Monday, 2013-12-16

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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] lukejohnosmahi opened pull request #52: Updated frontend documentation to include "Preparing the system for an event" section (master...update/master/documentation)
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lukejohn__mithro-work, sorry for misuse of line comments on the pull-request, i'm haven06:02
lukejohn__'t used them before.06:03
mithro-worklukejohn__, you editted the original comments?06:17
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lukejohn__mithro-work: yes, now fixed, but it's probably spammed your inbox with the changes. sorry.06:22
mithro-workit has06:24
lukejohn__mithro-work: sorry.06:33
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CarlFKiiie: what is the command to restart the richard that does
* iiie takes a wild stab20:44
iiiesudo supervisorctl restart psone20:44
iiieif not "sudo supervisorctl status" then pick out the one for psone20:45
iiiefar left, whitespace separated20:45
iiieCarlFK: ^20:45
CarlFKI wonder where I should put that20:46
iiieas an alias in bashrc or bash_aliases?20:47
iiie(.bashrc or .bash_aliases rather)20:47
CarlFKthanks.. something else is broken I guess20:48
CarlFK"video won't play" turned into "broken 404  ate my browser"20:49
iiieit's deploy specific, it only works that way because we used supervisord to run gunicorn20:49
iiieIs the deploy standardized / documented?20:49
CarlFKthere is now a readme on the box it is deployied on... so yes!20:50
CarlFKpretty sure sudo supervisorctl restart ps1 is already in some text file I own20:50
CarlFKno clue where20:51
skayiiie: hi! today I found out you can multiple boxes controlled by vagrant. neato. I am going to make one for local and one for rackspace21:05
skayiiie: here's my bootup script, like yours but supervisor and gunicorn instead.
tpbTitle: tyler/ at develop ยท researchcompendia/tyler ยท GitHub (at
skaysomehow it is fun to to play withy these things21:06
iiieyeah :)21:06
skayhow do you transport secrets? I don't know how to do that ina  nice way yet21:07
iiieLike what?  Database passwords?21:07
skayyeah, all the environment variables I am using21:08
iiieI keep them in, I haven't automated deploying live settings yet.  There is a template that has "working yet broken" settings.21:09
CarlFKI feel better - I still fumble around at handling secrets21:23
iiieYeah, I used to have a script that generated new secrets for every deploy..., problem was updates to that stuff....21:31
CarlFKhow do you install virtualenvwrapper  on you dev machine?22:00
iiiesudo pip install virtualenvwrapper22:02
skayme too22:02
iiiesudo aptitude install python-pip22:02
iiiewell..., I install virtualenv from the debian / ubuntu package repo, and then sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper, but you get the idea22:03
skayiiie: installing virtualenvwrapper installs virtualenv for you. I think installing debian python-pip is good enough22:04
CarlFKsudo pip install virtualenvwrapper - shouldn't I now have workon in my path?22:10
CarlFKoh, I bet it instlaled it somewhere my .bashrc doesn't hit22:11
CarlFK.bashrc says # source /usr/local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh22:11
CarlFKhmm... how didi it ever work?22:12
CarlFKI just installed a new OS, moved /home over22:12
skayit got added to your bashrc automagically? I'm always adding it by hand22:14
skayexcept I've been putting all my customizations in .bash_aliases these days22:14
CarlFKno - I added it, then #ed it out at some time22:15
CarlFKno clue why.22:15
skayCarlFK: I've got 4 lines in .bash_aliases. if [ -f /usr/local/bin/ ]; then22:16
skayblah blah blah etc.22:16
CarlFKguessing I moved it to /etc/something which I could dig into on my old laptop if I realky cared22:16
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iiieCarlFK: did you login again? virtualenvwrapper has stuff that needs to run on login / setup23:19
CarlFKiiie: yeah - had to un # the line in ~.bashrc23:20
CarlFKall working now23:20

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