Wednesday, 2013-09-11

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hyadesCarlFK, I added all of those dependencies on travis, still it doesnt work17:02
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CarlFKhyades: huh.17:42
hyadesCarlFK, i mean all here17:42
tpb<> (at
CarlFKmore huh17:42
CarlFKadd "ubuntu-desktop"  which is huge.. but it shouldn't add more than 30 min and it isn't like you need to watch it17:43
hyadesu mean i convert the server into desktop?17:44
CarlFKdo you have travis and git working together so that you can't commit/push code if it breaks the travis test?17:44
CarlFKyes - ubuntu-desktop is just a .deb that has all the desktop stuff17:44
hyadesafter I push then travis runs it17:45
hyadesCarlFK, how exactly do I do that?17:45
CarlFKdo what?17:45
hyadesthe .deb file and ubuntu-desktop17:46
CarlFKapt-get install ubuntu-desktop17:46
hyadesfine I will do this..17:46
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CarlFKhyades: do you have some time to show skay how you ...17:51
CarlFK(12:45:07 PM) hyades: after I push then travis runs it17:51
skayno, I already do that17:51
skayyou promised I might be able to talk to someone about rejection! which would be cool. server side, even.17:51
CarlFK(12:44:09 PM) CarlFK: do you have travis and git working together so that you can't commit/push code if it breaks the travis test?17:52
CarlFKI think it does.. you two work it out.. I have to pack the truck :p17:52
skayno, you are silly silly silly17:52
skayCarlFK: :p17:52
hyadeshey skay17:52
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skaybtw, CarlFK and I are married so we get to trash talk each other17:52
skayI normally don't call people silly and names unless I know them17:53
skayI just wanted to point that out in case my text had a mean tone17:53
skayI'll usually lay off that kind of teasing in irc17:53
hyadesskay, what do I tell you of travis?17:54
skayhyades: you do stuff with travis-ci? I have it hooked in to my github repo and yesterday I was sad17:54
skaymy coworker pushed code that broke the build17:54
skayI was wondering if there was a way to get travis to do something that would revert pushes that break builds17:54
skayand not locally17:55
skayI mean, no local git command thingees17:55
hyadeswhy dont you just revert the commit?17:55
skaysomeone will forget17:55
hyadestravis just takes whatever you have recently pushed17:56
skayI ended up doing a hard reset because I am a git newbie and untangling their merges ended up by a manual process17:56
hyadesi think best is to use17:56
skaybut anyway, I was wondering if it could be an automated process17:56
hyadesgit revert HEAD^17:56
hyadesif its one commit17:56
skaywhat if someone has pushed three commits?17:56
skaydo you do git revert HEAD^somenumber?17:56
hyadesyes, though I am not very sure17:57
skaysorry for derailing in to a git question17:57
skayI think I'll get my coworker in to understanding nice merge behavior (not git merge, but I mean, collaborating with people and merging things)17:57
skayso it probably won't be as painful eventually17:57
skaythey are new to working with other people on programming projects I think17:58
skayI am new to someone who is that new and I am also new to using github versus a server at my old job and also travis-ci versus jenkins hooked up to a slew of jenkins slaves17:58
skayand also we'd lock down things so only a few people could push...17:58
skaybut also right now this is just me and my coworker and it would be rude for me to lock it so that only I could commit17:59
skayso much interpersonal foo potential!17:59
hyadesi think best will be to revert the commits if your travis builds fai17:59
skayat my other job the repo owners would require anyone doing a merge requiest to show us a jenkins record of their passed job18:00
skaythat would be a bit heavyhanded in this case18:01
skayI guess maybe for a while I have to be the janitor18:01
hyadesthey wont like things breaking up :)18:01
skayin case my config wasn't working to send them email, I changed the config to include their email address. when anyone breaks anything, it will mail me and my coworker18:03
skayI think travis is supposed to email whoever did the transaction regardless18:03
hyadesyes, even I have set up notifications. It also regularly spams the #gst-switch channel18:04
skayyeah! I yaked shave and went ahead and created a channel for our project that travis would spam. right now I am the only irc person18:04
skayso it honestly was yak shaving18:04
skayI'm sure at some point it will be worth it18:05
CarlFKhyades: were have you posted about the faac problem?18:06
CarlFKa friend has a friend that is a gstreamer dev .. not sure it is a gs problem, but I might as well pass it on18:06
hyadesCarlFK, I am waiting for the recent build18:08
hyadesi mailed duzy regarding this18:08
hyadesbut he couldn't help me18:09
CarlFKoh well18:12
hyadesCarlFK, the first time you installed gst-switch, was it desktop or server?18:16
CarlFKand I think the 2nd time too18:16
CarlFKern nope18:17
CarlFKbox is still on, no gui18:17
CarlFKjust "login:"18:17
CarlFK12.4.03 lts18:17
CarlFKer... in case anyone cares: 12.04.3 lts18:18
hyadeswhats wrong with that?18:18
CarlFKnothing - just formating it the same18:18
hyadesoh..i didnt notice18:19
CarlFKoh ... d-i apt-setup/restricted boolean true18:21
CarlFK  do you enable the other repos?18:21
CarlFKlet me disable that, rebuild..18:21
CarlFKi might still be here18:21
hyadesadding ubuntu-desktop didnt help18:23
hyadesstill fail18:23
CarlFKubuntu precise, right?18:25
hyadesCarlFK, is the add-setup thing same as:18:43
hyadesdeb precise main restricted18:43
hyadesdeb-src precise main restricted18:43
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKhyades: yes18:45
CarlFKohh.. box done18:47
hyadeswith restricted or without?18:48
hyadesCarlFK, temporarily I updated the readme18:49
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI wish that was a script I could wget ;/18:51
hyadesyou want me to modify the so that just doing ./travis.. will install gst-switch?18:52
CarlFKI was wondering why that wasn't like that18:53
hyadesthe script is primarily for travis :)18:54
CarlFKdoesn't really matter as long as I can just wget/run something18:54
hyadestravis first clones the repo and then runs it18:54
CarlFK2 or 3 files is fine if it keeps things better organized18:54
hyadesso travis will end up cloning the repo two times18:55
hyadesbut doesnt matter :)18:55
CarlFKsomething still needs a -y18:56
hyadesoh..yes the very recent changes18:56
CarlFKis current master trying to do ubuntu-desktop?18:57
CarlFKcan you pull that out so I don't have to?18:57
hyades2 mins, going back and removing all this18:58
CarlFKk - I'll be back in about 518:58
hyadesCarlFK, now you can19:07
tpb<> (at
hyadesand run it19:07
CarlFKCould not open requirements file: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'requirements.txt'19:16
CarlFKsudo pip install -r requirements.txt --use-mirrors19:16
CarlFKbefore the clone19:16
hyadesyou will need that file also :)19:17
tpb<> (at
hyadeskeep this in same directory19:17
hyadesupdating it. again19:19
CarlFKfix the script so I don't have to do extra stuff ;)19:19
hyadesCarlFK, so you have a precise server without the restricted sources?19:21
CarlFKcan you add -ex to line 1:  #! /bin/bash -ex19:25
CarlFKthat echos commands, and halts on error19:25
CarlFKoh hell.. I still have restricted, just not multi and uni...19:26
hyadeswhat should i type in terminal to add restricted sources?19:27
CarlFKsudo apt-add-repository  "deb precise multiverse"19:29
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKthat is from
tpb<> (at
CarlFKlooks like later versions support sudo apt-add-repository multiverse19:30
CarlFKthat seems a little.. opinionated :)19:31
hyadeslater as in?19:31
hyadesquantal onwards?19:31
CarlFKnot sure .. apt-add-repository -h should tell you19:31
CarlFKwhatever I was on when I tried it ;)19:32
hyadesis the ex working now? :P19:40
CarlFKE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.19:48
CarlFKI bet it is because I pulled out the repos so it was just main19:49
Sewarskay: hi, nice to see you here, travis-ci supports pull requests too, so you can force a policy of nothing goes to master unless it's from pull request20:07
Sewaror if it's public project, every can push to his fork and enable it on travis-ci20:08
CarlFKhi!  bye!  gotta run20:09
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hyades_CarlFK: adding the restricted sources to travis was also of no help21:53
*** hyades_ is now known as hyades21:53
CarlFKapt-cache policy python-pip21:55
CarlFKN: Unable to locate package python-pip21:55
CarlFKI think I stripped too much out :)21:55
CarlFKsudo apt-get install python-pip21:56
CarlFKYou will have to enable the component called 'universe'21:56
hyadesyou are still on the box with broken packages?21:58
CarlFKno - I tweeked my config and rebuilt21:59
CarlFKI guess you have universe enabled ?22:00
hyadesi have default22:01
CarlFKI have no idea what that is22:01
hyadesbtw, travis uses some extra sources also22:02
hyadesproblem will come if a source is not present right?22:04
CarlFKhard to say.. and maybe different versions are in different repos22:05
hyadesthis will create loads of problems22:14
CarlFKE: Unable to locate package libfaac-dev22:20
CarlFKk - added that, re-running..22:22
CarlFKand I need to run again.. hours this time22:22
CarlFKsee ya22:22
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