Thursday, 2014-01-23

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hackmanso guys... do you actually have the HDMI2USB device ready ?22:05
CarlFKhackman: I'll bring my prototype board22:06
hackmanCarlFK, I have a stupid question...22:07
CarlFKfinal product will be a smaller board with less parts, I think a production run of a few 100.22:07
hackmanI assume that you are running Linux or BSD on that board22:07
hackmanwhy the hell do you need a PC after it ?22:07
CarlFKso I am speaking as a user, not a dev22:08
CarlFKso I may not know what I am talking about22:08
hackmanCarlFK, I know the CEO of Olimex... one of the biggest HW dev companies in BG22:08
CarlFKbut I don't think it has anything like an OS22:08
CarlFKmuck like I don't think the twinpact or a camera has an os22:08
hackmanCarlFK, both have OS22:10
hackmanactually even the sim card of your phone has an OS22:10
hackmanand the stupid thing is that not only the sim card... but also the GSM modem has its own OS :)22:10
CarlFKyeah - I can agree my phone has one or more OSs22:11
CarlFKI think we can get into a discussion of what is and isn't an OS22:11
CarlFKmy cable modem and laster printer have web server like things I can hit with a browser22:13
hackmannope... we can't :) I would agree with what you propose as I don't have the time :)22:13
CarlFKI think the important thing is the Atlye's board and the fpga chip don't have anything like Linux/unix OS i have ever heard of22:14
hackmanCarlFK, they don't have... but I googled and it seams you can put Linux on it22:15

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