Thursday, 2013-12-12

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mithro-workheyo people04:01
CarlFKhey ya04:01
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lukejohnso the file in is somewhat event specific. would you prefer I leave as is or can I rename to zookeepr2internal.py04:43
tpb<> (at
mithro-worklukejohn, its pycon specific04:50
mithro-worklukejohn, but the format it accepts is similar to the format zookeeper outputs04:50
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lukejohnmithro-work, so rather than moving i can just copy and create if so i would be tempted to pull in some of the data from config.json, but i note that you have a github issue about moving this to the db.  When you move to this info to the db will you still be keeping a seed.json to populate the db?04:54
mithro-workwhat data would you pull from config.json?04:54
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lukejohnSo I just had another look, and it doesn't seem like this is really possible without making changes to the config.json (moving the rooms to an array or object, and pulling the room map from there).  the intention was just to reduce the amount of places you need to hardcode room info.06:23
lukejohnRather than make significant changes to the config.json file I'll just document what files need to be changed on under Initial Configuration.06:24
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mithro-worklukejohn, eventually I'd like to not need the "custom" stuff in xxx2internal.py06:36
mithro-worklukejohn, but getting things fixed on the PyCon website was a bit of a challenge06:36
CarlFKmithro they still don't have a json export in trunk06:37
mithro-worklukejohn, IE the ROOM_MAP / BREAK_NAMES where to work around stupidity in their json output format06:38
mithro-workI'd hope we wouldn't need them for Zookeepr06:38
lukejohnmithro-work: Ahh, is there a previous version that has been used with zookeepr somewhere? it looks like pycon2internal was created for purpose.06:39
mithro-worklukejohn, no, as I didn't do the streaming last year06:40
CarlFKmithro-work:  that is the best I have been able to beat out of the various people who have coded something for veyepar to consume06:43
tpbTitle: Adds a schedule_json view which provides a /schedule/conference.json endpoint. by taavi · Pull Request #45 · pinax/symposion · GitHub (at
lukejohnso i'm just going to add a json export to our zookeepr that matches the format that and just have load it in directly.07:00
lukejohnjust to clarify, it's going to match the format that is generating.07:01
mithro-worklukejohn, the json export part should already exist?07:26
CarlFKI bet the hope is to craft the export to exactly match some other export (like pycon 2013)07:29
CarlFKwhich is a probably a bad idea07:30
CarlFKI find complicated export code is harder to deal with than complicated consumer code07:31
lukejohnthe json export part currently looks the same as pycons (though with some sensitive data that shouldn't be on it), but it is just as easy to get it to export to look the same as what outputs. i need to modify it anyway to remove the sensitive data, so it's no extra work really.07:34
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CarlFKlukejohn: sensitive is emails?07:40
mithro-worklukejohn, generates python output?07:41
lukejohnhahah yes "./Makefile:$(ACTIVATE) && python > frontend/", i thought that was a little odd.07:43
CarlFKI would protect the emails using something like  is basically: email if request.user.is_staff else "redacted"07:43
tpbTitle: 2013-web/symposion/schedule/ at pyconca2013 · pyconca/2013-web · GitHub (at
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lukejohnCarlFK: thanks for the suggestion, but as far as I can tell theres no staff interfaces consuming that json.11:52
lukejohnmithro-work, i've now updated our json feed to give an output that more closely resembles what is generating, so i can remove basically all the formatting11:53
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CarlFKlukejohn: the email is used to send the presenter a preview of their video metadata and later the URL of their video13:39
skayI wonder. change the api so that someone can provide an encryption key and then the service returns sensitive info encrypted on the key14:44
skayhow kludgy would that be?14:44
skayI think I'd like it more than figuring out oath2 crap14:44
skayI mean, I can figure out oath2 crap. it just seems tedious14:45
skayand you have to have an account14:45
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CarlFK mithro awake?  will be arriving at Chipy in about an hour, should have collector up in about 2h from now.22:33
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* iiie is here23:24
* skay waves23:24
iiiethough I didn't expect to be23:24
skay'm skipping chipy in person because of not feeling well23:24
iiiegot someone to run the encoder?23:24
skaywhat are you doing missing the party?23:24
iiieYeah, change of plans on that.23:24
skayI think tim might help23:25
skayI haven't worked on it ... not enough spoons and then also feeling barfy yesterday23:25
skaybetter today definitely!23:25
iiieAlso I just checked, mission isn't up and none of the other encoders are either.23:27
skaywill you be able to help? I haven't prepared to do anything23:28
skayI think nothing needs to happen until around 723:28
skayand tim might be on around then. I think he plans to23:28
skaythanks for checking and all the help23:28
iiieyes I'm able to help23:29
iiieif Tim's around I won't step on toes :)23:29
skayiiie: mithro: Carl needs some phone number and I have no idea what he is talking about23:37
skayit is supposed to be on his calendar23:37
iiiehm, for chipy?23:37
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skayyeah, he expected to see a calendar entry on his cal with GP Chicago Python Users Group Meeting23:38
skayit's not there23:38
skayhe said you know23:38
skayI don't know what he's talking about23:38
iiie111 North Canal Street #455 Chicago, IL 6060623:39
iiieI don't see a phone number though23:39
iiieI found support and sales numbers23:41
iiieaddress matches23:42
tpbTitle: Contact Us - Braintree (at
mithro-workpeople need any help?23:54
iiieCarl's still in route, or at least not back online.23:55
mithro-workhow's bringing up the encoder going?23:56
iiieYou or I can handle the encoder.23:56
iiieI haven't, but it hasn't given me trouble to date.23:56
* iiie goes to start it23:56
mithro-workIf you have the time, I'd appreciate you running it up23:56
mithro-workgot work I should be doing :P23:56
skayiiie: hey, you could run the script command, and then when you are done typing everything, exit. and it captures all your session23:57
iiieI can / will (I'm going to watch the stream anyway)23:57
skayor you could termcast23:57
skaystream you streaming the stream23:57
iiiehm, that sounds cool23:57
iiiemission is up23:58
tpbTitle: dtinth/ttycast · GitHub (at
skayI've played with that before. it is cool because you can select the text!23:58
iiiedoes the script command does input right?  could get messy :)23:58
skayI can't remember23:59
skaya long time ago back in the ancient days some of my cs profs asked us to run that when we submitted homework23:59
skayand then submit it with the homework23:59

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