Monday, 2013-08-26

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mithro-laptophyades, ping?07:25
mithro-laptopalmost meeting time....07:28
hyadesthere are a few methods07:30
hyadesclick_video, mark_face, mark_tracking07:30
hyadesfor these I tried some parameters07:31
hyadesbut they didn't work07:31
mithro-laptophyades, these are dbus methods?07:32
hyadesalso in adjust_pip, while changing the width and height of the PIP, I get a black screen output07:33
hyadeschanging x and y coordinates works fine07:34
mithro-laptopthese are likely to be real bugs I think07:34
hyadesyes, probably07:35
mithro-laptophyades, as we said, your goal is to help test the project07:36
mithro-laptopso you are likely to run into real bugs07:36
hyadesanother thing is that integration tests dont run currently on travis-ci since the building process has some fault07:37
hyadesunittests are fine07:38
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mithro"some fault" isn't really very descriptive07:42
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tpb<> (at
hyadesthis is the method i use07:43
hyadesit creates all executables in ~/gst/stage/bin07:44
hyadesbut somehow its not correct07:44
hyadesthe same old problem of building gst-switch.07:44
mithrohyades, so anything not part of the "test" should be in the build07:45
mithroI also don't think the installing gstreamer1.0 and adding the PPA is help you at all07:45
mithrowhy do you do a07:47
mithro - sudo apt-get install .*gstreamer.*1\.0.* libgtk-3-dev07:47
mithrothen a07:47
mithro - sudo apt-get install python-gi python3-gi gstreamer1.0-tools gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0 gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.007:47
hyadesu mean the order of them?07:48
mithrogstreamer1.0-tools matches the regex .*gstreamer.*1\.0.*07:48
mithrowhat I actually think you want to do07:50
mithrois install the build dependencies for gstreamer07:50
mithrosudo apt-get build-dep gstreamer1.007:51
mithrolooking at07:56
mithroit seems to have built fine?07:56
hyadesjust saw, errors are currently ignored07:57
hyadesin py.test07:57
hyadesit fails coz gst-switch-srv gives some error while running07:57
hyadeson my VM its a seg fault07:57
hyadesnone of the tests which need gst-switch-srv to be running have passed07:59
mithrohyades, so do you actually know what is happening on travis, or are you guessing?08:03
hyadesthe same thing happens in my VM08:04
hyadeswhen I follow the same steps08:04
mithrohyades, you don't seem to outputting anything from gst-switch or tracking the return-code08:05
hyadesConnectionError: unix:abstract=gstswitch (Could not connect: Connection refused)08:06
hyadesthis indicates that gst-switch-srv is not running08:06
mithrohyades, but gives you no idea *why*08:06
hyadesyes, from travis08:06
mithrohyades, connection refused could be because08:08
mithro a) gst-switch-srv segfaulted08:08
mithro b) gst-switch-srv was never started08:09
mithro c) gst-switch-srv got stuck somewhere starting up08:09
mithro d) gst-switch-srv died with an error message08:09
mithro e) some combination of the above08:09
hyadesok, i will write a small script which shows what happens when i run it08:09
mithrohyades, when a test dies that launches gst-switch you should output the information about your attempt to launch gst-switch08:10
mithroso what is your goal for this week?08:13
hyadesi am not very clear08:15
mithro-laptophyades, so what do you have left to do?08:15
hyades1) those 3 methods should work and tests for them08:17
hyades2) the gst-switch not starting problem08:17
hyades3) documentation is also left08:17
hyadesanything else?08:18
mithro-laptop* Write tests actually for gst-switch (rather then gst-switch-api)08:19
mithro-laptop * Create coverage reporting of the gst-switch server08:19
hyadesc coverage in executable, is done through what?08:20
mithro-laptopthere are others too08:21
tpbTitle: eddyxu/cpp-coveralls ยท GitHub (at
hyadesoh great!08:23
mithro-laptopGoogle is your friend :)08:24
tpbTitle: gcov(1): coverage testing tool - Linux man page (at
hyadesin the gcov doc, i need to add the coverage option when compiling the gcc!08:28
mithro-laptophyades, when compiling with gcc08:29
mithro-laptopanyway I have to head to dinner08:29
mithro-laptopso your goal this week is to a) fix the integration tests on travis, b) figure out how to get coverage reporting from gst-switch-srv08:29
mithro-laptophyades, sound good?08:29
hyadesthe gst-switch-srv produces .gcda files08:30
hyadesthey are used by gcov, so I think the option has already been set08:30
mithro-laptophyades, well get it to upload to coveralls.io08:33
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parxmithro-laptop, iiie0, CarlFK:  Sewar starts the fall semester today.  His schedule is going to be busy, so whenever he makes it online, try to help him if possible.17:16
parxHappy first day of school Sewar! : )17:16
CarlFKroger that17:20
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