Wednesday, 2013-09-04

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mithrohyades, any luck with the coverals problem?01:54
hyadesmithro: yes03:22
tpbTitle: hyades/gst-switch | Build #131 | Coveralls - Code Coverage History and Statistics (at
hyadesI dont know why, but it was searching for all c files (including gstreamer and gst-plugins) and calculating coverage for them03:32
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hyadesmithro, parx, iiie, CarlFK
tpb<> (at
Sewarmithro, iiie, CarlFK, parx:
tpb<> (at
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parxhiya CarlFK!  You were away for these notifications of today's blog posts.18:53
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
SewarI would like to move edid parser from to its own repo, is there are any tools/ideas to achieve that?18:53
iiieSewar: not really if you have commits that aren't just part of the parser and not part of the site and what to maintain history; so two options (assuming commits to the site and the parser are together): 1) make a new repo with just the subpart that you want in there (no history).  2) fork the repo and delete the parts you're uninterested in (has history you don't want). Wait a second for the non-overlapping commit option..18:56
iiieSewar: if there aren't overlapping commits you can cherry pick out just the commits that you want into a fresh branch with a different remote (remote points to a different repo).  For that I'd look at gitk, though there are as ever other tools.18:58
CarlFKparx: thanks19:00
Sewariiie: I'm pretty sure I have overlapping parts19:00
Sewariiie: Can you elaborate on first option? commands/steps will help19:01
iiieSewar: there is also the hybrid approach, cherry pick the commits that contain the parser in to a branch, and make new commits to clear out the undesirable cross parts.19:01
CarlFKum.. is splitting the repo really a priority?19:02
Sewarthis sounds better, but not sure if the little history really worth it19:02
iiieThat's a good question, why are these getting split up?19:02
Sewarno really, but will make better to have its own tests/coverage19:03
iiieSewar: PMed an in progress google doc19:04
CarlFKI agree i can be better, but given the limited time left in the project, what won't get done if time is spent on this?19:04
iiiein progress in that it's being adapted from mithro and hyades's19:04
SewarCarlFK: nothing :)19:04
iiieSewar, parx, CarlFK, mithro : I've shared editing on the google doc with you all19:13
parxthanks iiie19:13
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iiieAlright, I'm off to my office (that which pays the bills can't be all ills)19:21
SewarHow to test this with unittests?
tpb<> (at
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