarlFKI can say that for sure because there is always something different ;/02:21
mithroCarlFK, I can get it up later tonight02:28
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