Monday, 2014-01-20

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mithroCarlFK, ping?02:28
CarlFK mithro - what's up02:28
mithroNothing urgent, just wanted to sync up with plans for the year and such02:28
CarlFKgood Q02:30
CarlFKI just heard some encouraging chatter with a phone call with this years PyOhio chair02:30
CarlFK"last year we were going to have a 5th track for odd talks that were not really python, or were by a vendor that were a little to spammy to be in the normal rooms.  we selected presenters, told them they would get to speak, but would not be videoed.  ....02:32
CarlFKat least 2 of them declined because of no video.02:32
CarlFKOne was academic, and his funding would not cover his travel expenses if there was no video."02:32
CarlFKpyOhio chair: Brian Costlow02:52
CarlFKhe also wants to figure out how to get the PSF to give video real funding02:52
CarlFKnot $2500 for a 4 room event02:52
mithroCarlFK, so my goals for 2014 are02:54
mithroa) Get the HDMI2USB prototype board being used regularly and reliably at multiple locations / events02:55
mithrob) Get the HDMI2USB production device available to the general public (by EOY)02:55
mithroCarlFK, you have an Atlys board right?02:56
mithroCarlFK, I finally have 2 box options02:57
mithroCarlFK, would it be better for me to send you a complete box, or for me to send you a design you can mill / cut yourself?02:57
CarlFKI do have access to stuff and likely people to do it02:58
mithro(complete box would still need construction)02:58
mithroCarlFK, do you have access to a laser cutter, or just a mill?02:59
CarlFKsend me desings, I'll hand it off to the local people and see what they say02:59
mithroCarlFK, on a laser cutter you can do the box in probably 1-2 hours02:59
mithroCarlFK, when is the last time you used the device?03:00
CarlFKthe Atlyes?  good Q. I keep taking it out and hooking it up, but never get around to actually feeding DVswitch03:00
mithroCarlFK, oh - did you see that Jan did a proper gst-switch plugin for feeding dvswitch?03:01
CarlFKkinda - will that read from a webcam03:01
CarlFKer, yes it will.  how do I make it read from a webcam? ;)03:02
tpbTitle: timvideos/dvsource-v4l2-other · GitHub (at
mithroWe where playing with it, and it should have 1 frame delay from the source to DVSwitch03:03
mithroonce I get around to porting to pygst (rather then just using gst-launch) I'll be able to put probes to give you the exact details03:03
CarlFKfake source - is that a test pattern ?03:03
mithroCarlFK, yes03:03
mithrothere are a whole lot of possible fake sources :)03:04
mithroI've found ball is good for testing03:04
CarlFKoh, that ball..03:04
CarlFKany test patterns are good for testing - requiring real inputs has bothered me forever03:05
CarlFKand my 1 frame DV files also bother me03:05
CarlFKare you around in about an hour?03:05
CarlFK9pm need to eat something, then I want to play with this03:06
mithroCarlFK, yes I'll be around in 1 hour03:06
CarlFKI'll be back here as soon as I eat03:08
CarlFKmithro: why is that forked from my repo?  did I write it and forget about it?04:38
mithroCarlFK, dunno, possibly04:38
mithroCarlFK, maybe you forked from my original repo04:39
mithrobefore I moved it from my username to timvideos04:39
CarlFKyeah, I think that's it.  kinda.  close enough04:40
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mithrowb CarlFK05:37
mithroCarlFK, what can I do to get you using the Atlys board frequently?05:38
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mithroCarlFK, btw you want the branch12:32
tpbTitle: timvideos/dvsource-v4l2-other at dvswitchsink · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: I am having trouble getting my dvswitch from my ppa12:33
CarlFKwhich dosn't really matter, but it is bugging me12:34
mithroYou'll also need
tpb<$r> (at
CarlFK/build/buildd/dvswitch-0.9.1/src/connector.cpp:66:71: error: invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'int' [-fpermissive]        client_(RTSPClient::createNew(*connr.resolve_env_, 0, "DVswitch")),12:39
tpb<> (at
CarlFKany idea what that's about?12:39
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CarlFKtrying dvswitch trunk12:54
CarlFKmithro: what do I need to install for ./dvsource-v4l2-other13:23
CarlFKsubprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['gst-inspect-0.10', 'ffenc_dvvideo']' returned non-zero exit status 25513:24
mithroCarlFK, you need to install
tpb<$r> (at
mithroCarlFK, I could send you a package for that if you want13:24
mithroCarlFK, what ubuntu are you running?13:24
mithroCarlFK, try the following13:25
mithrogit clone git://
mithrocd gst-plugins-dvswitch13:26
mithrowhat does that say?13:26
CarlFKdpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: dh-autoreconf libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev13:29
mithroCarlFK, apt-get install those13:31
mithroCarlFK, then try a13:33
mithrodpkg-buildpackage -b13:33
CarlFKdpkg-buildpackage: warning: Failed to sign .changes file13:35
CarlFKshould I add me to changes?13:36
mithroCarlFK, no that is fine13:39
mithroDid it say13:39
mithrodpkg-deb: building package `gstreamer0.10-dvswitch' in `../gstreamer0.10-dvswitch_0.0.1-1_amd64.deb'.13:39
mithroif so, should just be able to install that dpkg13:40
CarlFKdpkg -i ?13:42
h01ger looks interesting13:43
tpb<> (at
CarlFKffenc_dvvideo: command not found13:45
mithroThe HDMI video capture meets UVC standard, support YUV 4:2:2 (YUY2) or RGB 4:4:4 (RGB24) video output13:48
mithroCarlFK, install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg13:49
mithroh01ger, 349,00€ -- not bad13:49
mithroAvailability: 3-4 Werktage13:50
* h01ger nods - if it holds the promises13:50
mithroh01ger, I'd like to pull one apart to see what is inside it13:51
h01gerdo you have the budget for that?13:51
SuperRoachThe load testing is nice to see (temp testing etc). I'd be happy to buy one as a write off tester.13:52
mithroh01ger, yes13:53
mithroSuperRoach, ??13:53
h01germithro: nice. i'm very curious of your evaluation13:53
mithroh01ger, can you remind me in 4 weeks to buy one?13:54
SuperRoachmithro, re: h01ger's link13:54
mithroSuperRoach, I wouldn't actually read to much into that line13:55
mithroCarlFK, need to poke James to do that packaging of the dvsource stuff13:55
h01germithro: uhm. dont you have access to some real calender application? ;)13:55
mithroahh ha!13:57
mithroit's actually one of these13:57
tpb<> (at
SuperRoachah. right down to the same stock logo arrangement.13:58
CarlFKmithro:  i have bouncy ball14:15
mithroCarlFK, yay14:15
mithroCarlFK, using "--fake ball" ?14:16
CarlFKwith a big red !... like the audio isn't right.. do you get that too?14:16
mithroCarlFK, there shouldn't be any audio?14:17
mithroCarlFK, screenshot?14:17
mithroCarlFK, I really need to go to bed ASAP :)14:22
mithrowell, I'm going to bed14:32
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CarlFKmithro: do you mind if I commit changes right to ?20:12
tpb<$r> (at
CarlFK -    "-f", "--format", default="ntsc", choices=["ntsc", "pal"],20:12
CarlFK+    "-s", "--system", default="ntsc", choices=["ntsc", "pal"],20:12
CarlFKto line it up with the same option in Usage: dvsource-alsa [-h HOST] [-p PORT] [-s ntsc|pal] \20:13
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CarlFKv: You might need to encode your audio to some format dv handles.  (ie, add some audioformatenc element or whatever dv likes, which I don't know)22:50
CarlFK(04:42:12 PM) CarlFK: I have seen the answer to this some where... AAC maybe?22:50

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