Sunday, 2013-08-11

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hyadesmithro-work, ping!08:02
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CarlFKmithro is Tim, he is likely asleep now16:09
p2-mateok :)16:09
p2-mateI was thinking if it would make sense to also capture audio from the speakers laptop using the board, send it a laptop near the mixer for playout, but I think the delays will make this unusable16:10
CarlFKthe only problem that solves is running a long audio cable.  so not worth the trouble16:13
p2-mateprobably not no16:13
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CarlFKp2-mate: I remember the bigger problem with using eathernet....16:58
CarlFKit ties it to dvswitch or something like that16:58
CarlFKtim wants it to be more generic16:59
CarlFKso that it can be used with anything that can use a web cam16:59
p2-mateCarlFK: possibly, I think it's possible to work out a format which isn't dv(switch) specific17:13
p2-matea mjpeg stream in RTP packets for example17:13
p2-matewhich (I think) should also be playable by vlc?17:13
p2-mateI don't know how vlc detects the codec though17:14
CarlFKthat's the idea anyway - I have no clue how good/bad it is ;)17:14
CarlFKI need to mow the lawn before it rains - see ya17:14
p2-mateI agree supporting both interfaces is useful, I hope it's possible in the same FPGA image17:22
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CarlFKp2-mate: also, we don't even have mpeg over usb working yet (last I checked) so trying to add another protocol isn't a great use of effort18:10
p2-matemjpeg doesn't work yet?18:11
CarlFKpretty sure the only thing that has worked is jpeg frames18:12
CarlFKnot sure if that is mjpeg18:12
p2-mateOTOH for dvswitch, jpeg frames is fine18:12
p2-mateor do you mean still jpeg images? not moving?18:13
CarlFKdoes mjpeg have .. um.. key frames and i-frames ?18:13
p2-mateonly key frames afaik18:13
p2-mateno interpolation18:13
CarlFKyeah - each frame is a single stand alone jpeg image18:13
p2-mateafaik mjpeg is just a stream of jpegs. 1 jpeg per frame18:13
p2-mateexactly like DV18:14
p2-matefor mixing, this is the ideal format I think given the bw restrictions18:14
p2-mateCarlFK: how is the device used today? or is it not in use yet?18:25
CarlFKnever used in production18:25
CarlFKI had it working once with mplayer and camorama and some other cam player18:26
p2-mateI guess for us (debian) the first step would be to support mjpeg18:26
CarlFKnot sure I have ever figured out *and used* the ffmpeg command to convert to dv and stream to dvswitch18:26
p2-mateah, that might also work indeed...18:26
p2-matebut then there is an extra recoding step ofcourse18:27
p2-matemjpeg -> DV -> decoded in dvswitch -> reencoded in dvswitch18:27
p2-matewhile it could be mjpeg -> decoded in dvswitch -> reencoded in dvswitch18:27
p2-matebut yeah, for step 0, this might be a valuable thing to try18:28
CarlFKmjpeg -> decoded in dvswitch ?18:29
p2-matedvswitch decodes the incoming streams before mixing18:29
CarlFKwhat is it decoding ?18:29
p2-matedecompressing into YUV images18:29
p2-mate(I think it's YUV)18:29
p2-mateyou can't mix the DV frames directly18:30
CarlFKare you thinking of having dvswitch (the gui) decode mjpeg?18:30
p2-matewell, the mixing code at least18:30
p2-mateI think it's all 1 program though, GUI and mixing18:31
CarlFKgood luck with that :)18:31
CarlFKthe general though is dvswitch only works with dv.18:31
p2-matefor now yes. but I don't think it's that much linked to DV?18:32
CarlFKif you want to step outside of that rule you should really just put the effort into
tpbTitle: timvideos/gst-switch ยท GitHub (at
p2-mateit only works with DV because we've only had to deal with DV up to now18:32
p2-mateiirc initially dvswitch used gst, but gst added too much overhead18:32
CarlFKit is more of a policy than a technical limitation18:32
CarlFKdvswitch was created when single core 1ghz cpus were common, so the gst thing wouln't have been able to keep up with real time18:35
CarlFKI like the gst-switch idea.. seems like a better use of effort than trying to expand dvswitch18:36
CarlFKits not like dvswitch has a ton of code that would be hard to re-implement18:36
CarlFKso starting over and using the gst framework won18:37
CarlFKso starting over and using the gst framework wont require re-coding that much18:37
p2-matemaybe you can hack a gst backend into dvswitch18:38
CarlFKdvswitch has the advantage that it is currently stable and you can add features a bit at a time, so the next feature will be less work than getting gst-switch working18:39
CarlFKbut I think once gst-switch is working ,then it will be easeir to add features,   so in the long run is a better use of effort18:40
p2-mateotoh the most useful things to add are effects and some audio processing. is gst going to help with that?18:41
CarlFKdu no.  I hope so :)18:43
p2-matemaybe midi controls18:44
p2-mateso you can fade between sources using an actual fader18:45
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p2-matehas anyone tried to extract the digilent fxusb fw from the i2c prom?18:48
p2-matethen you could possibly download it via usb and switch between programming the FPGA and using hdmi2usb by just toggleing the  powerswitch?18:49
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CarlFKp2-mate: what?18:59
CarlFKI don't understand what you are suggesting, or what problem you are trying to solve :)18:59
p2-mateCarlFK: with the modification to use the fxusb as the USB interface chip, you can only program the FPGA using USB by putting a jumper on JP9?19:02
p2-matewhile developing, you will probably want to switch modes quite often, so having a sw controlled way would be nice19:03
CarlFKum, I never have to touch jumpers19:04
p2-mate suggests you have to?19:04
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI have been able to get 15fps images without touching jumpers19:05
p2-mateok :)19:05
p2-matemaybe tim knows more about that :)19:06
CarlFKThere is also something about needing to un/plug the usb cable between steps.  I don't do that eitehr19:10
CarlFKbbl - need to run to the store and get a light bulb before it gets dark :)19:11
p2-matehehe :)19:12
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