Monday, 2013-12-30

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tpbTitle: veyepar/dj/scripts/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat code is spozed to flip a videos permission from "hidden" to "allowed" - now it doesn't seem to do anything03:48
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samgtri would like to contribute to timvideos15:22
samgtrfrom where do i start ?15:22
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samgtranyone here to help ?15:34
CarlFKsamgtr: hi15:38
samgtrCarlFK how do i start contributing to this org ?15:40
CarlFKsamgtr: what sorts of things do you like?15:40
samgtrCarlFK: im more into development and have a great interest in networking15:41
CarlFKever used vagrant VM manager ?15:45
samgtrno i havent used that15:49
CarlFKhow about gstreamer ?15:50
CarlFK  we need this page filled in with more detailed instructions15:51
tpbTitle: Machines · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFKonce that system can be built, then we can ask for help writing some diagnostic tools to figure out why it has trouble15:54
samgtri tried out the inital configuration given15:59
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CarlFKtried out what?16:05
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