Monday, 2013-09-30

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mithro-workI'm back!03:01
mithro-workSewar, ping?03:12
mithro-workCarlFK, ping?03:12
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mithro-workparx, ping?03:15
parxhi mithro-work03:15
mithro-workI'm back now03:16
mithro-workparx, GSoC is over apart from the mentor summit right?03:16
parxGlad to see you!03:16
parxCode needs to be submitted03:16
parxGuidelines are in an email somewhere.03:16
mithro-workFrom previous years this code is never reviewed or even looked at, it's kind of just a formality03:17
mithro-workparx, what is happening regarding the mentor summit?03:19
parxI think not!  Tshirts don't get shipped until code is submitted!  Tshirts are why we did this, right?  ; )03:19
parx1) Buy airplane tickets 2) Go to Summit 3) Submit airplane ticket receipts and airport cab receipts for reimbursement.03:22
CarlFKmithro-work: here03:22
parxEarliest we can submit for reimbursement will be Oct 21st.  I expect most orgs will do the same since we are advised to include airport cab receipts.03:23
mithro-workparx, okay - have you booked flights yet?03:23
mithro-workCarlFK, so I'd like to figure out where we are at with the HDMI2USB and what we need to do to make it useable for you03:23
parxNot yet.  Should in the next day or 2.03:23
mithro-workCarlFK, we also should have a suitable cases sometime this week03:23
CarlFKmithro-work: main blocker I see is I need some way to feed it into dvswitch03:28
CarlFKI have tried a few ffmpeg filters, but it overloads the cpu03:28
mithro-workCarlFK, okay - I assume you haven't tried any gstreamer stuff?03:29
CarlFKI wouldn't know where to start03:30
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iiieI'm here too03:30
mithro-workCarlFK, I think the problem I ran into was that there doesn't appear to be a way to create DV with gstreamer03:31
mithro-workwhat type of computer are you using?03:32
mithro-workstill the very old laptops?03:32
mithro-workhey iiie03:32
mithro-workiiie, so where are we at with the edid website?03:32
CarlFKyes and no03:32
iiieThe site has been working for a while.  Testing and the parser were the last bits03:33
mithro-workiiie, and where is the parser at?03:36
iiieHm, is there a way for me to see what's been submitted for the project?03:36
iiieIsn't it in the repo on timvideos?  or was that on Sewar's?03:37
Sewarmithro-work, pong03:38
Sewarmithro-work: parser at
tpb<> (at
Sewariiie: code sample at
tpb<> (at
mithro-workiiie, both students should be pushing to the timvideos repository now03:38
iiieSewar, right, is that everything (I'll look)03:40
SewarDidn't we graduate gsoc already? :p03:40
iiieYes, but you haven't gotten your t-shirt!03:40
iiieSewar, I'd recommend using tar to create the file03:41
CarlFKmithro-work: it overloaded my less old laptop is  i7 CPU       L 640  @ 2.13GHz03:42
iiiesame with the inner zip files03:42
mithro-workCarlFK, and "overloaded" mean one CPU running at 100%?03:42
Sewarthat's github, will unpack them03:43
CarlFKI think so.. it generally happenes in production, so I don't have much time to try to diagnose ;)03:43
iiiehm, should be able to pull down tarballs rather than zips03:43
iiiemithro-work, there are two repos for the EDID project, the site and the grabber / parser / uploader; timvideos only has the one repo.03:45
mithro-workiiie, okay - tell me where to fork from and I'll add it03:45
Sewariiie: right, default link in windows browser is .zip, but .tar.gz works too03:45
iiieSewar, correct me if I'm wrong here.  mithro-work is the grabber03:48
tpbTitle: sewar/edid_grabber_c · GitHub (at looks to be properly pushed to timvideos03:48
mithro-workDone! -
tpbTitle: timvideos/edid_grabber_c · GitHub (at
mithro-workCarlFK, can we set up the ship cam then?04:16
mithro-workCarlFK, IE I'd like to try and get your set up working reliably04:20
mithro-workCarlFK, when was the last time you tried to do anything with the your Atlas board?04:43
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CarlFKflaky wifi...04:56
CarlFKmithro-work: can you get me a gstraemer command that is close?  like read from v4l and output mpeg to stdout?04:58
CarlFKI'll bug the gstreamer people - there has to be  a dv encoder ...04:59
mithro-work<mithro-work> CarlFK, can we set up the ship cam then?05:00
mithro-work<CarlFK> ship?05:00
mithro-work<mithro-work> s/ship/fish/05:00
mithro-work<CarlFK> lol05:00
mithro-work<mithro-work> CarlFK, IE I'd like to try and get your set up working reliably05:00
mithro-work<mithro-work> CarlFK, when was the last time you tried to do anything with the your Atlas board?05:00
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CarlFKabout a month ago05:01
CarlFKa while ago i said you shouldn't try to use dvswitch in production - too many things to keep track of to be successful - but for testing this all you need is dvswich and dvsource-command05:03
CarlFKor I think you said the dvswitch gstreamer thing could send data?05:04
mithro-workI assume you are saying05:05
mithro-work a while ago i said you shouldn't try to use gst-switch in production05:05
CarlFKer, no05:17
CarlFKI was waiting on you to use hdmi2usb with dvswitch in production05:17
CarlFKtill I realized that should never happen05:18
mithro-workCarlFK, what do you mean?05:21
mithro-workThere is no reason we shouldn't be able to use the HDMI2USB with dvswitch in production05:21
mithro-workCarlFK, in fact I'd like to support that05:21
mithro-workas it's going to be atleast another year before DVSwitch can be replaced by gst-switch05:21
CarlFKI don't think you should spend time working with it in production05:22
CarlFKbut that's different than testing05:22
mithro-workCarlFK, I'd like to have the HDMI2USB being used in production next year05:23
CarlFKI'll use it tomrrow if you give me the pipe ;)05:24
mithro-workCarlFK, okay05:28
mithro-workCarlFK, okay try the following05:35
mithroCarlFK, install
tpb<$r> (at
mithroCarlFK, do you want the raw or the mjpeg encoded version?05:45
iiieSewar, I see you've uploaded a tarball (yeah I haven't been checking continuously)05:45
CarlFKmithro ?05:45
mithroCarlFK, well I can use either input05:46
mithrothe mjpeg will give you a higher framerate but more artefacts05:46
iiieI have to call it a night05:47
CarlFKI want the command that will feed dv to dvswitch05:48
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CarlFKnot too concerned with quality05:49
CarlFKso whatever is more reliable05:49
mithroCarlFK, yes I'm working on that05:51
mithroCarlFK, NSTC or PAL?05:53
mithrowhat resolution is NSTC again?05:57
mithro720 x 480 ?05:59
mithroCarlFK, can you send me a short DV recorded file from dvswitch?06:01
CarlFKwhy from dvswithc?06:02
CarlFKI have some 1 frame dv files that I generated with ffmpeg06:02
mithroCarlFK, I want to match exactly the format that your dvswitch is producing06:02
CarlFKI think consume is what you should care about06:03
mithroCarlFK, well - a dvgrab from a compatible source would also work06:04
tpb<> (at
CarlFKthat is what I use for testing06:06
mithrookay looking at it now06:07
CarlFKthat came from  "ffmpeg -loop_input -i %s -f s16le -i /dev/zero -target ntsc-dv -vframes 2 -y %s"06:08
CarlFKthe input was a .png file06:09
mithroCarlFK, what do you use to get the file information?06:09
mithroffmpeg -i  test-1.dv06:10
CarlFKoh.. I rarely do anything like that06:10
CarlFKso i flounder about if I need to ;)06:11
CarlFKmplayer -identify test-1.dv06:12
CarlFKannoying because it plays it too.. and you get all the driver probing and init messages06:12
mithroCarlFK, so your doing 4:3 right?06:17
mithroCarlFK, I'm currently having aspect issues06:20
mithroand I'm outputting06:20
mithro    Stream #0.0: Video: dvvideo, yuv422p, 720x480, 57542 kb/s, PAR 8:9 DAR 4:3, 29.97 tbr, 29.97 tbn, 29.97 tbc06:20
mithro    Stream #0.0: Video: dvvideo, yuv411p, 720x480, 28771 kb/s, PAR 8:9 DAR 4:3, 29.97 tbr, 29.97 tbn, 29.97 tbc06:20
CarlFKbeats me... yuv411p would be my guess06:23
mithroCarlFK, this is what I have so far06:24
mithrogst-launch-0.10 v4l2src ! ffdec_mjpeg ! videorate ! videoscale add-borders=1 ! video/x-raw-yuv,width=720,height=480,framerate=\(fraction\)30000/1001,pixel-aspect-ratio=\(fraction\)10/11 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ffenc_dvvideo ! ffmux_dv ! filesink location=temp.dv06:24
mithroCarlFK, the problem is that my v4l2src is a 16:9 and it is having trouble converting to a 4:3 aspect ratio06:25
CarlFKfor kicks, try modprobe vivi06:28
CarlFKsometimes I get something useable from it .. but it seems to be pretty crappy for a reliable test06:28
mithrodo you have a v4l2src, IE a webcam?06:31
mithroCarlFK, poke?06:33
mithroCarlFK, okay can you send me the output of06:34
mithrov4l-info ?06:35
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroCarlFK, do you have anything a bit better? :P06:36
CarlFKmaybe.. I have a usb cam around somwhere06:37
CarlFK  vivi06:38
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKwhat sort of better are you looking for?06:38
mithroCarlFK, that resolution is *tiny* - fmt.pix.width           : 176 fmt.pix.height          : 14406:38
mithroCarlFK, something which is 720p would be great!06:38
CarlFKhow about the atlys?06:41
mithroCarlFK, I'd like to test without the atlys in the chain for the moment06:42
mithroCarlFK, any new laptop should have a UVC camera in it which does 720p06:42
CarlFKthis is the newest laptop I have06:43
mithroDon't have a USB webcam?06:44
CarlFKnot sure where it is06:46
CarlFKwhats the point of me having one?06:47
mithroCarlFK, we can figure out where the problem is coming from06:50
mithrorather then the Atlys or the camera06:50
CarlFKthe 100% cpu problem?06:50
CarlFKhow about using a static file as a source ?06:52
mithroCarlFK, that doesn't test the v4l2 and usb stacks06:53
mithroCarlFK, can I buy you at ?06:57
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK, almost have a dvsource-v4l2 which works with non-DV v4l2 devices06:59
CarlFKI would think testing with a static file would be a good first step07:00
CarlFKmy hunch is the transcoding to dv, and maybe syncing the dv (whatever that means) is what is cpu heavy07:01
mithroCarlFK, okay I can record a mjpeg file and use that as an input I guess07:03
mithroCarlFK, what is the default dvswitch port?07:04
CarlFKtere is none.  I use 200007:04
CarlFKthere is none...07:04
mithroCarlFK, okay 2000 it is then07:05
CarlFK$ cat ~/.dvswitchrc07:05
CarlFKall of the dvFoos will read that07:05
CarlFK2:30am.. I need to get to sleep07:30
mithroCarlFK, okay07:38
mithrowill have a program for you tomorrow07:38
CarlFKyay :)07:38
CarlFKsee ya07:38
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mithrohyades, ping?09:22
hyadeshey mithro09:24
mithrohyades, Sorry, I didn't see you join earlier - got some time to go through everything?09:24
hyadesI was anyways away earlier09:25
mithrohyades, okay09:33
mithrohyades, so can you give me a quick status update on where everything was at?09:33
mithrohyades, did you ever figure out the problem you where having?09:33
mithro(on travis)09:34 the thing is now green09:34
hyadesfew problems were09:34
hyadesfirstly the libvpx is supposed to be present at /usr/bin09:34
hyadesit was getting installed at /sur/local/bin which created issues like that faac one09:35
hyadesanother one was travis used ipv6 as localhost. A small patch solved it!09:36
mithrohyades, got a link to the patch?09:37
hyadesit was nothing, just that didnt work on travis09:37
hyadeswhich created the problem09:37
hyadesso changed it to localhost :)09:37
hyadesmaybe this one
tpb<> (at
mithrohyades, ahh fair enough09:39
hyadesthis thing troubled lots :P09:39
mithrohyades, so are you interested in sticking around now GSoC has finished and hacking on this stuff more? it's a great way to build up experience :)09:42
hyadesyeah, shud be cool!09:43
mithrohyades, so what would you be interested in working on the most?09:44
hyadessome things in gst-switch which dont work09:44
hyadeswhat about them?09:44
mithrohyades, are you interested in playing with the C code?09:48
hyadeshehe..not sure of that09:49
mithrohyades, that is fine - just trying to figure out what is the best place for you to work on :)09:50
mithrohyades, it would be really nice to try and get the coverage of the C code up09:50
mithrohyades, we also need to clean up the repository a bit09:51
hyades I might get busy in about a month. Got placement session in college starting Jan09:51
mithrohyades, fair enough09:53
hyadesyes the coverage can be improved. But the coverage over there has all those UI + Capture + PTZ files also included, which are not even executed09:53
mithrohyades, I think we should probably exclude the UI from the coverage?09:54
hyadesyeah it should be, but coveralls picks up all .c files and calculates it09:55
hyadesinfact, coverage is calculated after each test correctly. Only it end when uploading to coveralls its screwed.09:57
mithrocoveralls has no way to exclude stuff?09:59
hyadesi tried it. Though forgot what happened.10:01
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CarlFKmithro-work: trying your dv..other now14:08
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CarlFKmithro-work: where do i get ffenc_dvvideo ?14:55
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hyadesmithro-work, CarlFK  what should I upload to melange??16:27
parxhyades & company:
tpb<> (at
parxThat page is misleading in saying to submit code as it stood on Sept 16.  They can actually submit code as it was on Sept 23(hard deadline).16:30
parx"They" meaning students.16:31
hyadescan I just tar the gst-switch code and upload it?16:31
parxmithro-work, I'm not sure what to tell hyades.16:34
parxhyades you can ask in #gsoc16:35
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