Tuesday, 2013-12-10

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iiie0the instances aren't redeployed each time, they're just started and stopped05:45
iiie0skay, CarlFK , one second back scrolly...05:46
iiie0The aws id and key are used for the script that manages the boxes (encoders -- and potentially the website, but not really because it doesn't handle setting the elastic IP)05:47
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-NCc> (at github.com)05:48
iiie0that's the script for bringing the instances up and down05:49
iiie0it needs the aws api id and key, which are pulled from a file pw.py in CarlFK's case, or from the environment in mine.05:49
iiie0The script doesn't run out in the cloud, it's just management to bring cloud boxes up or down.05:50
tpbTitle: Operating · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at github.com)05:50
* skay nods05:50
iiie0The section on "Get the encoder running" has tmux in place of screen because tmux lets you have multiple shells to run and we need at least two.05:51
iiie0One for the register command (which is what hooks up an encoder to a room on the website)05:52
skay(I thought screen allows for mulitiple shells. I only switched to tmux because of the nice vsplit and also sharing)05:53
iiie0and one for the watchdog, which is run as root (scary, but true) and monitors the happy / hungry / waking for the different flumotion pipelines05:53
iiie0screen allows sharing too, can you switch between shells?  Hm, then I credit mithro for the choice of tmux05:54
iiie0I don't know that screen can do vsplit05:54
iiie0anyhow :)05:54
skayno, it doesn't without a patch05:54
skaytmux does vsplit05:54
skayscreen does horizontal split05:54
iiie0hey, just potentially laying credit / blame for the choice of tmux at your feet sir05:55
mithro-worktmux is significantly better then screen for many many reasons05:55
iiie0I don't need convincing, I've been using it quite a bit since pycon :)05:56
skaymithro-work: me either. I've been using it since then too05:57
tpbTitle: veyepar/setup/timvideos/streaming/list_aws_hosts.py at aws-script · iiie/veyepar · GitHub (at github.com)05:57
CarlFKcreds = pw.stream['aws']05:58
CarlFKI found those creds05:58
iiie0so there's a config for the website which includes secret, and room info06:00
iiie0yes https://github.com/CarlFK/veyepar/blob/master/setup/timvideos/streaming/get_aws_host.py is where I got the format from (so that mine would be a drop in replacement for yours)06:01
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-D4w> (at github.com)06:01
iiie0I have to sleep, but I'll be back tomorrow...., again the script is just for bringing instances up and down (the encoders) because we needed a way to do that more easily.06:02
iiie0Goodnight all06:02
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CarlFKmithro-work: can you be around thurs evening to make ec2 things work?06:06
CarlFKI am comfy with the collector part06:07
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iiieright, never did spinup mission; skay did CarlFK get you the aws api id and key?17:58
skayiiie: nope, I didn't have enough spoons last night to get that18:57
skayiiie: I don' tknow if I'll have enough spoons to help Carl with chipy this week, but I kind of have motivation.18:57
skaybut I'm also low on spoons18:57
skay(spoon analogy from http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/wpress/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/ )19:00
tpb<http://ln-s.net/:wyM> (at www.butyoudontlooksick.com)19:00
iiiefair enough, I saw in the log that Carl had asked Tim, but didn't see a reply and the timezone spread is likely to make it difficult.19:01
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skaywhen I get more spoons I'll help. I'd like to be able to do this for meetings, and also would like to get enough experience to teach other people19:05
skayespecially since Jesse said it would be okay to stream python users groups from the pyvideo rackspace community account19:05
skaygetting what we can automated will help since the automation stuff will be documentation19:06
skaysort of19:06
skayanyway, I need to get back to work19:06
iiieyeah, just trying to info dump and get the info distributed (I didn't realize we had so low bus numbers on accessible people)19:13
skayI've been following the conversations and emails for when I have more spoons19:14
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skayon the low end of helping, I can make sure the info isn't lost, and perhaps even make a raw scratchpad on the wiki19:14
skayat a slightly better level, I could make pull requests for docs.19:15
skaywhen I am level 80 I will frighten everyone with my awesome work19:15
iiiethe only bit I skipped out on absolutely needs the credentials or was AmazonWS specific and the goal was to move to Rackspace19:21
skayI've made 2 or 3 rackspace sub-users for the pyvideo account so that we could have some api keys with appropriate levels of control19:22
skaythough I am unclear on what the appropriate levels are. I will worry about that later19:23
skaydid I make an account for you?19:23
iiieyeah, up first, sane second;  I don't know19:23
iiieWould I have gotten an email?19:23
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skayiiie: I don't think I got you a rackspace account (vs. vm user accounts)19:27
skayI'll do that in case you want to play19:27
iiiecool, no rush19:27
skaydo you have a rackspace account in general? I don't want to clobber your user name19:28
skayI'll just make something up and if it is horrible you can always complain19:29
iiieGo for it, we have a company an individual accounts at work, but nothing personal for me (doesn't use my normal nick)19:29
iiie /an/and/19:30
skayiiie: okay, I set up an account for you that belongs to the pyvideo group and you have the power19:33
skaybefore messing with any of the vms on there currently talk to will on #richard19:33
skayone of those is the pyvideo.org box19:34
iiiewill do19:34
skaythat account is all about community stuff for python videos. so if you do something in that spirit, I am okay with you doing that19:34
skayjust don't go over 2K a month19:34
iiieclosest would be seeing where the encoder gets for install; I have a free-ish hand for work on rackspace too19:41
iiieso no worries I won't leave servers up if they're just for testing19:41
skayme, willkg, you, and CarlFK have full access in that rackspace account19:42
skaywe could make sub-user as appropriate, but I'd like to be conservative about that, thought less conservative about setting up user accounts on individual vms19:43
* iiie nods19:43
skayI'm still new to automated vm setup, so I do almost everything manually. usually that means I end up editing ssh config settings by hand, and I like to disallow password login and require ssh keys.19:44
skayI'm pretty sure you have a better of idea of what settings should be, so beyond that, I am okay with your judgement and I'm even okay if you have a good reason why ssh shouldn't be configured that way19:44
skayrackspace has a nice doc on basic security settings that suggested some basic things to do. I didn't change the default ssh port, but followed some of the other things19:45
skay(when setting up vms for myself)19:45
skayafk a while19:50
iiieno worries, I have some files for vagrant that you might be interested in19:55
tpbTitle: Operating · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at github.com)20:25
CarlFKhow do I make a link to another page?20:25
iiiehttps://help.github.com/articles/how-do-i-add-links-to-my-wiki [[Link Text|WikiPage]] or [Link Text](URL to wiki)20:36
tpbTitle: How do I add links to my wiki? · GitHub Help (at help.github.com)20:36
iiieCarlFK: ^20:40
CarlFKgah. that page is more complicated than it needs to be20:50
CarlFK[[page name]] is all I needed20:51
tpbTitle: Installapps · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at github.com)21:18
CarlFKother than details, am I missing anything?21:18
iiiethe stream names / event / track names / room name / group name, what is that a config input to?21:21
iiieThere are additional settings for each of the rooms on the website21:22
iiietwitter @ and #, freenode channel name, website (the room or org21:22
iiielooks good to me though21:23
CarlFKshouldn't those all be the same string ?21:23
iiieyes they are different names for the same string.  The question is what is the config input too?21:25
iiieI don't actually remember how to use the config pusher21:25
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-30s> (at github.com)21:26
iiieprobably want to update that with links to the others...21:26
CarlFKI was more thinking abstractly21:28
CarlFKlike the user/pw stuff can be generated - random string, store it in the two .xml files and forget about it21:29
iiieno worries then21:29
iiiewell... still need it in the other configs21:29
iiieand more painfully in the register and watchdog invocations21:30
CarlFKbut the stream name is read by humans, so cant be generated21:30
iiieback, but maybe not for long22:17

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