Thursday, 2014-01-16

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mithroCarlFK, ping?01:56
mithroCarlFK, do you have a copy of your "run sheet" thingy online somewhere?01:56
CarlFKyes - do you mind a 100 page pdf one?  (that is most handy)01:57
CarlFK  (huge!)01:59
mithroCarlFK, so what is up with FOSDEM?02:02
CarlFKrecording 22 rooms02:02
mithroCarlFK, do you have an "empty" one?02:02
CarlFKhmm. somehwere02:03
CarlFKryan does02:03
CarlFKI do somewhere02:03
* h01ger waves to mithro 02:05
mithrohey h01ger02:05
h01gerseems you're having fun :)02:05
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mithroCarlFK, so....02:22
CarlFKhow  soon do you need it?02:23
CarlFKand why blank?02:23
mithroCarlFK, to show people - I was hoping to include it in an email I'm about to send02:24
CarlFKgive me 10 min to finsh an email :)02:24
mithroCarlFK, okay no worries02:25
CarlFKmine sent.02:47
CarlFKhow about a 1 page for 3 chipy talks?02:48
CarlFK  1 page02:48
tpb<> (at
CarlFKoh look, email addresses.. those are spozed to be hidden02:49
mithroCarlFK, got a version without the email addresses?03:06
CarlFKgive me another 5 min :)03:06
CarlFKwas contemplating how to address that03:06
CarlFKrow  = {           'episode_emails': ep.emails if request.user.is_authenticated() else '',03:11
CarlFKdoes that look right ?03:11
mithroCarlFK, I guess, the old way would have been ['', ep.emails][request.user.is_authenticated()]03:15
CarlFKneat.... I think I'll stick with my if03:16
CarlFKworks.. checking in03:18
tpb<> (at
CarlFKsame.. but no emails unless you are logged in.03:21
CarlFKmithro: is that work for you?  I am about to relocate back home.. will be in route for 30 min03:59
CarlFKbb in 30 min ish04:13
mithroCarlFK, still showing the emails04:13
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CarlFK  storage = Storage('ru-oauth2.dat'); credentials = storage.get()17:48
tpbTitle: yt-samples-python/ at master · youtube/yt-samples-python · GitHub (at
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CarlFK>>> flow = flow_from_clientsecrets(filename, scope='')17:56
CarlFKoauth2client.clientsecrets.InvalidClientSecretsError: Missing property "client_secret" in a client type of "web".17:56
CarlFKmithro: know anyone that can help me make this work?17:57
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