Thursday, 2013-09-12

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CarlFKcommon/coverage/lcov.mak:2: .PHONY was already defined in condition GST_GCOV_ENABLED, which is included in condition TRUE ...03:02
SewarMy head is going to explode, been trying to get this working for over than a week :(03:48
tpbTitle: Snippet #239848 (at
SewarCarlFK ^^03:48
CarlFKbeen too long sense I did C03:56
CarlFKstatic void parse_edid( ... int *output_len)03:57
CarlFKis output_len being passed by reference?03:58
SewarCarlFK: yes04:02
CarlFKwoo I got it right!04:03
CarlFKum...  int old_output_len = output_len;04:04
CarlFKdoesn't the compiler take care of the 'by ref' thing?04:04
Sewarwell, my C is pre-noob ...04:05
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hyadesCarlFK: around?05:24
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iiieSewar, what problem are you running into with the C?05:30
CarlFKhyades: yeah but guing to bed now06:03
CarlFKcommon/coverage/lcov.mak:2: .PHONY was already defined in condition GST_GCOV_ENABLED, which is included in condition TRUE ...06:03
hyadescan you tell me this is common for what?06:04
hyadesevery gstreamer module clones common06:04
CarlFKgit checkout 6c11da1;  ./ --prefix=/usr/local06:04
CarlFKit was from that06:04
CarlFKI am 1/2 alseep already - see you in 5 hours06:05
hyadesi have no clue about this! Setting up once again may help06:06
hyadesCarlFK: why do you use theora ppa?10:23
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Sewarhi iiie13:11
Sewar<Sewar> My head is going to explode, been trying to get this working for over than a week :(13:12
tpbTitle: Snippet #239848 (at
Sewarit's about handling strings, 'output' variable13:12
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tpbTitle: Hello World Quiz (at
hyadesi made 900!14:27
hyadesI didnt even hear some of those names before!14:27
parxI wonder if they are all real.14:28
hyadeshehe..must be14:29
hyadestheres something called LOLCODE!14:29
hyadesand it has lol syntax too!14:31
parxYou and Sewar should factor LOLCODE into your career plans.14:31
iiieSewar, does show the size you expect ([previous length+ 1204] [tab] [address of end of old output value])15:43
tpbTitle: Snippet #239848 (at
* iiie goes to the helloworld quiz15:43
* iiie only got 1000, missed what 4?15:47
iiieI don't know scala, rachet, and a few others even by sight, for get the language15:47
CarlFKare all of them worth 100 points?15:48
CarlFKI think so, and that bothered me15:48
CarlFKI got 715:48
iiieyeah each is worth 10015:48
CarlFKI got 7 and a few meaningless 0'z15:49
iiieI wonder if the questions are from a pool15:49
* iiie tries again to find out15:49
iiieyeah pools, 12 right that time15:51
iiieI think they only have one snippet per language15:52
CarlFKiiie: stop clicking that site15:53
CarlFKiiie: you know C, right?15:53
CarlFKSewar: you still having fun with pointers and references ?15:53
iiiedoes show the size you expect ([previous length+ 1204] [tab] [address of end of old output value])15:54
tpbTitle: Snippet #239848 (at
CarlFKyeah, that15:54
parxiiie you have the 2nd highest score so far after me :P15:57
CarlFKhyades: because I use ffmpeg2theora and their PPA has a stable but newer version15:57
parxok that was a total lie15:57
iiiehe he he, inference by knowing what it isn't....15:58
iiie don't actually need to reassign output to the destination string; output is a string? as in there are no zeros / NULLs before the end of data?16:07
tpbTitle: Snippet #239848 (at
iiieif output was already a string and only strcat is used on it to alter content, memset can be skipped
tpbTitle: Snippet #239848 (at
iiieThe only thing I can see that's not a straight strcat is sprintf which looks to be right [two hex, then a NULL fits in the char[3]]16:12
tpbTitle: Snippet #239848 (at
hyadesCarlFK, all those things in that file are all the possibilities?16:23
CarlFKum.. more than one file16:25
CarlFKwhat builds the OS that the travis test runs in?16:26
hyadesthey have VM boxes which reset after each run16:27
hyadeslemme look deeper16:28
tpb<> (at
CarlFKhyades: can you do up a quick blog post describing the problem?16:37
hyadesjust the faac thing?16:37
CarlFKthis seems like a bug, or something like a bug.. but I am not sure who to tell16:37
hyadeshehe, I am totally clueless about this16:38
CarlFKI suppose what might be good is create a simple test16:38
CarlFKlike copy, and remove as much as you can16:39
CarlFKso that someone trying to help doesn't have to figure out what they can ignore16:39 =
tpb<> (at
CarlFKno - yours16:40
tpb<> (at
CarlFKand whatever it calls too..16:41
CarlFKhmm.. I thought it called .travis...yaml..16:42
CarlFKbrb - in 10 min or so16:42
hyadesit calls nothing16:42
hyadesit just installs16:42
CarlFKhyades: /j #travis16:56
CarlFKI am asking stuff in there.. maybe something interesting will happen16:57
CarlFK CarlFK:  "Travis CI virtual machines are based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server Edition 64 bit."16:57
tpb<> (at
CarlFK(11:56:10 AM) CarlFK: what repos are enabled?  like is universe ?16:57
CarlFKwell that wasn't very exciting.17:35
hyadesa dead channel17:35
tpb<> (at
parxhyades, mithro said you could email him if you need help17:52
hyadesparx, okay17:54
parxor travis mailing list, if there is one17:55
CarlFKI haven't been able to figure out who's problem this is17:56
parx: \17:57
hyadesppa:carlfk what does this do?18:08
CarlFKmy build of dvswitch and maybe dvgrab18:09
CarlFKI just #ed it out18:09
CarlFKE: Unable to locate package libfaac-dev18:09
hyadesu enabled restricted?18:10
CarlFKno - just multiverse18:10
hyadesoh its in mutliverse18:11
CarlFKhmm... weird.. cuz that is where it is18:11
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: Ubuntu – Details of package libfaac-dev in precise (at
hyadeswhere do you comment/uncomment for these sources?18:13
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI think I have to go18:15
CarlFKoh.. multiverse18:16
CarlFKbb in 518:16
CarlFKcommon/coverage/lcov.mak:2: .PHONY was already defined in condition GST_GCOV_ENABLED, which is included in condition TRUE ...18:28
hyadesyes even I got this today on my VM18:28
hyadesI did it again and it was fixed :)18:29
CarlFKme too.. .kinda18:30
CarlFKcd gsteramer ./ --prefix=/usr/local18:30
CarlFKI wonder if one of the previous builds is setting GST_GCOV_ENABLED18:30
CarlFKim off for lunch18:33
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CarlFK1/2 back ;)19:08
hyadesso it worked the 2nd time?19:08
CarlFKoh.. I can ssh into my test box.. yay19:08
CarlFKcd.. ./ worked19:08
CarlFKI did something to and started it19:08
hyadesare you doing it manually?19:10
CarlFKI did to test, then tweeked install.sh19:11
CarlFKbut I wasn't running it in tmux, so it got killed when I dropped my ssh connection19:12
hyadeswill work now?19:12
CarlFK+ unset GST_GCOV_ENABLED19:13
hyadesthis wont interfere with the rest of the script right?19:14
CarlFKnope. :(19:14
CarlFKcommon/coverage/lcov.mak:2: .PHONY was already defined in condition GST_GCOV_ENABLED, which is included in condition TRUE ...19:14
hyadeswhat causes this?19:15
tpbTitle: Snippet #239997 (at
CarlFKbassicly... i du no.19:17
hyadesWhen I got this error, I deleted everything which was created and started all over again19:21
CarlFKI did: rm -rf gstreamer/ libvpx/19:22
hyadesask on #gstreamer?19:23
hyadesCarlFK, dunno19:44
hyadesfollow the git clone thing?19:44
CarlFKI put it before.. dos this make the var go away?  $ unset GST_GCOV_ENABLED19:45
hyadesthe build sets the variable I guess19:46
hyadesdoing that will do nothing19:46
CarlFKhow about export GST_GCOV_ENABLED=19:47
hyadeshow did it worked till now?19:47
CarlFKreally good q19:48
hyadestry export GST_GCOV_ENABLED=no19:49
hyadesthis error is related to .PHONY19:51
CarlFKyeah.. that was confusing me19:51
hyadesCarlFK, can you edit the script?19:58
CarlFKoh right..19:59
CarlFKdistracted :)19:59
hyadesjust remove those --prefix=...19:59
hyadesanyways the default path is the same19:59
tpb<> (at
CarlFKoh neeat20:09
CarlFKso can you use that newer version?20:14
hyadesCarlFK, try redownloading it again20:15
CarlFKit what?20:15
CarlFKthe script?20:15
CarlFKgot it.. runnig...20:19
CarlFKI think it has gotten further20:20
CarlFKoh wat20:20
CarlFKoh wait20:20
CarlFKjust got to cloneing gstreamer...20:20
CarlFKcommon/coverage/lcov.mak:2: .PHONY was already defined in condition GST_GCOV_ENABLED, which is included in condition TRUE ...20:20
hyadesjust do rm -rf libvpx20:22
hyadesand ./install.sh20:22
hyadesdont remove gstreamer20:22
CarlFKthen the "git clone" line will error20:22
CarlFKthen the "git clone ...gstreamer " line will error20:22
hyadesscript wont stop20:22
CarlFK!#/bin/bash -ex  <- e = stop on error20:23
CarlFKwhich is kinda good.. except when it isn't ;/20:23
hyades:( :( :(20:24
CarlFKI am trying # git checkout 6c11da120:24
hyadesokay do this20:24
CarlFKi love trunk!20:24
hyadescd gstreamer20:24
CarlFKdid that yesterday.. no error20:25
hyadeswhats the difference between these two?20:25
CarlFKI suspect the libvpx build is setting something20:26
hyadeson travis it always works fine20:26
CarlFKoh, those two20:27
CarlFKwell.. I am not 100% sure how either is built.. at least mine I have the scripts so I can kinda look20:27
hyadesyou have what all sources disabled?20:27
CarlFKoh oh.. skay says we should try jenkins20:27
hyadesi dont think its a travis problem20:28
CarlFKI am trying # git checkout 6c11da1 <- is working20:28
hyadessomething is missing sadly20:28
CarlFKwell, it got past the common/coverage/lcov.mak:2: .PHONY was already defined.... thing20:29
hyadesso did yue rm -rf gstreamer ???20:32
CarlFKrm -rf *20:33
CarlFKit is way past where the error was20:33
CarlFKin a tmux session, I have to go20:33
CarlFKbb in 20 min20:33
hyadesi might sleep by then!20:33
CarlFKCloning into 'gst-plugins-good'...20:33
CarlFKthats where it is now20:33
hyadesworking i guess20:34
CarlFKtry trunk (or whatever commit? ID is currently trunk_20:34
CarlFKmaybe everthing will just work20:34
CarlFKsee ya20:34
hyadesu mean latest one?20:35
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skay(I only mean that you should resort to jenkins if for some reason travis becomes intractible)20:39
skay(because going through the trouble of setting up and maintaining a jenkins environment is a chore)20:39
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skayCarl said the build succeeded21:07
skayhe has to go pack up for chipy now21:07
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hyadesskay: okay21:27
CarlFKhyades - I am re-imaging my box.. might have time to test in about an hour21:37
CarlFKoff to setup ChiPy now21:38
CarlFKsee ya21:38
hyadesk..i am sleeping :)21:38
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