Friday, 2013-09-20

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SewarAnybody have idea about pylint issue?
tpbTitle: Snippet #240833 (at
iiiethat's different from the bit "fixed" by --generated=objects right?02:11
Sewariiie: I think. That file is part of Django, it should not be checked in the first place.02:14
iiieit is certainly part of django02:16
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SewarWhy does pylint checks it and how to disable that?02:20
iiieI read something on that earlier02:23
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Sewariiie: Do you recall what that was called? will be a good start ...02:36
iiie has the --generated-members02:40
tpb<> (at
iiie looks closer02:41
tpbTitle: Pylint features Pylint v0.27 documentation (at
Sewariiie: already got generated-members=objects and the error code is actually W0201(attribute-defined-outside-init)02:44
iiiehow about object (no s)02:45
CarlFKwhat tells pylint to ignore django?02:45
iiieI can ask in #django02:45
CarlFK(09:14:08 PM) Sewar: iiie: I think. That file is part of Django, it should not be checked in the first place.02:45
iiieIt is part of django.  I don't think anything tell pylint not to check imported classes.02:46
Sewar"object" didn't help02:46
Sewar#pylint is empty (4 people)02:46
SewarI tried --ignore=local but didn't help either, it defiantly imports it and not just follow *.py02:48
iiieI don't like it but you could do --diable=W020102:49
iiiespelling counts of course02:49
Sewarsure, upgrading Django won't be fun though ;)02:50
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iiie --disable=W0201 is the recommendation I got in #django02:52
Sewarthanks iiie02:53
Sewarand CarlFK02:53
iiiealso mattmcc is a coworker, he and FunkyBob are old hands and django02:53
iiie... second and to at02:54
Sewaryeah, I noticed they basically run #django by answering all questions02:54
iiiematt's been to quite a few of the djangocons (I've missed one so far ;)02:55
Sewarthat's great02:57
parxJust this year's?03:00
parxThis year was in Chicago.  Too far for you west coast types.03:01
iiieYeah just this year.  I worked all but the last two and the first one (thanks CarlFK!)03:04
CarlFKsudo apt-get install pylint .. Processing triggers for python-support ... Compiling /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/mpmath/libmp/ ...03:06
CarlFKSyntaxError: ('invalid syntax', ('/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/mpmath/libmp/', 1, 12, 'exec_ = exec\n'))03:06
CarlFKand 20 or so more errors03:06 makes me think that's a python3 file03:08
SewarCarlFK: pip install pylint03:08
iiiepypi really solves to many things03:09
Sewariiie: is ready now, please let me know if I missed anything03:23
tpbTitle: timvideos/ ยท GitHub (at
iiieAny idea on the githalytics image being broken?03:25
Sewartheir website is broken03:26
Sewarclick on it03:26
iiieI think it's great!03:27
iiieI would like one more blog post before the end of Monday.  : D03:28
Sewarof course03:28
Sewarnow the hard part, C :(03:28
iiiejust the windows part though right?  Or do the other platforms still need tests?03:31
Sewartests for all, I'm thinking of building tests for linux even for windows part (with mock)03:32
Sewarbuild and run in linux*03:32
iiienot ideal, but more straight forward right?03:33
Sewarno idea, trying it for first time03:33
* Sewar crosses his fingers03:34
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iiieI'm headed to bed, I think you're close!04:16
Sewarhave a good night iiie04:20
iiieGoodnight Sewar04:20
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