Friday, 2013-10-04

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mithro-workmirning people00:21
mithro-workbah, morning people00:21
CarlFKelpoep | people  <-mirror :)00:40
mithro-workCarlFK, ha01:05
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mithro-workCarlFK, you alive?04:32
mithro-workSee at all?04:32
tpbTitle: About Freeseer Freeseer 3.0.0 documentation (at
CarlFKkinda - organizing gear for show in 10 hours04:33
CarlFKI need some sleep, load car, drive, unload, park too ;/04:33
CarlFKhaven't seen it04:34
CarlFKbut not really interested in anything that runs on the presenters machine04:34
mithro-workCarlFK, they use ephiphan VGA capture04:35
tpbTitle: New open source project for capturing video | FOSSLC (at
mithro-workCarlFK, yeah - my first thought was running stuff on the presenters machine is a nightmare, but they don't actually seem to be using that mode anymore04:37
CarlFK"Conference Staff who want easier ways to manage the recording of talks, and record talks with top audio and video quality."04:37
mithro-workthey have a veypar like system04:38
mithro-workit's a bit more automated in the tell you which talk you are currently recording and such04:39
mithro-workbut a lot more primitive04:39
mithro-workin the sense that it doesn't allow you to do any triming04:39
mithro-workor track upload/release process04:39
mithro-workthey have a kind of nice "problem reporting" thing04:39
CarlFK"no trimming" would simplify things :)04:42
mithro-workthey don't do any mixing either04:50
mithro-workbut they do capture at HD04:50
CarlFKno video of presenter ?05:00
mithro-work---> they don't do any mixing either05:22
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