Wednesday, 2014-01-01

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mithro-workHey everyone04:17
mithro-workI'm back from holidays!04:17
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] mithro closed pull request #52: Updated frontend documentation to include "Preparing the system for an event" section (master...update/master/documentation)
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mithro-workCarlFK1 / iiie: ping?07:37
CarlFK1hey mithro-work07:37
CarlFK1happy newyear again :)07:38
mithro-workCarlFK1, yeah07:38
mithro-workCarlFK1, I'm wondering about where the various servers and stuff are :)07:38
mithro-workI think a bunch might be under your EC2 account?07:39
CarlFK1sounds familiar07:39
CarlFK1I have a few people that have offered to help script the .. deployment07:40
hyadeshappy new year everyone!07:42
mithro-workhyades, did you just send a giant pull request?07:43
hyadeshehe, to duzy07:43
mithro-workhyades, why / what for?07:43
hyadesthe upstream in duzy/gst-switch doesnt is not updated.07:44
mithro-workupstream is timvideos/gst-switch technically08:15
mithro-workhyades, do you know about squash commits and --amend btw ?08:28
CarlFK1bed time - see ya in 8 hours08:36
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hyadesmithro-work:  i guess I had tried it out, while doing git reset --hard. Though never used after that.08:38
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