Friday, 2013-11-22

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mithrohello everyone01:07
CarlFKhey mithro01:08
mithroCarlFK, did you ever track down that webcam?01:08
CarlFKum.. I have one.. not sure if it is the one you sent or the one I bought01:08
CarlFKI am pretty sure I never got the one you sent because I don't remember opening the box.. would have been like a christmas present01:09
mithro We have issued the refund for your item01:21
mithro Refund of $70.49 issued on: October 15, 201301:21
mithro Return received on: October 15, 201301:21
CarlFKI thought it was marked delivered, maybe even singed for?01:28
CarlFKsec.. I'll go get the one I found01:29
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