Wednesday, 2013-12-18

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CarlFKiiie: PSF gives events $10/head00:54
CarlFKto cover things like: flight for a presenter, RasPi's .. and video00:54
iiiehuh, well, given that... are they mostly out as a funding source then?00:56
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CarlFKiiie: I think (but lack of transparency meas I am just extrapolating...)  that the PSF will match up to 3500 if PyTN can raise more money03:12
CarlFKso they may come up with 7k03:13
CarlFKthe current plan is to fly down by myself and do what I can with whoever they can get to show up03:15
CarlFKit did give me data about what the PSF is and isn't willing to do03:16
CarlFKI guess.03:16
iiieyeah, that's something and less hand wavy03:19
CarlFKSheila got a poster accepted to PyCon, so I'll be trying to go03:25
CarlFKI want to bring up something at the PSF meeting about videos, not sure what03:26
CarlFKnot "give me money"03:27
CarlFKthat doesn't work :)03:27
CarlFKsomething like "we, but not me, need to come up with some $ numbers to apply to this problem"03:27
CarlFKlike somehow they came up with $10/person for live event03:27
skayI like the idea of you giving them a baseline and then they can supply people03:28
skaysee how it works for pyTN03:28
skayif it works, great03:28
skaythere's going to be the murky area with the they give you enough people to make things worse and not better03:28
CarlFKit hasn't worked before, so even if it does, it is still sub optimal03:28
skaytry and make it not work in new ways03:29
skaymaybe it will not not work03:29
* skay hand waves03:29
CarlFKwe have plenty of examples showing the problem with this plan03:29
skayit didn't work for you to get local volunteers in ATL but maybe there is some other way to try03:29
CarlFKthat isn't a PSF issue03:30
skayI think the Open Source Comes to Campus volunteer pool with Asheesh and Shauna flying out to work with local volunteers works out reasonably well03:30
CarlFKcuz there is no way anyone in PSF land is going to take on that problem03:30
skayyeah, it is a people problem03:30
skayiiie: I got a poster!03:31
CarlFKI bet Asheesh and Shauna could survive if 100% of the volunteers flaked03:31
skayI bet they wouldn't want to. it wouldn't be very good at all03:31
iiieWhat of?03:32
CarlFKbut they could.  I can't.03:32
skayabout the open source science project I am working on03:32
skaygoing afk now!03:33
CarlFKso back to PSF...03:34
CarlFKI would like to see someone(s) put some effort into answering "how much are we willing to spend on videos?"03:34
* iiie stammers03:35
iiiebut but but, how do you get "someone(s)" to answer that?03:35
CarlFKpoint out that the "voice of the PSF" is contradicting their action03:49
CarlFKand they really should not say "we really like videos" if they don't really know how much they like them03:50
CarlFKreally really really.03:50
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