Monday, 2013-09-09

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hyadesmithro, CarlFK , iiie , parx
tpbTitle: Improvements (at
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CarlFKhyades: you are bouncing in and out of here, and I am only 1/2 here.. but this is prolly better place to talk about my image upload comment14:44
hyadesCarlFK: which comment?15:15
hyadesCarlFK: ah my internet has some port issues, have to connect through tor :(15:16
CarlFKhmm.. I tried to leave a comment on your blog.. but I don't see it15:17
CarlFKguessing the registration process ate it15:17
CarlFKwhy are you uploading to imgur?15:17
hyadesCarlFK: it will work with google account15:18
hyadesi wanted to see the key frames15:18
hyadesif you open them, you see blank15:19
hyadesblack frames15:19
hyadesthere is a problem with the sources which are feeding to the gst-switch-srv15:20
CarlFKthe image is created as part of the test?15:21
CarlFKI thought the test used it, like a reference to compare to15:21
hyadeson travis, i cant view it so uploaded to imgur15:21
hyadesyes i have reference frames too!15:22
hyadesthe build process has a dependency to be resolved15:23
CarlFKsounds like it is needed to debug the testing, not needed to run the tests, right ?15:23
hyadesits fine on my system :)15:23
hyades./tools/gstworker.c:270:error: missing: faac15:25
hyades./tools/gstworker.c:784:error: recorder: failed to create new pipeline15:25
hyadesi am unable to figure what is missing..15:26
CarlFKfaac :)15:26
hyadesin this log, faac is installed as part of gst-plugins-bad15:27
CarlFKhuh - configure: *** These plugins will be built: faac15:28
CarlFK./tools/gstworker.c:270:error: missing: faac15:30
CarlFKwhat distro is the test running/failing in?15:31
CarlFKk - I just started installing precise on a box - should take about 30 min15:34
hyadesif your download speed is 3-4 mbps :D15:35
hyadesoh installing precise, fine :)15:35
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hyadesi'll have dinner and be back by then :)15:51
CarlFKinstalled - is there a script I can grab that will install/run the tests?16:18
hyadessadly no :(16:20
hyadesi am seeing if jh-build can help16:20
hyadesyou can use this
tpb<> (at
hyadesclone and run it16:22
tpbTitle: hyades/gst-switch · GitHub (at
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hyadesCarlFK: any success?17:14
CarlFKhmm, I looked at it an the phone rang :p17:14
CarlFKlet me try running ot17:14
hyadesjust look at some small dependencies which might come up like python-pip etc17:15
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CarlFKadd-apt-repository -h ....   -y, --yes             Assume yes to all queries17:17
CarlFKthis needs a - also + sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev gir1.2-glib-2.0 libgirepository1.0-dev libglib2.0-017:18
CarlFKis this what gets run?17:18
hyadesthese are dependencies17:19
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CarlFKwhat runs
hyadesthis script is for travis17:23
hyades.travis.yml runs it17:23
CarlFKhow does it get past the apt-get install ... that prompt yes/no ?17:36
hyadesahh, travis does that. You may just add -y to all of them17:37
CarlFKcan you add it?17:38
hyadesupdated it17:45
hyadesdoes it run fine now?17:53
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CarlFKhyades: Successfully installed python-coveralls PyYAML requests coverage six sh; Cleaning up...20:18
CarlFKnow what?20:18
hyadesPyYaml was installed as part of?20:20
hyadescd python-api20:21
hyadesmake test20:21
hyadesCarlFK: what happened?20:25
CarlFK-bash: cd: python-api: No such file or directory20:26
hyadesare you working with ?20:28
tpbTitle: hyades/gst-switch · GitHub (at
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hyadesCarlFK: just run gst-switch-srv once20:37
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CarlFK[email protected]:~/tv$ find ./ -name gst-switch-srv20:48
CarlFKtv is the dir I ran from20:48
CarlFK    3  cd tv20:48
CarlFK    8  wget
tpb<> (at
CarlFK   11  chmod u+x .travis-setup.sh20:49
CarlFK   12  ./.travis-setup.sh20:49
tpb<> (at
hyadesthis line should have failed20:49
CarlFKahh.. nothing is trapping errors20:50
hyadesyes, this is a very basic script20:50
hyadesit is supposed to be run when you clone gst-switch20:51
CarlFK  cd gst-plugins-bad20:52
tpb<> (at
CarlFKthen 61 cd ..20:52
CarlFKwouldn't that be back in the 'root' dir?  ~/tv in my case20:52
CarlFK./ --prefix=/usr/local20:53
CarlFKthen that doesn't exist20:53
hyadesyou will need to do something like this now20:53
tpbTitle: clone export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/loca - (at
hyadesit would have existed if the your present directory was the gst-switch clone20:54
CarlFKwhat dir should I be in?20:54
hyadesah wait20:55
hyadesafter cloning20:55
CarlFKi need this in the dir:  ./autogen.sh20:55
hyadescd gst-switch20:55
CarlFKclone is git clone, right ?20:55
hyadesupdated the paste20:56
CarlFKscripts are better than human readable docs :)20:56
CarlFKso fix line 120:56
hyadesyeah that was my mistake20:57
hyadesyou found autogen? :)20:59
hyadesCarlFK: it worked?21:10
CarlFKopps, got distracted ;)21:10
hyadeslets do tomorrow, I am very sleepy21:23
hyadesit will even work if you clone gst-switch and run the script which is inside21:33
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CarlFKmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/juser/tv/gst-switch'22:00
CarlFK+ sudo make install22:00
CarlFK[sudo] password for juser:22:00
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