Saturday, 2013-12-14

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CarlFKat ps1 recording.. trist is handy.. does anyone want to experiment with streaming ?18:53
skayI can't log in to mission18:57
skayit's rejecting my public key18:57
CarlFKmission i-b59966c7 running19:41
skayI can't sudo19:44
skayI'll try helping another time19:44
skayiiie: are you around?19:44
skayiiie: sudo me. maybe make an account for me and then I can sudo su ubuntu to do stuff and then sudo when I need to from my account?19:45
iiieskay: on mission your key has been added to the ubuntu user, who is a sudoer20:56
skayiiie: when I do sudo it asks me for a password21:08
skaywth. it didn't ask me for a pssword this time21:12
skayiiie: nevermind, that was a thinko21:13
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