Thursday, 2013-08-22

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mithroSewar, ping?02:15
mithroSewar, you don't appear to be running the selenium tests on Travis?02:15
Sewarnot yet02:15
mithroSewar, okay, makes your coverage look a bit bad -
Sewaryeah, will try to enable it tonight02:17
tpbTitle: timvideos/ | Build #7 | Coveralls - Code Coverage History and Statistics (at
mithroSewar, you can also see where your unittests are currently not testing02:18 is fantastic02:18
mithroSewar, it seems to 500 a lot for me, but it is not too bad02:19
mithroSewar, have you use just plain coverage locally?02:19
mithroSewar, I'd highly recommend making it part of your Makefile02:20
mithroIE a "make coverage"02:20
Sewarok, "make coverage: coverage html" should do02:21
mithroSewar, you want to run the tests with coverage enabled as part of make coverage02:22
mithrohydaes has something which works for his code02:22
mithroso you might just be able to steal/copy his :)02:22
Sewarmake clitest already runs coverage02:22
mithroSewar, just doesn't create the html report?02:22
SewarI will check his code, and might steal it too :)02:22
mithroFeel free to suggest things he could do better too02:23
Sewarcoverage runs in 2 phases02:23
mithroSewar, yeah - collection and then report generation02:24
tpbTitle: Ned Batchelder: (at
Sewarmithro: so edid grabber is canceled? since we are accepting hex input in website02:26
mithroSewar, no02:27
mithroSewar, people would have to run xrandr and copy that to the website02:27
mithroSewar, way to error prone02:27
mithroxrandr doesn't exist on mac/windows02:27
mithroxrandr doesn't work on all linux systems02:27
Sewarwe can have a guide of different way to find edid hex in each system02:28
mithroSewar, guide is too much overhead02:28
mithroSewar, If the guide is anything more then "click this"02:29
mithroSo, the edid grabber is still on02:30
mithroSewar, but it should be easier if you do the parsing stuff on the server rather then in C02:30
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SewarAnybody knows how to set Selenium Firefox display port?05:37
SewarI had to set environment variable DISPLAY=":99" to fix that06:24
parxshenki_: Is shenki00 one of your alternate nicks?06:43
parxYou missed some action in #gst-switch earlier. As a result, mithro was improving flags for some of us including you, if that was your right nick.06:50
mithroparx, yes it is06:50
parxok good06:50
hyadesmithro: parx : why are your nicks with '@' ??06:56
mithrohyades, it means they the person has opers06:56
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parxhyades did you take a day off from coding on Tuesday?15:26
parxlikewise, Sewar, did you take a day off from coding on Wednesday?15:27
Sewarpreparing blog post right now15:27
parxGood, Sewar.  When you complete it, will you post the link to your most recent post in here?  You too hyades.15:29
parxhmm hyades is not here15:32
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parxhello hyades15:33
parxhyades did you take a day off from coding on Tuesday?15:34
parxIf you worked that day, why didn't you write up what you did?15:35
hyadesmerged the thing into the post of next day :)15:36
parxFrom our perspective, it doesn't appear that you've done any work in a day unless you post about it.  Think of it as making sure you get credit for work you do.15:39
parxthanks guys : )15:40
parxoh, hyades, I think you were unsure about this in #gst-switch:  no, you don't have to type the @15:42
hyadesyeah was wondering over it, thanks15:43
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tpb<> (at
parxGood, Sewar.  Now iiie can read it before your meeting later today.16:01
CarlFKSewar: I know some selinum experts - if you need help, write up the problem and I'll pass it on16:14
tpb<> (at
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SewarCarlFK: thanks, will keep that in mind. The guys at #Selenium are great too17:35
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