Wednesday, 2013-08-14

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CarlFKtrist up00:37
CarlFKiiie: ps1 stream time!00:38
CarlFKor maybe in an hour00:38
CarlFKnow that it is easy.. I sould prolly know what it is00:39
iiieCarlFK, sry, in a meeting for a bit00:43
CarlFKno prob.. I am trying to hack my account so I don't have use trist00:44
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iiiemission starting00:45
iiiearg, disk full00:51
CarlFKI ran the thing...00:51
CarlFKmission i-b59966c7 running00:51
* iiie has video00:57
CarlFKcrap camera, crap camera mics00:58
CarlFKback to hack...00:59
parxaudio is all wrong01:08
parxStreaming link for those who are interested
tpbTitle: Streaming for Pumping Station: One (at
* iiie can't check audio just now01:09
CarlFKparx: wrong ?01:09
parxno voices, just sounds like a robot coughing01:10
parxI can see you trying out all the special effects on the video01:10
parxoh donuts!01:10
CarlFKI changed audio from 12 bit to 16... shouldn't really matter01:11
CarlFKany change?01:11
parxno sound now01:11
parxiiie thx for the headsup01:13
iiieNo video really either, I'm restarting the service on the encoder01:14
CarlFKjust restarted collector01:15
parxvideo back on, bad audio too01:15
iiievideo is back!01:15
* parx wants to mute it01:18
parxcarlFK I can't hear voices.  Not you typing or shouting.01:29
parxGo to the next room and have someone open the stream so you can hear this noise.01:30
* iiie sees 3 streams now (one is me)01:30
parxomg I hear ppl01:33
Sewar"robot coughing", I fail at imagining that :/01:33
parxcarlfk what did you do?01:33
parxfixed it01:34
iiiehe fixed the switch01:34
iiieI restarted flumotion on the encoder01:34
parxGood timing!01:34
CarlFKI moved the yellow cable from the 100 to the 100001:35
iiie: /01:35
iiieCarlFK, I'm headed home01:57
CarlFKI just got my ps1 box pw01:57
CarlFKif I drop trist and bring trist backup, it should kkeep streming, right ?01:58
CarlFKer, do I do anyhing other than just restart flumotion ?01:58
parxyou need a better way to track your pws01:59
CarlFKI have too many pws02:00
parxthat supports my point02:01
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parxmic would be nice02:01
CarlFKmic is hard02:01
parxyou have a hard time getting ps1ers to wear 'em, right?02:02
CarlFKyou come down here and set it up and pack it later :)02:02
CarlFKyeah, that too02:02
CarlFKI faled that question trying to get a job at a tool store02:02
parxwhat kind of tool store...02:02
parxlovely zoom-in action  ; )02:07
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* iiie2 is back02:29
CarlFKk, going to try to bring up the ps1 box02:30
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CarlFK[email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion restart02:39
CarlFK * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]02:39
iiie2yeah that should do it...02:40
CarlFKFilesystem     1K-blocks     Used Available Use% Mounted on02:40
CarlFK/dev/sda1       33335060 11451420  20212884  37% /02:40
iiie2what does flumotion-admin-text say about the parts?02:40
iiie2oh and the hostname for mission is in there right?02:40
CarlFKsame file02:41
CarlFKwhere iare the log files ?02:41
iiie2yeah, hm...02:41
iiie2probably owned by root02:42
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CarlFKwant me to tunnel you into plank?03:00
iiie2worth a round03:02
iiie2if not today we can do it another day03:02
CarlFKnow is good.. I have some time03:06
CarlFKssh command me...03:06
iiiehe he he03:06
iiieone sec03:06
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iiielogin failed03:43
iiienot ssh, but flumotion03:43
iiieCarlFK, you copied /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml how about /usr/local/etc/flumotion/workers/default.xml ?03:49
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ ls03:52
CarlFKit is in ~ now03:52
iiiehm, still sleeping03:53
iiieIs dvswitch still running?03:55
CarlFKdvswitch should let 2 collectors connect, right ?03:56
iiie: /  I don't know, I'd try stopping flumotion on trist03:57
CarlFK(veyepar)[email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion stop03:57
CarlFK * Stopping Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                         [ OK ]03:57
CarlFKdid that a while ago03:57
iiiehm, well once more then on plank03:58
iiieI tried restarting flumotion on plank again, no change.03:59
iiieError changed though03:59
iiiehm, maybe hosts file doesn't match and plank doesn't have an entry for the dvswitch box?04:00
iiieI can ping by name pc9a.local for
CarlFK...1.23 is correct04:03
* iiie wins04:08
* iiie reads back scroll04:08
iiieso I miss read you copying the default.xml as having installed it04:09
CarlFKI didn't want to step on anything you might be doing04:12
CarlFKoh oh.. the througput from pc9a to plank is.. um... currently 0KB/s04:12
CarlFKscp says "stalled"04:12
CarlFKtrying to scp a 9G file.. did I soak up all the space?04:13
CarlFKnope - 20G free04:13
iiieI wonder why it's stalled04:14
* iiie has video, will travel04:14
iiieCarlFK, up, I see Joel04:15
iiieHi Joel!04:15
iiie2Alright ps1 has a working collector on site!04:16
iiie2terribly laggy audio and video04:17
CarlFKI am going to run a long cable from pc9a to the switch plank is plugged into04:23
iiie2I like the clock04:25
iiie2I assume it is moving smoothly04:25
CarlFKthe second hand jumps each sec04:26
iiie2he he he04:26
CarlFKstill choppy?04:27
iiie2that's on the camera04:27
iiie2much better video04:27
iiie2audio test?04:27
iiie2no, audio is still problematic04:27
iiie2I think it's a bandwidth limitation04:29
iiie2hm, running top on plank I see two python processes taking ~2 CPUs and flumotion taking one04:31
iiie2the load average for the box is 5-704:31
CarlFKtoba (plank admin) has a bunch of python irc bots he wrote04:32
iiie2hungery, you disconnecting?04:32
CarlFKfor a momnet04:32
CarlFKI am surprised it didn't stay up04:33
CarlFKI swapped connections between 2 hubs04:33
iiie2restarted flumotion on plank and mission up again04:34
iiie2sound is great04:34
iiie2well, there is a low noise, but no chop04:35
CarlFKthe AC is on04:36
iiie2that would do it04:36
CarlFKmplayer /home/carl/sounds/sound.wav04:38
iiie2he he he04:39
iiie2that should be a start or stop sound04:39
CarlFKa what or what?04:39
parxfor whom does the bell toll?04:39
iiie2the dong dong dong dong04:39
CarlFKhi parx!04:40
parxhiya fellas!04:40
parxso how many of those fades/effects are there?04:40
iiie2quite a few04:40
parxenough to keep you entertained for a few hours and counting04:40
CarlFKscp foo.dv [email protected]:04:41
iiie2I don't know the sound keeps cutting out04:41
iiie2not killing our video04:41
CarlFKwhat's up with sound?04:41
iiie2sound is working, what's not right?04:42
iiie2sorry, I meant the fades04:42
CarlFKoh right04:43
iiie2the sound fades with some of the fades and since they are in or out, they are sharp on the "other" side04:43
CarlFKthe camear demo effects.. some of the drop the audio, right ?04:43
iiie2I declare success04:43
CarlFKwell, I see that blue cable ...04:44
iiie2he he he04:44
iiie2no way to do a celling drop?04:45
CarlFKthat took the place of the gray to switch to black to box to orange to patch pannel to something 100mbs to patch to .. um.. switch that blue is plugged into now04:45
iiie2well one of those may need replacement (or at least testing)04:47
CarlFKswapping out the 1st switch04:47
CarlFKflue on plank may need restart?04:48
iiie2both did, the edge states for disconnect aren't quite right04:49
iiie2it should try again, and the player should just start again too04:49
iiie2restarted flumotion on both (well stopped all and started all in flumotion-admin-text on plank and mission)04:50
CarlFKim 1/2 surprised04:50
iiie2after the porting concludes I'll take a look (no use trying to fix it mid stream... :p04:51
iiie2mia for dinner04:53
CarlFKhows the steam win the current wires ?04:53
CarlFKcurrently not relying on the blue cable on the floor04:54
CarlFKso it is that POS switch that I don't like anyway04:54
CarlFKI wonders...04:54
iiie2he hehe, really off to dinner04:55
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CarlFK I should eat some din too05:11
CarlFKit's Wednesday?!!05:11
parxyep just started05:12
parxCarlfk free storage bins- useful for ps1?
tpb<> (at
parxalso at a downtown address05:23
parxnot just lakeview05:23
CarlFKcool - prolly - and maybe I can use some too05:23
parxyeah, I was thinking what could I use one for05:24
parxthey are from American Apparel05:24
parxalso for ps1: free hottub :D
tpb<> (at
parxaha here is the other FREE PLASTIC BINS (South Loop)
tpb<> (at
CarlFKsame bins ya think05:39
parxboth locations were in yet another ad... sheesh... the spammers05:39
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