Monday, 2013-09-16

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mithro-workI'm back!03:08
mithro-workCarlFK, poke?03:21
mithro-work~seen hyades03:21
tpbmithro-work: hyades was last seen in #timvideos 17 hours, 59 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <hyades> CarlFK: everything unsuccessful :(03:21
Sewarwelcome back mithro-work03:31
mithro-workSewar, thanks03:31
mithro-workSewar, how are things going?03:31
mithro-workyou and iiie created an exit criteria document right?03:36
iiieWe started one yes, I don't know that it's final.03:37
* iiie goes and looks03:37
iiieLooks good to me03:45
mithro-workwhat is the link?03:46
iiieHm I thought that the edit link would be bad in the log, but it's by account after all (so it can be in the log)03:50
tpb<> (at
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Sewarhow to write tests for c? or how to fake system/libcurl calls?04:16
mithroSewar, ?04:18
tpbTitle: CUnit Home (at
Sewarmithro: ok, but how to test functions that make calls to other libraries? like
tpb<> (at
mithroso what it calls just depends on what it linked against, right?04:32
mithrojust make the test code have a similar interface to libcurl?04:33
tpbTitle: cmockery - A lightweight library to simplify and generalize the process of writing unit tests for C applications. - Google Project Hosting (at
tpbTitle: lcut - a Lightweight C Unit Testing framework - Google Project Hosting (at
tpbTitle: opmock | Free software downloads at (at
tpb<> (at
mithroGoogle is your friend04:35
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hyadesmithro: ping!05:57
mithrohyades, pong05:57
mithrohyades, so, what should I look at?05:58
hyadesI got stuck at one place :(05:58
mithroto prepare for the meeting?05:58
hyadesno..I mean the travis part05:58
hyadesfaac gets installed, still it says faac not found05:59
hyadesconfigure: *** Plug-ins with dependencies that will be built: bz2 curl decklink dvb faac05:59
hyades./tools/gstworker.c:270:error: missing: faac06:00
hyadesme and CarlFK were trying to solve, but it seems some dependency problem06:01
mithrohyades, you probably want to gst-inspect06:01
mithrohyades, my guess is there is some confusion between the system gstreamer and the one you are installing06:02
mithrobut I don't really know06:03
hyadesCarlFK had some preseed script which he used on a fresh install of Precise06:04
hyadesit worked with that06:04
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
mithroif you are compiling gstreamer you don't want gstreamer installed on the system06:05
mithroas it is going to cause confusion06:06
mithrohyades, I don't see what Carl's scripts has to do with anything?06:06
hyadesI think this line maybe a problem then06:07
tpb<> (at
mithrohyades, well that is probably /not/ the problem but the reason you are having a hard time debugging06:08
mithroyou probably don't want "echo 'yes' | sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gstreamer-developers/ppa06:09
mithro" either06:09
hyadeswhich of the packages at #L8 are needed?06:13
mithroany of the gstreamer ones06:29
mithrohyades, I'd check that there is nothing in /usr/lib/gstreamer*06:45
mithrohyades, you got time to go through our meeting now?06:45
mithrohyades, then I can have an early minute :P06:45
hyadesmithro: the prefix is /usr/local/lib06:48
mithrohyades, yes, so you don't want any gstreamer in /usr/lib/gstreamer then06:48
hyadesyes, should not be06:48
hyadesyeah I am free :) But I dont have my laptop with me here06:51
mithrohyades, I assume you won't have your laptop in 30 minutes then either?06:51
hyadesmithro: I dont have gst-switch on this machine. Wait I quickly get it :)06:53
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hyades_mithro, yeah got laptop :)07:01
mithrohyades, okay07:01
mithroSo I'm looking over
tpb<> (at
mithroand we have about a week to finish anything not already finished07:04
mithrohyades, so what do you think are the major things which haven't been finished yet?07:04
hyades_a few things over there will be done only when the build is green07:04
hyades_and a couple of docs are left07:05
mithrothe "Document which describes how to fork the repository, run the tests and send a pull request for changes" ?07:07
hyades_this one and "Information on parts of the code which is currently untested should be documented with explanations.07:07
mithroalso missing all of07:08
mithroMaster branch is green07:08
mithroMaster branch should include the Python API.07:08
mithroChanges should be sent as pull requests and merged when travis reports they are suitable for merging.07:08
hyades_the first document is more relevant when the branch is green07:08
mithrohyades, so what is blocking you at the moment? The faac problem?07:08
hyades_yes the building procedure07:08
mithrohyades, the first document can be written before the build is green with the assumption the build is green, right?07:09
hyades_yeah can be07:09
hyades_I actually wasn't sure how this exactly works so wanted to give it a try and then write docs07:11
mithrohyades_, you can try pretending the build is green right?07:11
mithrohyades, so your goals for this week are?07:13
hyades_the build process is the biggest thing07:13
mithrohyades, so I want you to do the following07:15
hyades_I am out of luck with it :(07:15
mithrohyades, a) understand the files that building each of the modules creates and where they end up07:16
mithrohyades, b) which ones gst-switch is using07:16
mithrohyades, do you understand what I mean by a) ?07:16
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mithrohyades, you then want to make sure that those resources produced in a) are not already installed on the system07:18
mithrohyades, b) is going to be more difficult07:20
hyadeshow should I do that?07:21
mithrohyades, strace is probably helpful07:22
mithrohyades, strace -f and look for all the "open" calls07:23
hyadesthats lots of output!07:24
mithrohyades, yes07:24
mithrobut its probably still only a couple of thousand files07:25
mithro-e trace=file07:25
mithro                   Trace  all  system  calls  which  take  a  file  name  as  an  argument.   You  can think of this as an abbreviation for07:25
mithro                   -e trace=open,stat,chmod,unlink,...  which is useful to seeing what files  the  process  is  referencing.   Furthermore,07:25
mithro                   using the abbreviation will ensure that you don't accidentally forget to include a call like lstat in the list.  Betchya07:25
mithro                   woulda forgot that one.07:25
mithrothat might help07:25
mithromaybe -e trace=open ?07:25
hyadesyeah fine, getting what you are saying07:27
mithrohyades, that will give you a better idea of what is being accessed07:28
mithrohyades, do you have a local set up, or are you just pushing to travis?07:28
hyadesi have a local setup also07:28
mithrohyades, and you get the same problem?07:28
hyadesI have all dependencies met..but I dont know which ones are those07:29
mithrohyades, so you don't really have a local set up which reproduces travis then?07:30
hyadesI have a VM which I sometimes use07:30
mithrohyades, a local vm?07:30
mithrohyades, what are you using to create it?07:32
hyadesits just a fresh install of precise/quantal07:33
hyadesshould I work with the travis worker images?07:33
mithrohyades, I mean which technology?07:33
mithroKVM, VirtualBox, vmware, chroot?07:33
mithroso what I recommend is a fresh install of precise07:34
mithrothen take a snapshot07:34
mithroand try running the travis stuff step by step07:34
mithroand looking at what changes on the filesystem07:35
hyadesyeah fine07:35
hyadesI will concentrate on /usr/local/lib and bin07:36
mithrohyades, If you do a "find /" and then compare the output you can see where all changes end up, right?07:37
mithrohyades, you know how to use a diff tool like meld or vimdiff right?07:38
hyadesI will find out :)07:39
mithrohyades, they are tools you should be using all the time :)07:41
mithrogive it two files and find the differences07:41
hyadesthis looks simple enough :)07:43
mithrohyades, the other thing I'd like you to do is to split the file into a few sections07:44
mithroit's gotten a bit huge07:44
hyadesI will put the api part in a different document in python-api/README.md07:45
mithrohyades, that was actually always the plan07:46
mithrohyades, notice there are two different
mithroCreate a for the Python API07:47
mithroUpdate (the existing README)07:47
mithroCreate a "how to write tests for gst-switch" document seems to have ended up in the README too?07:48
hyadeswhere should this be kept?07:50
mithroin a docs folder, or just in a file called "" or something?07:52
mithrohyades, should be in a fairly obvious07:53
mithrohyades, anything else?07:54
hyadesI removed all those dependencies from travis-setup07:54
hyadesGError: Could not locate gst_init: libgstreamer-1.0.soso: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:54
hyadesthis will be present in /usr/local/lib07:54
hyadesshould I symlink these to /usr/lib?07:55
mithrolibgstreamer-1.0.soso ?07:56
mithrohyades, no you shouldn't just randomly symlink things07:57
hyadesor maybe
mithrohyades, find out how it is looking for the file07:58
mithrohyades, and then you'll find out why it can't find it07:58
hyadesits like07:58
hyades** (process:10467): WARNING **: Failed to load shared library '' referenced by the typelib: libgstreamer-1.0.soso: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:58
hyadeswhere do they look for the typelib?07:58
mithrohyades, my guess is that you actually have some gstreamer stuff installed07:59
mithrohyades, but I don't know07:59
hyadesnothing this time :)07:59
hyadesremoved everything07:59
mithrohyades, how are you sure?08:00
tpb<> (at
mithroI don't see anything which confirms that gstreamer stuff is not installed08:00
mithrohyades, all it confirms is that you don't try and install it08:01
mithrohyades, I want you to think about testable things you can do rather then just guessing about the state08:02
mithroyou might be right and there is no gstreamer installed08:02
mithrohyades, but how could you make sure that is the case?08:02
mithrohyades, how is the program searching for
hyadesI am not sure how the gi thing exactly imports stuff08:03
mithrohyades, I don't either, I have some guesses on how it might work but nothing concrete08:05
mithrohyades, for example08:07
mithroyou do a08:07
mithro+ sudo cp /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/Gst-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstAllocators-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstApp-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstAudio-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstBase-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstCheck-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstController-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstFft-1.0.typelib /u08:07
mithrosr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstInsertBin-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstNet-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstPbutils-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstRiff-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstRtp-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstRtsp-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstSdp-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/girepository-1.0/GstTag-1.0.typelib /usr/local/lib/gir08:07
mithroepository-1.0/GstVideo-1.0.typelib /usr/lib/girepository-1.0/08:07
mithrowhat was in that directory before? what about after? what file permissions do they have? etc08:07
hyadesthis is also related08:08
hyadesI dont know much regarding this, was just trying it out. It was a commented line in previous commits08:08
mithrohyades, when trying things you want to have before and after results08:10
mithrohyades, so you can check that the action had the required result08:10
mithrohyades, IE what are you trying to actually do?08:10
mithrohyades, maybe it's copy the files there because they don't exist08:11
mithrohyades, maybe it's overwrite the files which are already there08:11
mithrohyades, your going to have two different things to tests08:11
mithrohyades, approach this like you would unittesting your code08:12
mithrohave pre/post conditions08:12
hyadessee since my prefix is /usr/local08:12
mithroif you don't know *why* something needs to occur then find out08:12
hyadesthere is a girepository1.0 formed in /usr/local08:12
hyadesthe rest of the typelibs are generally located at /usr/lib/girepository1.008:13
mithrohyades, I'm not saying that doing that copy is not reasonable, I just want you to know why and what your expected result is08:15
hyadesI just removed it and pushed it. Maybe a couple of weeks back, I tried what you are saying. Can't find out which commit it is08:17
mithrohyades, great! I was just using it as an example08:18
hyadesyeah I remember now.08:18
hyadesYou remember I showed you a ImportError couple of weeks back?08:19
hyadesA very similar one08:19
hyadesi still cant find that commit :/08:22
hyadesmithro, bb in 15 mins lunch08:29
mithrohyades, nope I don't remeber08:29
mithroI'm heading to dinner08:29
mithrobe back in 30 minutes08:29
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hyadesmithro: atleast that's fixed :)09:34
hyadesi changed prefix to /usr09:34
hyadesmaybe it imports from /usr/lib09:34
hyadeshence it was not able to find it09:35
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iiieWay to go Sewar! (criteria document)18:15
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