Sunday, 2013-09-22

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hyadeswhat to add to ubuntu-server to make it ubuntu-desktop?13:59
CarlFKapt-get install ubuntu-desktop14:00
hyadesCarlFK, I took two VMs14:00
hyadeson one I have server, another desktop14:00
hyadesinstalled using same script and ran same tests.14:01
hyadesfails in server, pass in desktop14:01
CarlFKprecise right ?14:01
hyadesand I do have the ubuntu-desktop thing14:02
tpb<> (at
CarlFKwhere do the VMs come from?14:02
hyadesfresh installs14:02
CarlFKfrom a CD?14:05
CarlFKyou downloaded 2 iso's, right?  what's the filenames?14:06
CarlFKhmm.. i386/amd...14:08
CarlFKtry server-amd6414:09
hyadesthat wont matter?14:09
CarlFKit shouldn't matter, but this shouldn't be happening14:09
CarlFKand it is easy enough to test server-amd6414:10
CarlFKwell.. I guess the install is a few steps14:10
hyadesthat will take some time to download :)14:13
CarlFKyeah... but thats not 'work'14:13
CarlFKstart the download.. wait for it... don't have to think or type or spend your time14:17
hyadeshehe :)14:24
CarlFK(09:01:26 AM) hyades: fails in server,14:25
CarlFKdo you have a .. um... log? or description of what failed?14:25
CarlFKthe problem we are trying to solve is a gst-switch test is failing, right ?14:27
hyadesall integration tests failed. Sadly no log. Will generate with this one.14:27
CarlFKor no.. it won't compile?14:28
CarlFKwhere is your blog post that describes this?14:28
hyadesthe travis log gives same thing14:29
tpb<> (at
CarlFKtests/integrationtests/ AssertionError14:34
CarlFKthat is the first error, right?14:34
hyades[1m>       assert set(set_expected) == set(set_res)[0m14:38
hyades[1m[31mE       assert set([(3003,)]) == set([(0,)])[0m14:38
hyades[1m[31mE         Extra items in the left set:[0m14:38
hyades[1m[31mE         (3003,)[0m14:38
hyades[1m[31mE         Extra items in the right set:[0m14:38
hyades[1m[31mE         (0,)[0m14:38
hyadesaudio port is returned as 0, which is not correct14:39
CarlFKif the test failed, doesn't that mean something is broken?14:39
hyadesyeah but how it breaks is what I am unable to understand14:42
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
hyadesthis is on ubuntu-desktop VM14:42
CarlFKI think there are 2 problmes: 1. u-server and u-desktop have some difference.  2. bug in whatever tests14:46
CarlFKhmm.. #2 might be a bad test14:47
CarlFKer, there are 4 tests failing right ?14:49
CarlFKpick one (first one is fine.. but whatever seems easiest) and try to reproduce that one fail14:50
hyadesIf I create a gstreamer pipeline in python, and it fails. These tests will fail.14:51
hyadespipeline = audio/video source14:51
CarlFKshow that14:52
CarlFKright now you show a 13110 line log file.. no one wants to use that to start debugging14:52
hyadessee if there is no audio source and you try to do get_audio_port14:53
hyadesit will give you output as 014:54
hyadeswith no source added will give empty again14:54
hyadeslook at this
CarlFKubuntu-server-i386, apt-add-repo a few repos; apt-get install some packages; python test_controller.py14:56
CarlFKor if you can replace test_controller with something simpler14:56
CarlFKthat demonstrates the bug14:57
CarlFKthat sounds like something the gstreamer dev can help with14:57
hyades>>> Gst.init(None)15:15
hyades>>> Gst.init(None)15:15
hyades(python:65029): GStreamer-WARNING **: Element factory metadata for 'bin' has no valid long-name field15:15
hyadesGStreamer:ERROR:gst.c:535:gst_register_core_elements: code should not be reached15:15
hyadesAborted (core dumped)15:15
CarlFKI think you are onto something15:18
hyadesthe first one is my system, and the other is the on which it breaks15:18
hyadeson the one15:18
CarlFKput the python in a .py file I can run15:30
CarlFKI have a ubuntu 386 desktop install handy, I can try on that15:32
hyadesit worked on 2nd try :p15:32
* CarlFK waits for .py.....15:38
hyadesit was just15:38
hyadesfrom gi.repository import Gst15:38
CarlFKput the python in a .py file I can run!!!15:49
CarlFKnext will come the .sh of apt-get stuff needed15:57
CarlFKand maybe some git clone/make installs15:58
CarlFKand then the .p15:58
CarlFKand then the .py15:58
hyadesCarlFK, sorry went for dinner16:33
hyadesthat problem no longer occurs16:36
hyadescurrently installing on the amd64 VM16:37
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hyadesCarlFK, and it works on the server machine too!20:18
hyadesmaybe I had messed up the 32 bit one the first time.20:18
hyades(without ubuntu-desktop installed)20:20
CarlFKoh boy.20:36
CarlFKso it only errors on travis ?20:36
CarlFKhyades: #travis says (05:24:20 PM) josh-k_: please email support and we can boot a vm for you22:26
CarlFK(I am doing this, seems like fun :)22:30

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