Tuesday, 2013-08-20

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mithro-workSewar, you should set up coveralls and travis-ci too00:24
Sewarmithro-work, do they support Django?00:40
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mithro-workSewar, the build failed :P01:23
SewarDidn't push .travis.yml yet, default config was ruby/rake01:24
mithro-workSewar, no worries - good to see you setting it up01:25
SewarWhy they publish my email on public?01:25
mithro-workSewar, ?01:31
SewarNext to Author/Committer, Sewar links to my email, which should not published.01:33
SewarPassed :D01:33
mithro-workSewar, I'm pretty sure that comes from the commit message01:38
mithro-workSewar, you'll probably want to set up badges in your README.md too01:38
mithro-workSewar, IE do a "git log"01:40
mithro-workand you'll see it in every commit message01:40
Sewarmithro-work, I see that now, more viagra emails :)01:40
tpbTitle: mithro/python-datetime-tz ยท GitHub (at github.com)01:40
mithro-workgmail is pretty good at filtering them01:41
mithro-workI doubt you'll see any change01:41
Sewaryeah, gmail is great at catching spam, I keep checking my spam folder for false positives every once in a while though01:43
mithro-workSewar, set up http://githalytics.com/ too01:44
tpbTitle: track visits and page views for your open source projects - githalytics.com (at githalytics.com)01:44
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Sewarmithro-work, I added your email to analytics, not sure if it's the correct email01:47
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* Sewar tears his hair out02:02
mithro-workSewar, ?02:02
Sewarc is no fun ;p02:02
mithro-workSewar, true02:04
SewarWould it be better to use dynamic array or linked list to store a list of EDIDs (and maybe their sizes too)?03:34
SewarI would bet on linked list ...03:38
iiieIf the data is of a known size and format struct is the way to go.  Does the C program need to store more than one EDID at once?03:41
iiieYeah probably, so an array of structs is how I'd do it.03:41
Sewargrabber generates a list of EDIDs, uploader gets the list and process them03:43
Sewarsize can be 128, 256, 384?, ...03:44
iiieYou don't expect to have much processing on any of the elements.  Nor that many elements (less than 16).  I'm not saying be outlandishly inefficient, but efficient data storage isn't go to get you much.03:44
iiiewhat is size for EDID?03:45
iiieit's a block of data, but what is the data?03:45
Sewar128 bytes for main data, an extension block is 128 bytes, there can be many extension blocks03:46
Sewarbytes, uint8_t03:46
iiieYeah that's definitely a linked list03:46
SewarThat's for the list of EDIDs. But what about each EDID, where size is known on runtime only, dynamic array?03:50
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iiieI don't remember c structs exactly but something like struct edidblock { char data[128]; struct edidblock *next; };03:52
Sewarmmm, I'm trying to keep the all blocks in one piece, like data can be expanded to 256?03:55
iiieI guess I'd end up with an array to hold however many EDIDs you get, an EDID struct that holds the pointer to the main data block and whatever else you get and keep, and lastly the edidblock thing (which is the main data, and extension blocks).03:55
iiiethat's an easy enough change03:56
iiieassuming I have the syntax right (dangerous) struck edid { char *data; int data_len; };03:57
iiieYou do need to keep track of your data space as data is then just a pointer03:58
iiiemallock and free... is there an upper bound to the number of extension blocks?04:01
iiiesay 10?04:02
Sewarstruct edid { uint8_t *main_block; };04:02
Sewarstruct edid_block { uint8_t data[128]; struct edid_block* next; };04:02
iiieedid_block *next;  but yes04:02
Sewar255 extension blocks04:03
iiieer, wait a second04:04
Sewar"edid_block *main_block;" too04:04
iiieis there anything else that should be stored in edid?04:04
Sewarno, just edid bytes04:05
SewarWouldn't storing them in string be easier?04:05
iiiethose other parts like manufacturer ID, and serial number are in there?04:06
iiieCan the data have nulls?04:06
iiieI'm pretty sure there are strings in it04:06
iiieI would assume they are null terminated04:06
SewarIt's binary file, all strings are "encoded".04:07
Sewarfor example, in linux run "xrandr --props" it will include edid encoded in hex, thats what grabber will grab and upload to the website04:08
Sewarxrandr output: https://dpaste.de/Zmff1/04:09
iiieWell that's safely null free04:11
iiiebut that's going to be longer than 128 for a block then.04:11
tpbTitle: dpaste.de: Snippet #237428 (at dpaste.de)04:11
Sewarfirst 128 are main block, each 128 is another block04:12
iiieI can't get EDID without HDMI though right?04:14
iiieI guess I can04:14
SewarEDID is included in every monitor since 1994, HDMI has a block extension04:15
iiieSo we can grab the EDID values from non-HDMI interfaces, and it could be useful?04:16
SewarDoes it still make sense to use structs and linked lists over string? we're just dealing with a bunch of bytes04:24
mithro-workDon't worry to much about being efficient, you are running this command once and then it exits04:24
iiieNo, just keep track of your allocated space.04:24
mithro-workSewar, does the website support uploading EDID in binary and hex form?04:24
SewarI'm just lost in C data bytes.04:25
SewarIt supports binary through frontend and base64 though json api04:26
Sewardata types*04:26
mithro-workSewar, it would be really great if people could just paste the output of xrandr into the EDID upload bit and have it just work :)04:27
Sewarmithro-work, yeah04:30
mithro-workSewar, it would be really great if people could just paste the output of xrandr into the EDID upload bit of the website and have it just work :)04:31
mithro-workSewar, the best bet for non-binary files is to look for a base64 string I think?04:31
mithro-workSewar, or maybe a hex string?04:32
mithro-workor both! :P04:33
SewarGood idea :)04:34
Sewarhex importing will be really useful, but I doubt anybody will get edid encoded in base64 and upload it04:37
mithro-workSewar, fair enough04:41
mithro-work128bytes is pretty easy to copy and paste04:41
mithro-workSewar, you probably want to checkout http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_HEX too04:44
tpbTitle: Intel HEX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)04:44
mithro-workSewar, edid might also be in that type of format04:47
Sewarit could be04:49
Sewarso hex upload form will strip space, commas and 0x and try to convert hex to binary/base64 and parse/post it04:50
Sewarmakes sense?04:51
mithro-workprobably strip anything which isn't hex string04:53
mithro-workIE It would be good to be able to paste the complete xrandr output04:53
mithro-workand then just pull out only the EDID part04:53
Sewarthat's what I'm trying to do in C, or should I just do it in the website?04:53
mithro-workSewar, easier to do in python I assume :P04:53
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CarlFK(11:53:56 PM) mithro-work: Sewar, easier to do in python I assume :P13:14
CarlFKI take that to mean "in the website"13:14
CarlFK(11:09:43 PM) Sewar: xrandr output: https://dpaste.de/Zmff1/13:14
CarlFKcan I see that? (it expired)13:14
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iiieCarlFK: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1131727#p1131727 show the EDID block data16:19
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-nwq> (at bbs.archlinux.org)16:20
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