Tuesday, 2013-10-01

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mithro-workhyades, yes - just tar up the gst-switch code and upload it00:39
mithro-workmorning people00:42
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mithroSewar, ping?03:30
mithro~seen CarlFK03:30
tpbmithro: CarlFK was last seen in #timvideos 12 hours, 34 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <CarlFK> mithro-work: where do i get ffenc_dvvideo ?03:30
Sewarmithro-work, pong03:44
Sewarmithro, pong03:44
mithro-workSo, I have a bunch of questions about edid.tv03:45
mithro-workWhere is it currently hosted?03:45
mithro-workOn one of your hosts right?03:45
mithro-workSewar, okay - can myself and iiie get admin access to it?03:48
Sewarof course, just sign up03:48
mithro-workSewar, I mean to the host03:50
Sewarmithro-work, for what exactly?03:50
mithro-workincase there is an issue with the website and we need to fix it and your not around03:50
mithro-workgenerally having only 1 person have access is a bad idea03:50
SewarI will move it to another server first, so it can be for edid.tv only03:53
mithro-workSewar, okay04:03
mithro-workSewar, at what stage is the grabber at?04:12
Sewarmithro-work, it works for Linux and Windows, but no MacOS X yet04:13
mithro-workSewar, did we get as far as having travis-ci build a new binary on every push?04:13
Sewarmithro-work, yes, travis-ci basically compile for Linux and cross compile for Windows, that's all it does04:14
mithro-workSewar, could we get it to upload the finished binary somewhere?04:14
Sewarmithro-work, great idea!04:15
mithro-workSewar, probably a good idea to put the git-describe output into the binary name04:16
Sewarso it can then pack each binary in edid_grabber-$PLATFORM-$COMMIT.tar/zip and send it to edid.tv website04:16
mithro-workSewar, yeah - I think that makes sense?04:20
Sewaryeah, so edid.tv will have archive of all succeeded builds04:21
mithro-workSewar, should make sure you only upload not on a pull request04:21
Sewarit will be on success only, like coverage report04:21
Sewarotherwise, there will no binary to pack and upload04:22
mithro-workSewar, but travis will run on pull requests too04:22
Sewaroh, right04:22
mithro-workTRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST: The pull request number if the current job is a pull request, "false" if it's not a pull request.04:23
Sewargreat :)04:23
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mithro-workSewar, does the edid website have any promotion of using the edid grabber?04:59
mithro-workIE Something like "Help us build the edid database - run this program?"04:59
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mithro-workSewar, are you planning on continuing to work on the edid website? And if so, how much time do you think you'll have?05:00
mithro-workCarlFK, !05:00
CarlFKmithro-work: I think lag is around a second - ran out of time to test atleys05:03
mithro-workCarlFK, can I get you that Logitech camera? I think it will be useful for testing05:04
CarlFKsure, but how does me having it help?05:05
mithro-workCarlFK, you have a high quality UVC Camera device which you can compare results with the Atlys05:05
mithro-workCarlFK, both are UVC cameras doing both raw and mjpeg video output05:06
CarlFKcan't you do that ?05:06
CarlFKits $100 so not too concerned about the $, but at a loss what the point is05:09
mithro-workCarlFK, I can do that, but I want more then myself testing05:09
mithro-workCarlFK, plus you are much more active testing then I am05:12
mithro-workCarlFK, and seem to have a little more free time then I do :)05:12
CarlFKoh my :)05:12
mithro-workI need to get back into the swing of testing here, I've been kinda stalled on the case problem05:12
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mithro-workCarlFK, I'm going to try and rework the dvsource-v4l2-other to use gstreamer via the Python API and thus allow me to better measure latency and jitter - but that is going to be a while off05:22
CarlFKthe second or 2 lag I saw I think is fine for what we are using it for05:23
mithro-workCarlFK, I've also asked micolous to work on a dvswitchsink so we don't have to use the evil dvsource-file/fifo hack05:23
CarlFKI guess that is part of the collector ?05:30
CarlFKalways kinda wondered how it got data05:30
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mithro-workCarlFK, ?05:50
mithro-workCarlFK, you mean how I get the data out of gstreamer into dvswitch?05:50
CarlFKno, I never really thought about how the stream collector got data05:51
* iiie claims magic, and goes to bed05:54
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mithro-workstream collector? Oh - You mean how we get data *out* of dvswitch06:16
mithro-workCarlFK, our first system was a fifo like I'm using for input :)06:19
mithro-workCarlFK, so - I need shipping details for ya :P06:22
CarlFK3243 W Eastwood Ave06:22
CarlFKChicago, IL  6062506:22
SewarCarlFK: I have logitech c260 laying around if you want it06:24
Sewarmithro-work, I plan to continue the work, but may not have a lot of free time though06:26
mithro-work<mithro-work> Sewar, does the edid website have any promotion of using the edid grabber?06:27
mithro-work<mithro-work> IE Something like "Help us build the edid database - run this program?"06:27
mithro-workSewar, what are you most interested in working on>?06:27
Sewaryes, at edid.tv06:28
mithro-workSewar, great!06:28
Sewarmithro-work, improving the website and the parser06:28
mithro-workCarlFK, poke?06:33
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CarlFKim off for the night - see ya in 7 hours07:26
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