Monday, 2013-08-12

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mithro-workCarlFK / p2-mate: mjpeg works - it's just a bit slow, IE we can't do a full 30fps00:37
mithro-workp2-mate, there is a bunch of opensource firmware which replicates the fxusb firmware functionality - we just haven't gotten around to figuring it out yet00:39
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mithro-work hello hyades - you where after me on the weekend?03:05
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hyadeshi mithro-work04:53
hyadesi wanted to know about integration tests04:54
mithrohyades, what about them?06:46
hyadessuppose i am testing things like doing a switch, how will i confirm if it actually does?06:47
mithrohyades, good question07:20
mithrohyades, I'm not sure? maybe look at the output using gstreamer?07:23
hyadesmithro: meeting!07:30
mithrohyades, you are correct it is meeting time, but I'm afraid I can't give you my full attention at the moment07:31
hyadesshould we have it some other time?07:32
mithrohyades, might be best07:32
hyadestoday or tomorrow?07:33
mithroprobably tomorrow07:34
hyadesok cool07:34
p2-matemithro: ah, so the problem with reaching full 30fps is in the fxusb fw?08:51
mithrop2-mate, no09:04
mithrop2-mate, the problem is with the mjpeg core we are using09:04
mithroit could easily be optimised but we haven't had the funds to do so09:04
p2-mateah ok09:06
p2-mateI guess for slides it doesn't matter that much09:10
p2-matemithro: any reason you do all the command parsing in the FPGA? wouldn't it be easier to parse the commands on the fxusb and just transmit the usb_cmd, jpeg_encoder_cmd, hdmi_cmd and selector_cmd?09:14
mithrop2-mate, the fxusb will be replaced with ah UTMI chip in rev209:15
p2-mateI see...09:16
p2-mateand then the whole usb processing moves to the FPGA, but I guess you will add a CPU core then as well?09:16
mithrop2-mate, probably not09:18
mithrop2-mate, doing USB in hardware is pretty well understood09:19
p2-matehmm, the entire usb stack in hdl?09:19
mithroyes, a couple already exist09:21
p2-mateI'm more wondering if it's efficient use of FPGA slices vs softcore + code09:22
mithrop2-mate, I guess we'll come to that issue when we need to09:23
p2-mateI see. I'm still playing with the idea of streaming to ethernet as that would make a lot of sense for us09:24
p2-matebut that would require a CPU, I don't think doing dhcp etc in hdl is a good idea :)09:25
mithrop2-mate, I think your probably better off just pairing the device with a Raspberry PI or similar09:26
p2-matemaybe, RPI is kind of crappy though when it comes to networking09:28
p2-mateit's USB implementation is slow and unreliable09:29
p2-matethe requirement would be proper USB HS support and gige, must sustain 40MB/s or so09:30
p2-matebut then you end up with chips which can also capture 12+Mpixels images and you wonder what the FPGA and USB is doing there :)09:31
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p2-matemithro: at 30fps you would need about 38MB/s USB bandwidth right?09:54
tpb<$b> (at
bananadinemithro, are we going to have a video chat?09:56
mithrobananadine, I'm afraid I don't have time today09:57
mithromaybe tomorrow?09:57
tpbTitle: Home · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
bananadinesame time09:58
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CarlFKiiie up for some streaming?22:34
CarlFKwhich is pretty much nothing for you now i think?22:35
CarlFKshow starts in 2 hours22:35
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iiieCarlFK, what's the show / room name?22:36
CarlFKpsone ?22:36
iiiethat one is already setup : )22:36
iiieI'll spin up mission an hour before ( an hour from now )22:37
CarlFKk - I'll get dressed.22:37
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iiiewelcome back CarlFK23:42
iiiewhen the time comes the answer is ec2-54-227-83-142.compute-1.amazonaws.com23:43
CarlFKdo we have a command to test the collector yet?23:46
iiieI don't think so.  Test what of the collector?  We could swap in the test config.  But that wouldn't be testing dv conversion.23:47

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