Friday, 2013-08-16

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SewarCarlFK, iiie2, mithro, mithro-work: Any thoughts?
tpbTitle: Mohammed Alhadab (at
CarlFKSewar: "xrandr ...  Depends on third-party application. "01:48
CarlFKI wouldn't call that a problem01:48
Sewaryeah, since it is used on most distros, that should be fine, right?01:49
CarlFKxrandr .. from what I know about it, it is rock solid.01:49
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CarlFKWill be written in Python ... doesn't sound rock solid.. doesn't even sound like it exists yet :)01:50
CarlFKiiie: any chance the tunnel to plank is up?01:50
CarlFKeven better yet, can you do a df and see if it is full of log file ?01:50
iiieI'll see...01:50
CarlFKhmm... I doubt it01:51
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Sewar"Will be written in Python" that is for grabber script, everything is in Python, so far01:51
Sewarpython-smbus is C-extension for python01:52
iiieconnection refused on pyvideo, localhost01:52
mithro-workSewar, you'll probably want to write this code in C as it's easier to distribute a compiled C binary then a Python script02:09
iiiemithro-work: compiled C binaries aren't particularly portable.  i386, amd64, and maybe even lib versions mater02:19
mithro-workiiie, a i386 binary works fine on an amd64 machine if compiled statically02:20
mithro-workiiie, compiling statically is the trick02:20
iiiespeed isn't an issue, if the python works why aim for C?  Make it a python package, put it on pypi02:21
iiiemithro-work: What's the audience?  Who is going to run the python or binary?  Do we have a trusted channel to get the binary to them?  Why do they trust us to run a binary from us?02:26
mithro-workiiie, speed isn't an issue, portability is02:27
iiieSure it's easier from from a "here take this and run it" stand point, but we're already limited to technical users.  What drives them to contribute?  They want to fill out the database.02:28
mithro-workiiie, Most non-technical users will quite happily run a binary without thinking if you ask them too02:29
Sewar'git clone; python' vs 'git clone; make; ./script'02:29
mithro-workSewar, compared to "double click on this file"02:30
iiiemithro means to distribute the compiled file02:30
SewarIsn't that rare in linux land?02:30
mithro-workSewar, reasonably02:30
mithro-workSewar, but for a small tool which you run once of twice perfectly reasonable02:31
Sewarit's either through package manager or compile it yourself02:31
mithro-workAlso, on Windows it's the only real option02:31
iiiealright, I won't worry about it.  yeah, for windows you run it or you don't, there is almost never anything to look at.02:32
Sewariiie: meeting in 25 minutes, I'm ready when you are.02:35
mithro-workand trying to create a compile binary with python is much harder then it first seems02:35
mithro-workIt's okay to prototype with Python02:35
iiieI think we have two different cases though, 1) technical users who may be willing to help add to the database, but I would expect to be more leery of running a binary from $random_people and 2) non-technical people who would have no compunction about running a binary, but lack reward for contributing to the database.02:35
iiieOh, I thought there were three routes going here02:35
iiiewindows, mac, linux02:35
iiiepy2ex or py2app are indeed a pain02:36
mithro-workActually there are two different routes02:36
mithro-worka) capture directly on a persons machine02:36
mithro-workb) capture via a third-party hardware tool like the HDMI2USB02:36
mithro-worka) needs to support as many different type of machines as possible - mac, linux, windows02:37
iiiea) was the only one I'd considered.  I didn't realize that the hardware project was going to call out to the internet, I guess it makes sense in retrospect02:39
iiieSewar: yeah, I still need a couple minutes02:39
Sewarpy2exe worked fine when I used it with wxWindows02:42
mithro-workSewar, if you think py2exe worked fine then you have obviously not distributed your binary far enough02:44
Sewarexactly :D02:44
mithro-workpy2exe has some friken weird failure cases02:45
mithro-workplus it makes *huge* binaries02:45
mithro-workI don't imagine the edid grabber being more then a couple of kb02:45
SewarSo I should write them all in C, each os in different project/codebase?02:48
SewarSince they will only share uploading part ...02:48
mithro-workSewar, you can probably share about 50% of the code, just abstract the edid reading method02:49
CarlFKyeah, if it needs to run on windows, a binary will be way better than python.   so may as well use that for all 3 OSs03:15
CarlFKand py2exe.. I tried that once, pretty sure I don't want to try again.03:16
SewarI will switch to C and see how it goes, binary and no py2exe03:28
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mithro-workSewar, you might need more then a single method for extracting edid information under Linux04:38
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CarlFKmithro-work: how is the user going to know which to pick?  or can the app see what dependencies or apis are available?05:11
mithro-workCarlFK, the user doesn't pick, the tool tries them all05:12
mithro-workThe tool should require *no* user interaction05:14
iiie"run and forget"05:21
mithro-workpretty much05:21
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parxhyades and Sewar: Recently you've been posting about once a week.  Our agreement is for daily blog posts.21:34
hyadeswill post more frequently :)21:35
Sewarsure :)21:36
parxCarlFK and iiie: call your students out when there's a lull in evidence of work21:36
parxThanks hyades and Sewar!  Look forward to seeing you pick up the slack.21:37
parxOh, and let us know how it goes with classes starting : )21:37
parxSewar was a little ambitious with his number of classes... 40 credit hours, was it?  :P21:39
Sewarhehe, 20 or 40 is still too much :p21:39
parxdid you leave it at 20 or will you reduce?21:40
SewarStill 20, will see how first week goes, professors changes and stuff21:41
parxOh, just to reiterate, blog posts are for whatever you worked on that day NOT just what worked.  What did you try?  Why didn't it work?  How can we replicate the error?21:43
parxkeep doing it even if you don't get anywhere, kinda like this cat
tpb<> (at
parx(carlfk will know where that's from)21:47
CarlFKthats to cute!21:47
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