Thursday, 2013-08-29

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Sewariiie: meeting?03:05
iiieArg, yeah, sidetrack03:17
iiiefiring it up03:17
iiieSewar: sorry about that03:17
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hyadesmithro: ping09:48
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hyadesneed a bit of help with autotools20:22
tpb<> (at
hyadesi want the prefix passed to ./autogen --prefix=blah20:22
hyadesto appear here20:23
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hyadesmithro: parx iiie
tpb<> (at
iiiehyades: what is the random path?21:18
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iiieIt sounds like travis is giving a prefixed path, and that the build process has the path hardcoded.21:20
iiiehyades: what is the random path?21:21
hyadesfor travis it can be hard coded, but not otherwise21:29
hyadesit can be any path which is passed as argument (prefix) to autogen.sh21:30
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iiiehyades: yes, and what path does travis pass?  Aren't these build environments isolated?  I would expect travis needs to set the path to maintain that isolation.21:31
hyadesi have the choice of giving the path, I am currently giving /usr/local/lib21:33
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
iiie${prefix} doesn't work?21:39
hyadesshould work, I had no idea about autogen and autotools21:41
iiiehm, so that's different from then?21:42
iiieIs the gnu autogen doc talking about something different from  Is "boilerplate"?21:44
hyadesit looks the same to me21:45
parxCarlFK: you missed this  hyades: mithro: parx iiie
tpb<> (at
iiiehyades: I don't think they all work the same though vs
tpb<> (at
iiieNotice jhbuild makes a, so I don't think that the parameter to "just works"21:50
iiieIt should pass prefix strait on to config though21:52
CarlFKI found someone that can help.. but not now.21:52
hyadesyes, it will pass to configure.21:53
iiieI wonder why has a line for deleting when the next line replaces the file anyway21:53
CarlFK(04:46:39 PM) hef_: I can take a look at it this weekend.  not in front of a linux machine at the monent . also at work, working on a side project would be bad form21:53
iiie: )21:53
iiieI'm in front of a linux machine, working from home.  I am however rather out of practice with make and C.21:54
CarlFKiiie: "why rm...?" I bet it is to prevent an error condidtion21:54
tpb<> (at
iiieif this file exists, delete it21:55
iiienow replace that file with the start of a bash script.21:55
iiienevermind, permissions and state are good enough21:56
iiiethe difference is umask and a lack of explicit full description of permissions21:57
CarlFKum.. I think I know what you are talking abuot ;)22:00
hyadesbtw, if that hardcoded prefix is used, gst-switch can be built at /usr/local/bin22:22
hyadesi am off to sleep now, gn22:24
CarlFKhyades: see ya22:28
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