Friday, 2013-08-23

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Sewariiie: meeting?02:56
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iiiehm, my button to get into chat in gmail seems to be hiding02:59
iiiecould help if I were in the right account...03:00
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SewarThanks for the meeting iiie03:30
iiieAnd thank you!03:30
Sewar'transaction.commit_on_success()' fixed Selenium issues :D04:03
Sewarthanks iiie04:05
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mithroHey Sewar, have you been running any type of linter over your code?06:37
Sewarmithro: rarely, because it has a lot of false positives06:40
mithroSewar, oh?06:40
mithroSewar, if your code has lots of false positives - generally there is something wrong with your style?06:40
mithrowhich linter are you using?06:41
SewarI need to find Django tailored lintrc06:41
SewarE1101:605,8:DetailedTimingForm.__init__: Instance of 'DetailedTimingForm' has no 'fields' member06:42
tpbTitle: django-lint: Static analysis tool for Django projects lamby (at
mithroSewar, i'm sure #django might be able to point you in the right direction06:45
Sewarthat looks nice, should give it a try06:45
mithroSewar, also - what about pep8?06:45
Sewarmithro, I have pep8 in my editor and try to comply to it06:46
tpb<> (at
mithroSewar, it would be good to add it as part of the travis-ci build06:47
Sewarmithro, and where can I pipe the output to? or just have it there in the build log?06:48
mithrojust have it in the build log06:48
Sewarsounds good06:48
mithroyour code should be pep8 clean06:48
Sewarit's, just checked06:49
mithroyou can use # noqa is you need a violation for some reason06:49
mithroSewar, great! so make the build fail if pep8 reports any issues :)06:49
Sewarok :)06:50
mithroyou probably want to not use             self.browser.find_element_by_xpath06:51
mithroSewar, either use the id or css class06:52
mithrothat way when the page structure changes you won't have test failures06:52
Sewarwell, if the code changes, tests need to be updated too?06:54
mithrocss classes are useful because they are also what is used to display things06:54
mithroSewar, tests shouldn't need updating 99% of the time06:54
mithrounless you actually change functionality06:54
mithroIE your test is trying to make sure you don't break functionality right06:57
mithrosee ya!06:57
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