Friday, 2013-12-13

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skayI can't remember exactly what I do... I think I might log in, start the ttycast in another session, then start up tmux00:00
mithro-workskay, no, I mean that every terminal in tmux was automagically broadcast00:00
skayso cool00:00
skayoh oh that would be neat00:00
skayI bet someone has done that00:00
skaybtw, have you seen multitail?00:00
skayI am not sure I like it more than having multiple pains open with tailing logs, but it is kind of cool00:01
mithro-workskay, yeah but I always forget it exists00:01
iiiefor Carl when he comes on ec2-54-196-24-89.compute-1.amazonaws.com00:01
iiieskay "ssh -t [email protected] tmux attach"00:04
skayhopefully my big term is not annoying00:06
skaydots everywhere00:06
iiiedownsizes to smallest viewer00:06
iiie^b n for next ^b p for previous ^b c for create00:07
skayoh that will be confusing. I've rebound that to ^a00:08
skaybecause of screen00:08
iiiewith b you can have screen or emacs inside of tmux00:08
skayI do ^a ^a00:08
iiieI'm on 1:bash now00:08
iiiefair enough00:09
skayI think it followed you00:09
iiiehe he he00:09
skayI rotated around anyway00:09
skayhmm, if i can remember ^b it would probably be better to type than ^a00:09
skaydo you know about ^r00:10
skay^r and then start typing a search term00:10
iiieSometimes :)00:11
skayI would never remember everything in the loop. I'd make an alias00:11
skaymy brain is fried00:11 will be up now00:11
iiieblank of course00:12
skaydo you have any cool videos you can send to it? I don't00:12
iiieoh and ^b d if you want to disconnect00:12
iiiehm, I should00:13
skayI detached00:13
iiieI saw, the dots resized :D00:13
iiiehm, I think my desktop probably is still a configured collector00:14
skaystream the chipy irc00:14
mithro-workskay, you can configure tmux to use ^a of course :)00:15
skayyeah, but that would not be very nice to iiie00:16
skaywho is expecting ^b to work00:16
iiieI'd adapt00:16
skaydo you guys do00:16
skaybind | split-window -h00:16
skaybind - split-window -v00:16
skayI really like that one00:16
iiieI've done it, but mostly I don't need to monitor that many different things (cssh for homogeneous)00:18
mithro-workso the settings for tmux are per connection not per server00:24
mithro-workso you can have one tmux connected with ^b and one tmux connected with ^a to the same tmux session00:24
lukejohnCarlFK: ahh i didn't think of that, i've readded the emails with an auth check on them, it looks like urllib2 which is currently being used to get the schedule handles basic authentication quite well.00:38
tpbTitle: HOWTO Fetch Internet Resources Using urllib2 Python v2.7.6 documentation (at
mithro-worklukejohn, you want the json feed to be accessible without authentication00:39
lukejohnmithro-work, so the Json feed is still accessible it just won't show emails without auth. If this is not workable how about I give you speaker ID's in that feed and provide speakers emails to you separately. I really dislike having those emails public.00:43
mithro-worklukejohn, no thats okay00:43
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iiiewelcome CarlFK00:47
CarlFKsec.. let me plug mouse into trist00:47 is todays magic number00:47
CarlFKwhats the xml tagy thing it goes in?00:51
CarlFKvim  /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml00:51
CarlFKsearch for ?00:51
CarlFKand is tim around?00:51
CarlFK      <property name="host"></property>00:52
iiiesounds, right checking..00:53
iiielooks right too me00:53
iiieupdate to <property name="host"></property>00:54
iiieor the IP <property name="host"></property>00:54
CarlFK(veyepar)[email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion restart * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]00:57
CarlFKstream up?00:57
iiieencoder says hungry00:58
iiieCarlFK: encoder says hungry01:01
CarlFKproducer-audio-video: happy ....  all happy01:05
iiiewaking (restarted)01:05
iiiehungry again01:06
* iiie goes and looks at the IP again01:06
CarlFK      <property name="host"></property>01:06
iiienot c201:06
CarlFKhow bout  both :)01:07
iiiewhat she said01:07
* iiie has video!01:08
lukejohnso as far as I can see in the streaming system the only files that need to be updated to get it working with a new events data are {"streaming-system":  {"production": ["config.json", "website/frontend/"], "testing": ["tools/register/"]}}01:31
lukejohnso website/[eventfeed] is adding a conf_url and guid, i've grepped and grepped and found no use of these attributes. are they required?02:14
CarlFKlukejohn: github url?02:15
CarlFKI might recognize it02:15
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/ at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKlukejohn: my guess is it is a unique id .. and more guess is that it has to do with updating some down stream datastore02:34
mithro-worklukejohn, is only used for testing02:41
mithro-worklukejohn, did you check the javascript / templates?02:42
lukejohnmithro-work, yep, i grepped the frontend directory and got no matches for "guid"02:45
lukejohnmithro-work, whilst av is only used for testing if you change the testing rooms id in the config.json you need to update the room_id in probably not something that should ever happen anyway.02:47
mithro-worklukejohn, oh02:47
mithro-worklukejohn, the system is designed to have a config.json and config.json.private02:47
mithro-workyou can do a python to look at the merged file02:48
mithro-workso ideally config.json should only have testing / example rooms in it and config.json.private should have the actual rooms02:49
lukejohnokay, that makes sense, i'll add that to my documentation branch.02:50
lukejohnthanks for clarifying02:51
mithro-workthe django app does the same thing02:52
mithro-workif you want to set it up locally, copy the website/private/ to website/private/settings.py02:53
lukejohnyep, got it running locally thanks02:53
lukejohnI just didn't notice what was going on with the config.json, sorry for my confusion.02:54
mithro-worklukejohn, nah it's fine as we have pycon stuff all through config.json02:54
CarlFKmithro-work: if scp says: dc10bc.dv                                       0%   36MB   1.8MB/s 1:55:47 ETA03:03
CarlFKis 1.8MB/s under what is needed for a stream?03:03
CarlFKhuh, it went up to 2.7 now03:04
mithro-workI never know if scp is displaying MegaBytes or MegaBits03:04
mithro-workyou need ~1.5Mbits03:04
CarlFKany idea how I can test the bandwidth?03:05
CarlFKencoder kept dropping, like every min or so.  which seems consistent with the bandwidth floating between 1.7 and 2.503:06
mithro-workencoder kept dropping - please tell me what you actually mean03:07
mithro-workthe encoder kept going hungry?03:07
CarlFKiiie: ping03:07
CarlFKiiie was monitering that part03:09
iiieyes the encoder kept going hungry03:09
mithro-workiiie, which part of the pipeline?03:10
iiieI think audio first, but I was mostly looking to see if it was hungry.  The watchdog seemed to hit it even if some of the pipeline was working (I suspect that's desirable)03:11
mithro-workIt would be good to know03:12
iiieI've exited out, I don't think those make it into the log, they might.03:13
iiieworker log says not connected some, and so does manager log, but I think that's from stopping the service or the restart from the watchdog03:17
CarlFKwant me to start the collector ?03:17
CarlFKscp is reproting  11.0MB/s03:21
CarlFK(veyepar)[email protected]:~/Videos/2013-06-03$03:22
iiiewoah, the watch dog is having some sort of problem03:22
CarlFKam am still flooding the connection with that scp03:22
iiie..., and the disk is full03:22
iiieat least it's the first thing I look at no...03:23
CarlFKI just killed the scp03:23
mithro-workthe server running out of disk space from logs is a problem I have encountered before03:23
iiiethis time it was CarlFK uploading a 3.7+ GB file03:24
iiieI've deleted it03:24
iiieall happy, to all hungry03:25
iiieI couldn't tell faster than the update, as the lines updated they became hungry03:25
iiieall happy again03:26
CarlFKjust talk to the python dev that works here (so not a Network guy) "we just upgraded to a bigger fiber.. I would expect everything to be fine"03:27
iiieCarlFK: for future reference try scp [email protected]:/dev/null03:27
CarlFKiiie: I was wondering about that03:27
iiiecome to think of it scp /dev/zero [email protected]:/dev/null03:28
iiiejust make sure compression is off03:28
iiieall are happy and I'm watching the stream03:28
iiiewhich I'm not clear on how this is working...03:28
iiiesince I don't have register running03:29
iiieI've reloaded the webpage, I would expect it to lose the registration of the encoder03:29
iiiethat or we don't have to run the register in a loop03:29
iiiesound is cutting out but the admin on encoder still says happy03:30
iiievideo has gone to hungry03:30
iiieand so has audio03:30
iiiestill unclear that it's not just the refresh through the admin03:30
iiienow all are hungry, and the watchdog is restarting the service03:31
iiieall happy again03:31
iiiewe're at the funny edge03:31
iiieall hungry, restart, wake, happy,03:32
CarlFKI am going to try the scp.. see what it says03:32
iiiewebm is hungry first03:32
iiiehigh and low03:32
iiieflv high too03:32
CarlFK[email protected]:~/Videos/roadtrips$ scp /dev/zero [email protected]:/dev/null03:33
CarlFK/dev/zero: not a regular file03:33
CarlFKstarted at 3, dropping ...03:34
iiieproducer decoder was happy even after src isn't03:34
CarlFKjust dropped bellow 203:34
CarlFKnow climbing03:34
iiiewebm seems to stay hungry and flv03:34
iiieflv seem to not make it back to happy03:34
iiiemithro-work: is any of this helpful?03:35
iiiethey're all hungry03:36
iiieexcept for the porter, which doesn't count03:36
CarlFKdc10bc.dv                                       4%  581MB   6.4MB/s   30:29 ETA03:36
mithro-workiiie, there are some buffers in there03:37
mithro-workthe flv thing tends to crash on buffers going missing03:37
CarlFKiiie: do you have a collecotor VM or something?03:38
iiieCarlFK: I have a collector on my desktop (we never uninstalled it) but IIRC we used a collector on VM that's gone away.03:39
iiieWhile I tried to bring it up before you came online at the event I did stop the service before trist started connecting.03:40
CarlFKIll stop trist, you bring yours up and see if the encoder stays happy?03:40
iiiemine hasn't worked yet03:40
iiieworth a try though03:41
CarlFKgetting kicked ou03:41
CarlFKgetting kicked out03:42
iiieyeah, I'll see if I can do something from here03:42
CarlFKdropping connection here03:59
CarlFKsee ya03:59
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iiieI'm calling it a night, I can't get my local to run by itself, nevermind talking to mission04:18
iiieI'm taking down mission too04:18
iiiemission reports off in the aws api04:19
iiiefound an article on flumotion streaming at a conference
tpb<> (at
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65MAAEJBPstreaming-system/master 39fc0d4 Luke John: Removed assert from which was erroring if config.json did not match config.private.json07:01
65MAAEJBPstreaming-system/master 332089f Luke John: Removed leftover function used by an assert which was removed by commit 39fc0d4eb581c3d9e271c45e77738ede97a8fa8f07:01
65MAAEJBPstreaming-system/master cb4e834 Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #49 from lukejohnosmahi/master...07:01
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